WhatsApp as a Customer Engagement Platform

Reform your customer support with WhatsApp Business API to reach more than 5 million businesses and 2 billion individuals globally.80% WhatsApp messages are seen within 5 minutes of delivery and 68% people say that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with business.This helps brands to provide excellent customer service to improve their CSAT score.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Global Reach

2 Way Communication

Customers want quick solution once they reach out to the customer support team. Direct every interaction to your best suited agent, deliver two way communication with your customer and provide solution to their enquiry in real time with the help of WhatsApp business API.

Equip your support team with WhatsApp to engage with your customer in real time whether to inform flight scheduling details or booking confirmation, online order updates after getting the opt-in from the customer.


Sell faster and convert easier

Leveraging WhatsApp Business API, businesses can build personalized campaign and notify payment, account updates, reservation reminders to its customers and standout with interactive messages. When a WhatsApp message is sent successfully, the enterprise obtains a delivered, sent and a read notification.Embed CTA like Pay Now or Book Now etc to achieve better outcome.

Chatbot for Whatsapp
Whatsapp for Business API

Easy to Deploy

Plug & Play

Go live with WhatsApp Business messaging platform for your customer service without involving your technical team. It is kind of plug and play solution and can be easily integrated with your existing platform and obviously with C-Zentrix CRM and C-Zentrix Live chat.

Chatbot Automation

Automated Flows

Become available 24x7 by automating your message on WhatsApp with the assistance of chatbot. Enable the chatbot to engage with your customers. Reduce your cost of customer service.C-Zentrix offers both Rule based chatbots as well as AI powered NLP chatbots that can be integrated with WhatsApp. Rule based will be basic and quick to deploy while AI powered chatbots will be comprehensive and provide superior customer experience.

AI Powered Chatbots

Seamless Integration

CRM Application

Integrate easily with any in-house or third party CRM software to notify on any updates. Deliver personalized experience to each customer as each message can be personalized using different variables in the approved templates.

Integrate WhatsApp + C-Zentrix Conversational Platform

Amplify Business Communication

Send Instant message

Give instant reply to your customers with the help of automated messages and respond to questions and deliver support instantaneously.

WhatsApp for C-Zentrix

Share Rich Media

WhatsApp for customer service solution helps businesses to send PDF invoice, brochures, videos, live location, shipping details etc to enhance the customer experience.


It is not difficult to improve customer satisfaction. According to survey people prefer messaging over email. WhatsApp for business made it very easy to chat with the customers in their native language. It supports 60 different languages now.

Auto Support Ticket

WhatsApp Ticketing System

Auto Support Ticket

Once customer reaches to your platform, WhatsApp can create an auto support ticket with the help of C-Zentrix Omnichannel Ticketing system. These support tickets are auto routed to your best skilled agents along with customer details and concern reported.Your agents can work on the tickets and notify back to customer over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp For Call Deflection

Don't keep customer waiting

When your inbound call volume is high, you don’t want your customer to wait. You can provide option in IVR for customer to choose WhatsApp. With C-Zentrix bot integration, provide self-service to customer and they can opt to chat with a live agent too.

Faster Response
Auto Support Ticket

Predefined Template

Faster Response

Ensure faster communication with pre-defined templates (which are created as per WhatsApp guidance) while communicating with customers. Thus, it will improve the customer engagement and reduce time of agents.


WhatsApp Business API

Delight your customers by integrating your Whatsapp for business with CZ-Bot and automate all your primary interactions. Be available 24x7 for customer interaction as well as for lead generation.Transfer the interaction to a human agent or create automatic service ticket.