How to use Call Barging for Better Customer Service?

  • Sweta Chakraborty
  • 13 May 2022

Call Barging for Better Customer Service

The current marketplace is congested with options. No longer will you find a one-of-a-kind product or lenient pricing. The only differentiating factor that still exists is the quality of customer service and the benefits that you offer. I mean, every time I visit the Playstore, I see hundreds of recommendations for one type of service. Eventually, I choose the one with better benefits and the highest five-star ratings. The very same logic applies to every industry out there. It is fairly obvious that the only thing that will attract customers to your business is the customer service quality. 

Customer service quality can be influenced by using better technologies and strategy. There are different solutions now to ensure that customers are almost always retained. Such tools are necessary, especially when an agent is facing difficulty on a call. Sometimes agents come across a dicey situation with customers, where all the resolutions are failing and the customer is at the verge of closing their account. In these moments, agents need assistance but without frustrating the customer and putting them on hold. This is where call barging seals the deal.


What is Call Barging?

How Call Barging can impact your Contact Center for better?


What is Call Barging?

Call barging is a telephony feature that allows the team leader or manager to intercept an ongoing call and speak with the customer or the agent. Instead of putting the customer on hold and frustrating them further, the manager can immediately enter the call and defuse the situation. With zero wait time, the customer is instantly greeted with added assistance, which can improve their experience. 

Call whisper or coaching is another feature along with call barging. In the call whisper mode, the supervisor can speak to the agent but his voice is not heard by the customer on the other side. This is used for live training and comes with the live barging solution.

Call barging is a needful solution for contact centers. More often customers are lost due to poor interactions and there is no way to get them back. Once they leave, no amount of redeemable vouchers or discounts will make them purchase from you. In fact, 61% of customers never go back after a shabby experience. Call barging can prevent this by making an effort when you are losing the customer. 

How Call Barging can impact your Contact Center for the better?

Call barging doesn’t limit to just agent assistance. It can be used to do a lot more which yields better results for your contact center. From assisting freshers to measuring their performance, call barging plays a big role in training and grooming your agents. 

Here are some benefits of Call Barging:

1. Offering Support To New Joiners And Struggling Agents:

New joiners or freshers often find it intimidating to speak with the customers. They might use several foghorns, and take more time to resolve an issue. This can affect their work morale and repel the customer. Managers or team leads can barge call and assist them so that they can live up to the customers’ expectations. Honestly, this helps your agents more, as they feel reassured that help is on the way. 
This is a huge boost for freshers and new agents.

However, experienced agents also have bad days. Some days they might get overwhelmed by a customer’s reaction or might hit a block on product support. This is where the managers can make a difference using call barging. 

2. Always Succeed At First Call Resolution:

We all know how important it is to meet the first call resolution metric. The very first experience with your brand cannot be a sloppy one. With a call barging facility, you do not have to worry about poor service. When a customer’s conversation is taking a wrong turn, or they seem dissatisfied, you can barge into the call and eradicate any confusion. Managers have more decision-making capacity, which allows them more freedom to steer the conversation. They can immediately offer expert guidance or offer the customer exclusive retention offers. Either way, the customer ought to be satisfied with the outcome of the very first interaction. This ensures you always meet your FCR target. 

3. Call Barging Can Improve Training Process:

Nothing is better than real-time training. Managers can be empowered to record and monitor ongoing calls and identify pain points. Upon the identification, the manager can barge in and resolve the issue on spot. This can set a fine example for the agents who are also part of the call. Not only does it improve agent performance, but in the long run, it also shows great leadership. 

4. Customer Experience Becomes a Priority:

The purpose of call barging is not limited to assisting agents. It is also to improve the experience of the customer. With this setup, customer experience becomes a priority for teams at work. They learn to deal with uncertain conversations or rowdy customers with much ease. When customers experience reduced wait time and assistance from upper management, they feel heard and cared for. They understand that the business considers every ticket as a serious issue. This reflects positively on the customer’s experience and ensures a high CSAT score. 

5. CZ-Live Call Analytics Enhances the Utility of Call Barging:

Your managers cannot keep listening to calls all day. They have other tasks to look after as well. In such situations, the C-Zentrix Live Call Analytics becomes a handy solution. It is this speech recognition feature that can identify what the customer and the agent are saying. If it can find any keywords or phrases that state the distress of the customer, it will notify the manager. The manager can then choose to view the live call transcription and decide to barge the call and direct the conversation. Such pre-emptive steps to improve a customer’s journey with your brand is definitely going to yield results. You prevent the customer from thinking about leaving your brand with such alertness. Hence, if strategized right call barging can be a good asset for every business. 


Author Bio:  Sweta is a passionate technical writer with experience in digital marketing. Outside work, she is a devoted Esports advocate.

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