Unified Seamless Platform

Many Channels, One Platform

C-Zentrix Omni provides a single queue for the different channels which makes it a truly unified platform. It helps the customers to connect with their preferred channels – Voice, Video, Email, SMS, Social Media Messenger – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

C-Zentrix helps to manage the auto loads management of the Queue by diverting the customers from long waiting time to less waiting time channels.

Single queue feature for Omnichannel contact center solution
Single Sign on Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution

Single Sign-On

Improve Security and Agent’s Experience

Single sign on helps agents by abolishing multiple login fatigue. The same agent can be logged in automatically to all the assigned channels, once s/he logs in to CZ Omni.

This benefits the agents to quickly log into various channels, evade redundant errors and perform their jobs effectively.

CZ Omni provides a similar experience to the supervisor / admin with Single Sign-On to sign into all the platforms like voice, video, chat and CRM.

Single Sign on Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution

Single Dashboard

Different Channels, Single report

CZ Omni provides the insights on all different channels. Such insights enable you to understand what is the preferred and common channels used by customers, which channel is utilized and the time and seasonality effect.

Such insights will help you to optimize the channel utilization and agent utilization to ensure better CSAT score and higher ROI.

Dashboard Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution
Customer Journey Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution

Customer Journey

Better visibility across channels

The context is everything in the customer service interaction. Repeating information in different channels, with different agents causes huge frustration among customers.

CZ Omni avoids all of this and displays the customer journey across all channels to the agents. This helps the agents to understand the customer problem in a better way and provide them a faster and better resolution.

Customer Journey Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution

Detail Reports for Operation

Deeper insights about productivity

CZ Omni backed by robust reports provides historical data on agents’ conversation, whether it is voice or non-voice data across various channels.

Reports include login-logout, agents’ activity on different channels, interaction disposition status and the time spent which enables the managers to get a deeper insight about the productivity of agents and the operation. This will help to make result-oriented decision.

Report Feature for Omnichannel contact center solution

How CZ Omni Benefits Your Business

Customer Experience

  • Customer’s issues get resolved faster resulting in better FCR.

  • Customers can move across channels and have a consistent experience.

  • Customers get a more personalised experience as agents are equipped with conversational history.

  • They are entertained and supported on their preferred channel.

  • Customers are free to use any touchpoint as per their convenience.

Agent Experience

  • Agents can sign into all the channels simultaneously without any hassle.

  • Agents can be monitored on their multi-channel productivity.

  • Agents can easily create and follow-up on tickets via an integrated CRM.

  • One platform allows your agents to handle Voice Calls, Emails, Social Media, Chats and more.

  • Agents are customer-ready with data on customer’s journey and other details, allowing them to provide quicker resolution.


Multichannel vs Omnichannel


  • Channel Centric

  • Customer has to repeat information when switching channels or agents.

  • Basic level of engagement as every conversation is isolated.

  • Need to separately manage in to different channels and manage from different screens

  • Requires more manpower to monitor each channel.


  • Customer Centric

  • Customer’s conversation context is saved, ensuring smooth switchover to new channel or agent.

  • Enriched customer engagement with personalization, due to access to customer’s journey.

  • Single sign-on ensures agent can seamlessly log in to multiple channels at once and manage the interactions

C-Zentrix Video Chat Software

CZ Omnichannel Solution to multiply agent’s productivity

C-Zentrix's omnichannel contact center solution improves agents' performance and efficiency. CZ-Omni comes with multiple integrations, unique interaction and an easy interface. The unique features include AI-based chatbot, self-service IVR, Whatsapp Business API integration and many more.