Enhance Your Customer Service
With Cloud Contact Center

C-Zentrix contact center solution helps you to set up a customer service team virtually from anywhere. It proficiently manages inbound and outbound calls and digital interactions using comprehensive suite of tools and applications.

  • Two in one solution. The CCaaS platform is used for both inbound contact center for customer support or outbound contact center to run outbound call campaigns and lead generation.

  • Immediate online accessibility with no hardware installation as well as with zero capex.

  • Integration with C-Zentrix Helpdesk CRM or other leading CRM software for better customer service.

  • Helps to increase performance by providing the reports on agent productivity and various customer insights.

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Increase your ROI by investing in Cloud

The best part of Cloud Contact center is the cost benefit. The cost benefits can be attributed to multiple aspects:

  • Zero capex and AMC costs to 100% variable cost and only pay for the software used.

  • Cost reduction for maintenance as we maintain the software and free up all your cost to maintain

  • Rapid technological innovation with access to new releases

  • Higher uptime means your agents are able to work 24/7 and keep customers happy

  • Improved customer satisfaction which will result in loyal and returning customers

Integrated with IVR, a virtual receptionist to support high call volume

C-Zentrix Cloud Contact Center is integrated with an interactive voice response to handle large volume of calls. The built-in IVR menu help the contact center to automate responses and give customers a personalised experience whenever they call a business number. Depending upon the inputs from the caller, IVR routes to the right agent and the right department in the contact center, eradicating the need for manual transfer.

Voicebot is capable enough to handle calls in absence of agents. So your contact center can run 24x7 in auto-pilot. Few instances like the banking and financial domain use IVR for call authentication before proceeding further, the BPO companies are using it for customer satisfaction surveys and educational companies are using it for exam result announcements. Voicebot can handle complex flows as they are not limited to DTMF menu buttons and can enhance the existing IVR experience.

Made for both inbound and outbound contact center

C-Zentrix Cloud contact center is designed for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns. From generating high quality leads to creating awesome customer satisfaction, C-Zentrix’s contact center is trusted by brands, globally.

C-Zentrix’s automatic call distribution makes a smoother inbound handling process, while the dialer ensures faster and effective outbound campaigns. In the contact center sales reps can dial outbound calls with a click using preview dialer or automatically the call gets connected using progressive or predictive dialers.

Work From Anywhere solution increases Agent productivity by 47%

Brick and mortar Contact Centers required the agents to work from the office. However, with cloud contact centers you can provide flexibility to work from anywhere. This provides enormous benefits to business and the workers thereby creating a win-win situation. With our Mobile App, your agents can even start their work from wherever they want. Our WebRTC based Agent interface can help agents use Chromebook (no need for a softphone, even).

With the power of Genie Agent, the agent’s mobile phone remains connected and the inbound or outbound calls get instantly connected improving productivity by atleast 15%.

Our cloud contact center lets your supervisors track calls, monitor the agent’s performance and provide suggestions whenever required.

We let you increase your agent productivity and customer happiness!

Real omnichannel customer experience – Various channel, Unified experience

Find out your customer’s most preferred channels and their intents in previous interactions. Integrate all your touchpoint seamlessly Knowing the customer's journey will empower the agent to resolve the customer concerns quickly.

C-Zentrix’s omnichannel improves the productivity of your agents in the contact center by permitting them to involve in communications on various channels over a unified interface.

Interactive Voice Response

Create the IVR call flow that provides the highest IVR containment rate. Our drag and drop, IVR Wizard can help you create the IVR that suits your business and customers. Personalize the IVR with your CRM integration.

Automatic Call Distributor

A call routing system that transfer the incoming calls based on certain preset conditions to the right department and to the right agents using skill based routing and follow the sun routing.

Auto Dialer

An outbound dialer automatically dials huge set of numbers instead of manually dialing the number one by one. It saves significant amount of time for your agents and enables higher call connectivity.

Call Recording

100% of the inbound and outbound calls get recorded. This can be used for analyzing, training and audit purposes. All recordings can be stored in cloud or the location of your preference.

Missed Call

Enable customers to provide feedback, share their preference without incurring any call cost and waiting in call queue. It also helps the brands to generate leads and drive A/B marketing campaigns.

Call Blast

Need to reach your customers to cross-sell, upsell or send out reminders? With call blast aka Press-1 campaign, you can send out pre-recorded voice message to opt-in prospects and qualify them.

Magic Call

Masked calling or number masking is a technique used by cab aggregator, food aggregator or e-commerce for home delivery to ensure their customer’s privacy. It enables seamless connectivity between callers and the call recipients without disclosing their phone numbers.

Admin Panel

The admin panel of the C-Zentrix cloud contact center help your supervisor to track and monitor your agents for operation and quality assurance purpose. With role based access to the admin panel, team leaders or QA leaders can access relevant data.

CZ Bar

CZ bar gives the flexibility to Integrate the telephony widget with any third party CRM. Your agents can start filling up the information in the CRM during the call without toggling to different screens. All call controls are over the widget and the call logs and recordings are available within the CRM.

