BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

The BPO industry has been growing at a steady pace and has a significant position in the IT ecosystem. The concept of setting up BPO and running multiple processes for multiple customers at optimum cost and maximum efficiency has driven us to provide the most effective solution for the industry.

CZ SME Suite fulfills all the needs of a midsize contact centre with minimum hardware and maximum software efficiency. However CZ Enterprise Suite serves the need of large BPOs.

We are the only contact centre solution providers in the market who can add upto 150-180 concurrent agents over 240 voice channels on one single server along with the features like IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialer,Voice Logger, CRM, MIS reporting, call conferencing, email and SMS integration, call barge in, APIs for third party CRM integration, etc.

It’s easy to install & configure and one can start calling within few hours. CZ Enterprise Suite helps to create HA (High Availability) solution with Load Balancing for 1000 agents or more (extra ACD servers and gateways can be added to go upto any limit above 1000 agents) with all the functionalities of a single box contact centre solution. It's apt for any mission critical process like telecom or banking where the BPO looks for a highly stable, 99.999% uptime solution with all standard functionalities of a contact centre.

While large BPOs are powered by our on-premise solution, there are smaller BPOs which are powered by C-Zentrix Cloud and helps them in quickly scaling up and down as per the business requirements.

With new age BPOs, there is a growing need to address various customer touchpoints like voice, chat, email, SMS, Social and also self service like bot and smart IVRs. CZ Omni integrates all the channels over a single platform and provides the convenience to agents to provide a consistent customer experience.

CZ Advantage

Multichannel Multichannel


Multi channels like Voice, Chat, Email, Bot, SMS and social are seamlessly integrated over CZ Omni and provide multi touchpoints to the customers.

Skill Based Routing Skill Based Routing


Skill Based Routing with unlimited skill provisioning. Administrator can setup up to 40 different skills for an agent. Skill based routing works for both inbound and outbound predictive agents.

Multi Campaign Multi Campaign


Multi Campaign Facility for agents to login and take calls from multiple campaigns at the same time.

Real Time Dashboards Real Time Dashboards


Real time reporting for live agents, campaigns, lead list status, conference calls etc. For disconnected call, it is reported whether the call was disconnected from agent side or from the client side.

Reports And Analytics Reports And Analytics


Historical Reporting with more than 80 readymade reports and administrator also has the facility to create their own customized reports. C-Zentrix also provides APIs to push data to third party database so that customer can create their own customized reports as per their need.

Automated Call Barge Automated Call Barge


The automatic call barge in helps the quality team to barge in the call and fill the quality report which automatically pops up with the call. End of the day a detailed quality report is available for each agent.

Multi Lead Dialing Multi Lead Dialing


Multi lead dialing facility for dialer. The C-Zentrix dialer provides multi lead dialing facility where every lead can have upto 10 phone numbers to be dialed out as per the rule set by the administrator.

Rule based dialing Rule based dialing


Administrator can create customized rules for auto dialing. LIFO (Last in first out) and FIFO (First in and first out) are some of the standard rules which administrator can use as default rules.

Robo Call Robo Call


Robo call for automated dial out for voice blasting. This is mostly used for CSAT survey or sending specific announcement to customers.

UI IVR Designer UI IVR Designer

UI based IVR design

Easy to design and implement IVR tree (UI Based). With simple drag and drop, the IVR can be designed intuitively.

Screen Logger Screen Logger


Screen logger for recording screen of agents. Along with voice logger, this becomes an excellent tool for monitoring and training purpose.

Remote Workforce Remote Workforce


Remote agents can connect over VoIP,GSM and TDM (Mobile Phone or Landline Phone) to the centralised ACD. This enables agents/ customer reps to work remotely.

conference conference


Agents can take multiple people into a conference call (up to 5 people in a single conference). There would be 100% recording and reporting for this conference call.

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