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Introducing 'CZ Omni'

The ultimate customer experience platform that will revolutionize the way you interact with your customers!

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An all-in-one contact center platform that integrates various channels of communication such as Voice, Chat, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Social Media, Bots and more, into a single interface along with an integrated CRM!

Yes, you can now manage all your customer interactions from one place, making it easier to streamline your processes and improve your efficiency.

CZ Omni also comes with a range of powerful features and benefits, such as:
Analytics and Reports
3rd party Integration
Multilingual Support
Unified dashboard
Customer Journey

CZ Omni is indeed a game-changer when it comes to customer experience management.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try CZ Omni today and see the difference for yourself!

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CZ Flagship products to elevate customer engagement & support


The most popular call center platform with autodialers, ACDs, IVR, voice logger, analytics and reports. The call center solution is available in cloud, premise and even hybrid.

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A powerful messaging tool that facilitates real-time conversations between brands and their customers using webchat, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, Telegram and Social Apps

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Helpdesk CRM

A comprehensive ticketing system that enables brands to efficiently manage customer queries and support requests. Integrated with email, automatic tickets can be created. Enhance case management with SLA, escalation rules, custom workflows and timely notifications using SMS, Email or WhatsApp.

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An interactive voice response system that enables brands to automate their customer interactions. The IVR can be made self service, personalised and integrated with 3rd party CRM to fetch and capture data from the caller. Create high IVR containment with state of the art IVR design.

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An AI-powered chatbot that delivers personalized conversations and resolves complex customer queries and support requests with ease. Voicebots that can interact with leads to initiate sales or engage with customers to collect feedback or even payments. Advanced speech engine, NLP and Conversational AI - get the bot that your customers love.

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Need to integrate our call center software to your CRM or other applications? CZ Bar is a CTI popup which integrates with popular CRMs. It provides single sign on, complete call controls, and post call logs and recordings pushed to CRM. Best companion for any CRM.

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Video Call Center

Want to enhance customer engagement? Video is the next best option for a face to face meeting. Our Video call center is a one click solution. The video call can be initiated by the customer or sales/service agent. Coupled with chat, video call can be done along with text message, screen sharing, document transfer, geo location tagging etc.

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Knowledge base

Your customers and agents will benefit a lot with curated content. With our Knowledge base, the team can create and curate content in the form of FAQs and long articles. The content can be assessed from any web application with a plugin integration and elevates the self service experience.

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Are you looking for automation for your inbound or outbound call center process? CZ Voicebot can help you in collection calls, feedback or surveys, lead generation and customer service. The AI powered voice bots are multilingual and driven by CZ Dialer. It can also hand over the call to a live agent when required.

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WhatsApp Business Solution

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular channels of communication. From lead generation to customer engagement most of the brands are leveraging the ubiquity of WhatsApp. We offer WhatsApp Broadcasting solution, live chat and chatbot for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API and its integration for notification from other business applications

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AI in Contact Center

As a leading call center solution provider, we offer various solutions for contact centers powered by AI and ML models. Live call analytics, post call analytics, agent assistant, summariser and sentiment analysis. Live call analytics can detect any anomaly during the call and flag it to the supervisor for action. Agent assistant is powered by Generative AI and can offer the next best response to agents.

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