Omnichannel Interaction

Voice as a most preferred channel in Omnichannel Solution

The voice still remains the preferred channel in the contact center when it comes to customer-agent interaction. Make every interaction count with CZ Omni whether it is an inbound or outbound call. Experience superior voice quality, intelligent call routing and agent selection to improve CSAT rate considerably.

Voice for Omnichannel Contact Center Solution
WhatsApp and Chat for omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Expand your Omnichannel Solution support with WhatsApp and Chat

CZ Omni paired with CZ Chat is a proactive omnichannel solution that is easy to plug into websites and mobile apps. It also offers pre-chat forms to collect key information of the customers. CZ Chat has the capability to chat transfer, chat conference and even real-time monitoring.

WhatsApp integration ensures that your customer journey can start from WhatsApp and agent is able to interact from contact center the unified agent desktop.

E-Mail as an anchor of Omnichannel contact center solution

CZ Omni provides Email channel that can be integrated with mutiple inboxes. Alternatively, the email can be configured with the default CRM. This helps the contact center to reply faster and delight the customers with quick response time.

Email for Omnichannel contact center Solution
Video Chat for Omnichannel contact center solution

Humanize the Contact Center interaction with Video chat

CZ Omni allows customers to interact with the agents over Videocall or Videochat. This is the next best alternative to a face to face (in-person) conversation.

The agent can have an engaging conversation as well as viewing the past interactions and creating a ticket from the unified agent desktop.

Socialize your contact center to build a strong customer relationship

CZ Omni allows agents to respond to social media enquiries immediately from the unified agent desktop. When the customers start interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels, the agent can reply to the post or do a Direct Message(DM). This ensures privacy of the interaction and quicker resolution.

Social media for Omnichannel contact Center solution
CRM integration for the Omnichannel contact center solution

Enhance your contact center efficiency with CRM Integration

CZ Omni allows seamless integration with CZ Helpdesk CRM or any third party CRM. The CRM integration ensures improved customer retention and effective communication. This solution helps the contact center to monitor all complaints and queries from different channels and makes sure none of them goes unnoticed and unattended.

Interestingly, the CRM on our Omni has a lead module. So the Omnichannel can also be used for outbound calling and qualifying the leads.

Drive high value customer engagement with SMS

CZ Omni platform allows SMS integration into their platform. This enables to send notifications or docket numbers to the customers for future reference. The SMS integration is very useful where internet penetration is very low and other channels are not working properly.

SMS solution for Omnichannel contact center solution

CZ-OmniChannel – How it works?

Customer Interaction in Omnichannel contact center solution

Customers interact with the contact center through digital and voice channels.

Intelligent router for omnichannel contact center solution

Intelligent routers connect the agents based on their skills, workloads and priority.

Agents 360 degree view of channels in omnichannel contact Center solution

Agents can view all the channels interactions from the unified agent desktop without toggling to other screen.

 Non real time channels interaction in omnichannel contact center solution

Agents can interact with customers through non real time channels while attending any real time channels like voice.

Insights about customer history, preferred channel in omnichannel contact center solution

Interactions from multiple channels and customer journeys are combined under a single timeline and single snapshot.

Interactions from multiple channels in omnichannel contact center solution

Agents get insights about customer history, their preferred channels and help to understand customer behaviour and reason for interaction.

 Insights about customer history, preferred channel in omnichannel contact center solution

Interactions from multiple channels and customer journeys are combined under a single timeline and single snapshot.

Non real time channels interaction in omnichannel contact center solution

Agents can interact with customers through non real time channels while attending any real time channels like voice.

customer’s delight in omnichannel contact center solution

Customers get delighted being attended in their channel of preference.

Dashboard and reports in omnichannel contact center solution

Dashboard and reports provide insights about channel specific reports and it’s utilization, agent’s effectiveness and utilization.

Omnichannel Customer Journey

Plot Customer Journey

Get a single view of your customer’s conversational journey across multiple channels and preserve the context of interactions throughout the discussion.

Customer’s Preferred Medium

Omnichannel recognizes and informs the agents, the preferred channel of customers. It delights the customers when they feel, they are being attended on their preferred medium.

Granular Detail Of The Conversation

From the interaction timeline the agent can view the detail of previous interaction, be it call recordings, call dispositions, chat or social transcriptions and previous ticket status.

Omnichannel customer Journey in Omnichannel contact center solution

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard and reports

Channel Insight

Get a detailed overview of which channel is performing the best, which channels are more utilised. Based on such insights allocate the resources accordingly.

Agent Utilisation

CZ-Omni provides detailed reports on agent utilization across channels. This provide a detail analytics on time spent by agent on the various channels and can help in planning of allocation of resources.

Real Time Monitoring

Supervisors can make an informed decision as he is equipped with real time data. Supervisors can view real time dashboard of all the channels, current activity in each channel, pending emails, social posts and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Omnichannel is a confluence of the multiple touchpoints employed to ensure a seamless customer experience. Omnichannel enhances the customer experience on a personal level by smartly interlinking the customer journey with the brand irrespective of the touchpoints or channels via which the customer interacts.

Multichannel engages customers on multiple touchpoints but they are disjointed resulting in scattered silos. However, omnichannel converge various touchpoints resulting in a uniformed stream of customer-relevant information. Multichannel attempts at customer engagement, whereas omnichannel refines the diverse customer experience.

Omnichannel is a dynamic approach to enhance an agent's productivity. It allows a single queue for multiple channels, aided with clarified data. Agents can monitor customer interactions better without losing much time on numerous screens. In fact, a single agent can administer various channels at once. Empowered by information, the agent is now better equipped to create happy customer.

Any industry that works with a plethora of customers interacting over diverse touchpoints (voice, non voice or even bots) will flourish with an omnichannel strategy. Some businesses like e-commerce, the multiplatform entertainment industry, banking industry, and even healthcare achieve a lot more with the omnichannel experience.

With digitisation and pervasiveness of technology, most customers, start their buying journey or query on one device and complete it on another.

An omnichannel strategy for customer service starts with identifying the right channels or touchpoints the customer uses and get them seamlessly integrated over the omnichannel platform.

Now, interacting with customers over different channels requires proper skilling of agents so that they can smoothly move from one channel to the next.

Evaluating the usage of channels and monitoring the agent utilisation over the specific channels should also be part of the strategy so that the best outcome is achieved with the omnichannel solution.