important use cases of contact center automation

5 Important Use Cases Of Automation In Contact Center

Sweta Chakraborty

13 April 2023

Contact center automation is revolutionising the customer support industry completely. Its usage has remarkable impact in different stages of customer journey, irrespective of venture niche. From hospitals to banking, AI-driven solutions have made lives easier, driving quality customer experience through contact centers.

Automation doesn’t only aid the consumer, but also the contact center for running more efficiently. Robotic Process Automation also known as RPA, can offer agent assistance all the while, smoothening the process for the end user as well.


1. What is Robotic Process Automation?

2. What About Bots?

3. Why Choose Automation In Contact Center?

4. 5 Contact Center Automation Use Cases

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is a technological solution that can imitate human-like actions and perform basic human tasks, without any human interference. In other words, it can takeover basic human tasks and execute much faster and with precision.

Gone are those days, when people were skeptical about deploying automation. Now, it is the only way to go. With appropriate implementation, RPA can ensure efficiency, increased profits and happy customers. Automation can definitely bring about a competitive advantage as opposed to the ones who are still expending their resources on mindless tasks. 

What About Bots?

Bots are becoming ubiquitous and are available in various forms. Voicebots and Chatbots are the primary form of bots used in contact center automation. Powered by conversational AI, these bots are able to bring automation with better customer experience.

Why Choose Automation In Contact Center?

The world is experiencing a digital transformation and AI is an integral part of it. From out smartphones to laptops, AI-assistance is omnipresent. It will be naive to not adopt the same along with contact center software, when it revolves around assisting customers. As per Tata Consultancy Services , 31.7% of major companies already use AI to augment their customer service. Automation has the capacity to offer the following:

The above mentioned benefits are just the primary ones. Automation also impacts the way your contact center operates. There are several contact center automation use cases, out of which we will discuss the top 5.


5 Contact Center Automation Use Cases:

1. Debt collection calls:

This is by far one of the regular usage of outbound contact center software in BFSI segment. Debt collection and recovery has two use cases:
i) Reminder calls
ii) Payment collection

With a smart conversational design of voicebot and handoff to live agent or even call conference with customer and associate by the voicebot brings a great level of automation for the contact center.

2. Lead generation

Most of the brands devise various inbound and outbound techniques for lead generation. The visitors could be searching for the product/service in different places via different touchpoints and at different times. This is an extremely relevant contact center automation use cases.

The AI powered chatbot can proactively interact with the visitors on websites and mobile apps and explore the willingness to purchase or atleast collect the visitor’s information as a prospective lead. Similar chatbots can also be deployed on messenger and social media.

For outbound lead generation, voicebots can call up the prospects, easily segregate the list and set up reminder calls if it is requested. So your agents can work on relevant leads and save lot of their productive time.

3. Data Collection and Data Entry:

Usually when a customer contacts an agent, he or she has to manually input all the customer information and the outcome of the call while maintaining conversation with the customer. This daily multitasking eventually overwhelms the agents in making mistakes in the data input or mishandling the call.
Apart from these, the agent also has to scout for relevant product info or policy info to help the customer.

This process happens at least more than 50 times during the agent’s shift. It definitely causes fatigue and underperformance. Therefore, automated agent assistance can takeover most of the data related tasks. The AI solution can perform the task quiet immediately and won’t make any mistakes during its performance. This will boost employee performance and reduce turnover.

These AI-assistants can be paired with your CRM systems for optimum results.

4. Reduce call abandonment:

Most of the contact centers have a big concern on reducing call abandonment without increasing significant cost by adding more agents and licenses. A popular contact center automation use case includes call deflection as well as callback request.

Callback request can help inbound callers to set a request to callback, so that they don’t have to wait in the queue. But, usually customers want their issue to be resolved and deferring it is not always acceptable.  So, deflecting the call to another channel like Whatsapp or Telegram can let agents respond to multiple request simultaneously.

Other smart approach is to deflect calls to Visual IVR, a self service portal and customer can solve their issues.

5. Virtual Quality Analysis:

Voice call analysis is a regular activity and a must have quality checks on the calls. However, manual call verification is tedious and usually done on a sample of the total calls. This sometimes get biased and lacks complete coverage. Speech analytics lets 100% of calls analysed by the AI powered models and bring out deep insights of the calls, quality of agents response, empathy and objections of clients. This is one of the preferred contact center automation use case.

Virtual quality analytics can be used for non voice interactions like email and chat interactions too.


Contact centers are high-paced working environments, where multiple processes are conducted simultaneously. Humans have conducted these tasks over the period of time, all the while repeating errors, enduring stress and losses. Thanks to contact center automation, most of the redundant tasks can be taken care of. This leaves room for more complex and exciting ventures to be taken over by humans whereas, bots keep assisting them. We are assisting our customers in bringing contact center automation to improve the overall productivity and customer experience. You can contact us to know more about the automation which will be relevant for your contact center.


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