Educational institute’s biggest challenge is to create a communication platform in accordance to the ever growing expectations of its various stake holders which include students, parents, teachers and administrators. Communication is required at every point in day-to-day operations of any educational institute. It begins with reaching out, engaging and enrolling more quality students, handling all the queries which potential students or their parents might have. It becomes critical when it comes to dissemination of crucial information like class rescheduling, enrollment process intimation, fee payment updates, result announcements and real time communication for disaster management. With in-depth understanding on the importance of communication and information flow for educational institutions, we have created a 100% customized suite to cater to their needs. 

C-Zentrix Education suite is specially designed for managing the internal and external communication of educational institutions (colleges, schools and coaching institutes). The suite offers a software platform for handling voice (calls) and non-voice (email,chat and SMS) communication for the institution in a smart way providing 360 degree interface to its students, staff members, parents, administrators and partners.

C-Zentrix Education suite can plug in to the existing campus management CRMs and databases for providing a personalized communication system for the end users. C-Zentrix Education suite offers Complaint Management system, Missed Call solution, Lead Management system, Robo-Call, Call Conferencing solution, PC Screen Logger and Mobile App based Security system all on a single platform hosted in institution's premise.

CZ Advantage

Multichannel Multichannel


Multi channels like Voice, Chat, Email, Bot, SMS and social are seamlessly integrated over CZ Omni and provide multi touchpoints to the customers.

Trouble Ticketing Trouble Ticketing


CZ Helpdesk is used for managing customer complaints and queries over call, email, SMS, social and chat. Each complaint or query is assigned a unique ticket number which is tracked till its closure. CZ Helpdesk can escalate tickets as per defined rules set by administrator.

Lead Management Systems Lead Management Systems


CZ LMS manages all leads flowing from various lead sources - enquiries from students and parents into one central system. This is forwarded to CZ dialer for automated and instantaneous calling.

Web Based Solution Web Based Solution

Standard web based APIs

For integration with any standard campus management system or existing legacy system.

Robo Call Robo Call


For automated dial out and broadcast of critical messages related to exam dates, holidays, disaster management,etc.

CSAT Survey CSAT Survey

C-SAT Survey module

CZ IVR comes with a standard C-SAT module over IVR which can be customized for a C-SAT survey using DTMF input or voice input. Surveys are done to measure course success, teacher’s acceptance with students, etc.

Missed Call Missed Call


CZ Missed call provides simple and cost effective way for students to show interest in specific course for registration. The moment a missed call is received the CZ dialer dials out and connects the student/parent to the admission department.

Self Service Self Service

Self service and Bot

CZ Bot provides a 24/7 virtual assistant to students and reduces their wait time. CZ Guide provides knowledge base which is an easy to use self service for students and parents.

Screen Logger Screen Logger


For conducting practical exams for computer skills

conference conference


For conducting parents teacher meet or guest lectures.

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