Marketing Solutions

Small and large enterprises are constantly challenged to expand their business. This means generating and qualifying leads, increasing the top of funnel, lead nurturing and eventually converting the leads into customers. C-Zentrix Marketing Solution covers the various aspects of marketing and ensure a streamlined marketing experience.


Outbound marketing

Prospects can be reached out through automated call blast. This is an easy way to reach out to people in various region, geography and specific target segments. Integrated with CZ IVR, prospects can indicate their interest, leave a voice message or even submit a survey.

Various out door campaigns (bill boards) or digital campaigns (TV commercials, movies or even soap operas) can display phone numbers to interested prospects to provide a missed call. This is a simple and free for prospects to opt-in and easily builds the top of funnel lead list.

Using CZ Contact Centre Solution, business can reach out to prospects by outbound calls from tele callers. CZ IVR with its AI based Speech Engine, can also minimize the effort of tele callers in qualifying the prospects.

Inbound marketing

Once web traffic is generated through various SEO techniques, web visitors can be attended using web or app based chat. CZ Chat also offers Co-browsing which helps inside sales team to guide prospects in their buying journey.

You need to ensure that the prospects are answered even when the inside sales rep is not available. CZ Bot can intuitively answer the visitor’s enquiry round the clock, as a virtual agent. If the prospect is still interested to connect to live sales rep, it can easily transfer the request.

Some web visitors or app users are not interested to call for enquiry. Most likely they don’t want to wait in queue, rather use the time for some other searches. However, CZ Callback lets them allow the inside sales team to call them back. This is a real prospect as she is visiting the site and willing to be connected.


Manage your leads, efficiently

It is very important to manage the leads, nurture and get them ready for the sales. The most efficient way is to pass on the leads generated through the Outbound and Inbound marketing, seamlessly into lead management system. CZ LMS allows the inside sales team to manage, nurture and assign the leads to the right persons.

CZ Advantage

Integrations in Business Integrations in Business

Smart and integrated way for lead generation and nurturing

Multichannel Multichannel

Multichannel approach for lead generation

On Premise Cloud On Premise Cloud

The solution can be deployed on-premise, on-cloud or even hybrid

Best In Class Best In Class

Best in class features of C-Zentrix platform can be leveraged

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