Key Features Of
C-Zentrix Contact Center Software

Auto Dialer

Dial out the leads automatically. Integrate with Lead Management software for outbound calls


Enterprises can automate responses for their customers and make it a personalized experience


Automatically routes call to the right agents best suited for the call


Integrate with CRM software for call pop-ups and manage call logs and recordings

Call Monitoring

Tracks and analyze customer calls and assess service interactions

Reporting and Dashboards

Manage call center KPIs and call center performance

Call Recording

All calls are recorded by default. Use them for training and audit purpose

Call Center APIs

Integrate various APIs like click to dial, virtual number, lead push and many more


We found the energy levels of the team at C-Zentrix meeting our expectations. We always wanted to partner with a business that matched our desire level. It has been a wonderful association that we have had with C-Zentrix. From the time, we have taken the product we have not faced any issue, the up-time is 99.99% and their service team is fantastic.

Mr. Bruce Schwack

Chief Communications Officer


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the recent technology trends in call centers include WebRTC softphone, automation with IVR, call recordings over the cloud, and robust dashboards and analytics.

5 things to choose right call center software

  1. Ease of initial deployment and future scalability 
  2. ntegration of thirs party system
  3. Efficient Customer service and technical support 
  4. Disaster recovery and business continuity 
  5. Price

The three most common types of call centers solutions are:

  1. Inbound Marketing Solutions
  2. Outbound call center software
  3. Blended contact center software

C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution is your perfect software platform. Manages inbound and outbound customer interactions via phone, email, live chat and social media interactions using shared pool of professional customer support executive. The unique blend of advanced AI algorithms with intelligent human intervention helps businesses improve their performance and efficiency.

Cloud telephony (aka Cloud PBX) is designed for basic telephony features like call connect, disconnect, mute and hang up. It has a basic IVR for inbound calls and provide manual or even progressive dialer. Cloud telephony solution also integrates with 3rd party CRM with click to dial feature and pushes the call recording. It is designed as extension based routing feature.

Cloud call center is a designed to manage high volume inbound and outbound calls. Cloud call centers can have complex IVR flows which can provide various automation and integration. The queue management feature with ACD ensures the call is routed based on skills, priority and other routin policy. High volume outbound calls can be managed using progressive and predictive dialers. The call center platform provides extensive reporting capabilities to manage the operations and productivity. 100% call recording is also available. Needless to say call center solutions have capabilities to transfer calls to different agents or campaigns, call conference and plethora of 3rd party integrations.

The decision to choose Cloud telephony vs cloud call center solution depends upon your business needs. If your call volume is low and your agents or business executives are doing intermittent calls and spend more time in other business process like building proposals or processing refunds or financial services then cloud telephony can serve your need.

However, if your call volume is high and most of the time your agents are busy attending customer calls then you should be using a cloud call center solution. Cloud telephony will not suit your business needs and you will have to migrate to a robust call center solution.

Cloud Contact Center Solution have become a necessary step for companies to adopt a systematic approach that enhances performance, channels backing and commitment, revealing, and investigation to effectively uphold a client base, where client inclinations continue to change.


Picking the right Call Center Software for your business is of most extreme significance. Fortunately, software offering these days high level capabilities that permit groups to do considerably more than simply handle approaching and active calls. Just contact us or register freely so that we'll investigate all that you really want to realize about call place programming and contrasting a portion of the top programming suppliers accessible available today.

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