Genie Agent

Genie Agent allows your agents to be always connected when using hard phone/mobile phone. It reduces any interruption or delay due to network fluctuations and ensures that their devices remain connected with cloud server. With this innovation, the call center productivity improves as the agent is always connected.

Call Whisper

Allow your agents in the contact center to have the support they need during important calls. With Call Whisper, your team leaders or coaches can whisper suggestions or advice to your agents during a sales or support call. It goes without saying, that the customer cannot hear these whispers and is exclusive to the agent at task.

Call Barge

The supervisor may require to get into the live call in case the call exceeds certain threshold and the supervisor deems it necessary. With Call barge facility the supervisor can speak to the customer in the same call and take control of the situation and able to nip problems in the bud.


This is one of the most popular messaging platform and now it is used for business communication. With end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp based interaction remains more secure, reliable and preferred for customer service. It allows you to share multi-media messages and CTA buttons to ensure excellent customer engagement.

Google Business Messenger

Most of the customer digital journey starts with a simple search. Imagine if you can chat with the brand right from the Search Result page, Google Ads or Google maps. You don’t have to visit the website too! Google business messages is a must have integration with your contact center, so that customers who search for you can connect immediately.

Facebook Messenger

There are 2.9 billion people using Facebook messenger on a regular basis. Your contact center can take advantage of this to improve customer accessibility. Voice and email can be tedious and slow, but messenger bots can reply to a simple inquiry within seconds thus improving customer experience eventually.

Instagram Messenger

With over 1 billion monthly active users, this is the new age messenger. The Instagram direct message gives your digital first customers a channel that they belong to. Also they can know about the brand on regular basis based on Instagram stories posted by the brand.


C-Zentrix omnichannel integration with Twitter will help your customers to reach out to your brand by a simple tweet. The brand can respond to the tweet or divert the discussion on a private channel using Twitter Direct Message. This ensures that all interactions are managed seamlessly and enriches customer experience.


The main reason a customer prefers Webchat is to get a response to their questions immediately. With the help of live chat, a customer can reach your agent at the exact moment when they have any query. It feels much better than dropping a mail and waiting for a reply. Webchat SDK can be integrated to your Android or iOS apps.


Communicate the right message to customers using email support. Email support still remains one of the best channels for customer support despite social media, bots, and messaging. With our e-mail management software, you can create a unified email experience that will delight your customer. An automatic ticket can also be created from the email.


This is another popular messaging platform in some geographies. With smart integration with contact center platform it provides a smooth interaction with the customer service team. Viber also enables document sharing which is required for many interactions.


With the surge on data privacy and security, Telegram gained prominence and is also a popular messaging platform. Its integration with your contact center increases the business reach to the messaging channel and thereby the customers who would prefer to engage from Telegram. This has all the facilities offered by messaging platforms.


With SMS, instantly acknowledge your customers who made a service query in your contact center. SMS is used as a tool by the agent to reduce their effort. At the same time, multiple interactions can be handled once the SMS is routed to the agent’s desktop. With 2 way messaging, it still remains a very popular way of engagement.

Freshdesk CRM Integration

FreshDesk and FreshSales integration with C-Zentrix’s contact center solution provides rich and personalized client communication to provide seamless customer service. Improve agent productivity with one-click-call using hassle-free Single sign-on. Check the Freshdesk marketplace for more details.

Zoho CRM Integration

When you integrate C-Zentrix with Zoho CRM, your agent never misses a call as the overall solution has a provision to create a ticket automatically if your agent misses a call. The integrated solution helps the supervisor to revisit the call recording to check if there is any agent improvement needed.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamic CRM, C-Zentrix’s contact center solution helps agent capture all the client incidences from the same user interface. C-Zentrix’s integration with MS Team allows agents to create the tickets and call records along with it.


By integrating C-Zentrix contact center solution with LeadSquared, you can create a rule for even distribution of calls amongst your sales team automatically. Also, set a quality score on the basis of phone calls. So that you can share only qualified leads. You can seamlessly capture all your inbound inquiries, missed calls, callbacks as leads.

Salesforce CRM

C-Zentrix’s telephony integration with the Salesforce Agent console helps the agents to manage all the call functions like call, pause, conference, redial, schedule call back from the convenience of the Agent console. It helps supervisors can analyze reports and listen to recorded calls synced with the lead details to maintain a quality standard.

CZ Helpdesk CRM

C-Zentrix offers an incidence management or ticket management CRM. This is a critical part for the customer service team as all issues reported need to be seamlessly managed. Our Telephony integration with single sign-on will let your agent engage with customer, call and manage ticket from the same screen.All telephony features are available over the widget to the agent and consolidated reporting is available to the supervisor.

We run on private and public cloud



We evaluated the top three contact center service providers and chose C-Zentrix as our partners for all our customer service delivery processes. The team at C-Zentrix, right from the sales personnel to our account manager are immersed with our team as one family.

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