Remote Team Solution

With the experienced economy, many new businesses are coming out of the conventional entrapment called office. Office of the future can be managed remotely and without the conventional building too. To ensure that remote teams have the flexibility as well as efficiency, C-Zentrix offers solution for the new age business.

Various aspects of Remote Team Solution

The supervisor can upload the lead list to the central server and assign it to specific sales representative. The sales representative receives notification and can initiate the calls from their mobile. To ensure the calls are tracked and followed up, CZ Mobile records the call and uploads it to the server for the supervisor to review and follow up

Field delivery persons need to verify the availability of the customer, especially if the purchase is done with cash on delivery option. This is also true for products that are fragile or have to be served fresh (like food or flowers). The delivery person connects to the customer without getting access to his/her contact details. Privacy of customer number is essential. CZ Magic call does the wonder. It establishes the connect while masking the contact number of both the parties

Using CZ Cloud, agents can connect with customers remotely. The need to be in an office with other agents and supervisors is not required. Let your agents work from home or any place of their convenience. The calls can land directly on their mobile phone or soft phone and total cost of operation of contact centre can be minimised. CZ Screen logger and CZ Voice logger ensures that all the activities of remote agents are recorded for monitoring and audit purpose.

CZ Remote Team solution is used across industries

CZ Remote Team solution is used by SME and startups. It is also used by businesses which deploy their own delivery team

CZ Advantage

Cost Of Ownership Cost Of Ownership

Low cost of ownership, without comprising on efficiency and effectivity

Secured Approach Secured Approach

Completely secured approach, ensures that data loss is avoided

Secured Approach Secured Approach

A perfect solution for the millennials who prefer working remotely

Best In Class Best In Class

Best in class features of C-Zentrix platform can be leveraged for scalable solutions