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Companies around the world rely on C-Zentrix

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More than 1,000,000 voice interactions are handled over CZ Call Center every day.

Call center solution that is entirely cloud-based (CCaaS)

Reliable and consistent with a 99.99% uptime

Continuous round the clock customer service

Use cases for Contact Center Solution

List and campaign management

Fast-track your sales success, design multiple campaigns with varied workflows. Create different lists and assign them to appropriate campaigns.

Integrate CRM or LMS

Integrate your existing CRM or get CZ Lead Management Software and let sales reps have information of the dialed lead and update the lead status. Post call, the call logs and recordings are available for review and follow up.

Setup Dialer

Enable your agents to connect with more customers using auto dial functionality. Using our call center software you can select a dialer functionality based on the sales process, for example use for high value sales call opt for preview dialer and transactional sales (high volume) opt for progressive or predictive dialer. Sales reps can set callback and can also make it sticky - the dialer will always connect the same lead to the same rep.

Gain Insights

Monitor the calls that are dialed out by listening in to them. Since 100% of calls are recorded it can be used to understand your team’s training needs. Our reporting module also helps generate critical metrics that can be used to measure campaign success, for example conversion rate or sales booked, interest feedback received etc. Opt for real time live call analysis and set intent for which the AI engine will intimate at risk calls. Supervisor can be notified of such calls and can barge-in the call if needed. Agent assistant can guide the agent for persuasive selling using Generative AI.

Design IVR & Call Flows

Design IVR and Call Flows that simplify connect.

Create intricate, multi-level IVRs with the help of an easy-to-use, IVR designer. Provide better self service and higher IVR containment with 3rd party API integration with CRMs or internal tools. Increase customer experience by taking voice inputs instead of touch tone inputs.

Setup ACD

Regardless of where in the globe your agents are working, at home or in the office, you can choose from up to 140 distinct skills to route calls and assign them equally. For your priority customers use priority calling so they don't have to wait and use sticky agent routing to assign calls to the agent who shares a connection with the customer.

Integrate CRM

Accelerate speed of resolutions by integrating with CZ Helpdesk, a service CRM software designed for call centers and customer care team. All customer issues are seamlessly tagged in the CRM and followed till closure. The SLA management ensures the tickets get escalated if it breaches the specified TAT. CZ Helpdesk comes with workflow management which can treat the tickets as desired by the operation team and the progress can be notified.

Actionable insights

Live dashboard and different reports provide the first level insights. Capture crucial data using features like call summarizer, sentiment analysis, IVR containment and analyze metrics to build insights that drive business decisions. Opt for real time live call analysis that comes as an optable solution with our call center software and helps build crucial insight into customer satisfaction.

Supercharge every customer interaction

Automatic Call Distribution

CZ ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is a failproof call controller that manages each and every call based on the assigned rules. CZ ACD can be configured for up to 140 distinct skills for skill based routing.The automated call distributor always connects the caller to the customer support agent who can best handle their inquiries owing to the sophisticated skill-based routing mechanism.

Priority routing ensures that your priority customer does not have to wait in the queue. After hour calls can be routed to different locations or voice mail as required by the business.

Sticky agent feature ensures that the same sales person or advisor gets connected to the prospect or client.

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Dialers for outbound calls

CZ Dialer completely transforms outbound calling strategy. It utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to predict agent availability with intelligence, reducing downtime and increasing connect rates. CZ Dialer's automated call pacing streamlines telemarketing and sales campaigns by keeping agents constantly engaged through live connections. Our advanced Predictive Dialer solution drive results, increases productivity, and improves call efficiency.

Progressive dialer is preferred for high value sales calls where the pacing is 1:1 and agent productivity is maximized.

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Phone Number Masking

Protect privacy and enhance security with our Phone Number Masking Software. It safeguards sensitive information during voice communications by dynamically substituting real phone numbers with temporary or virtual ones. Whether it is managing customer support or conducting confidential business transactions, our Call Masking solution ensures data integrity and compliance.

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Streamline communication workflows with our Interactive Voice Response Software - CZ IVR. Empower callers to navigate seamlessly through customizable menus and prompts, ensuring swift access to relevant information or efficient routing to the right department. Enhance user experience, reduce wait times, and optimize call handling with our intelligent IVR solution. Transform customer interactions by personalizing the calls with API integrations.

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Broadcast Calls

Transform outreach efforts with our Call Broadcasting Software, CZ CallBlast. Effortlessly reach a large audience by broadcasting pre-recorded messages, announcements, or promotions to targeted contacts in real-time. The Press 1 campaign can take the user input and forward the interested caller to a sales rep, instantly.

Enhance efficiency in marketing campaigns, emergency announcements , and notifications with customizable scheduling and detailed reporting features. Elevate your communication strategy and maximize impact with our powerful and user-friendly Call Broadcasting solution.

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100% Call recording

Help your teams perform better, with CZ Screen Logger and CZ Voice Logger track system usage and conversations with customers. Our clients actively use screen and voice loggers to identify training needs and intervene in critical scenarios. Our loggers are also used to maintain compliance where it is required legally to record all customer interactions.

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CTI for CRM integration

Integrate CZ call center within your CRM. CZ Bar is CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) and provides complete call center capability. It provides all the call functionality including call transfer and call conference in a widget. Agents or advisors can make outbound calls or receive inbound calls within their business software like CRM. CZ Bar can manage calls with WebRTC (on browser) or softphone.

Post call all the call logs and call recordings are available in the CRM or business application. The specific screen of the CRM can be popped up based on the integration.

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Admin Dashboard and Reports

From real time monitoring to list and campaign management, the admin dashboard is the most advanced with every possible report. Monitor live agent status, campaign status, list status, SLA and call center operation.

Specific configuration for campaigns, skills, list upload are just a click away.

The supervisor can easily fetch all the reports related to agent productivity, IVR reports, operation data and call recordings from the admin panel. Supervisor can do a silent barge-in, whisper or a three way conference from the admin panel.

Agent Desktop

With the state-of-art interface the agent can receive and make calls with just a click. The calls can be over WebRTC, softphone or even hardphone. The agent can view and update the customer information and custom CRM fields in the agent desktop. Multi level disposition, call back and call remarks can be easily managed from the agent desktop. Agents can save personal notes on the agent desktop during a call and refer to them post the call.

The previous call information can also be viewed by the agent to provide better response to the customer during the call. The dashboard provides agent productivity, leaderboard and CSAT scores as well.

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CZ Contact Center
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Comprehensive Contact Center Solution

For high volume call flows (inbound or outbound), you need a comprehensive contact center solution and just not a cloud telephony solution. Our contact center solution is used by large enterprises, BPOs and enterprises who not only have high call volume but also need to monitor the call center productivity, derive various reports and integrate with Business Intelligence tools. Queue based call management, proper call routing, multilevel IVR with API integration to provide better IVR containment and power dialers integrated with custom workflows make it truly an enterprise level contact center software.

Extendable to Omnichannel Contact Center

Our cloud contact center solution (CCaaS) can be easily extended to Omnichannel contact center with all the digital channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, X, video chat and chatbot. This is also integrated with CZ Helpdesk CRM. So, it means you are future ready with CZ Contact Center Solution.

Enhance Agent Productivity and Customer Experience

Our innovative contact center solution provides a lot of unique features to enhance agent productivity and customer experience. It lets you monitor all possible KPIs to measure agent productivity. Knowing past conversations and customer data before customer interaction is a sure recipe to improve customer experience. Our Genie agent (patent pending) feature ensures the customer doesn't have to wait to hear the agent's voice while the agent does not not always remain on-hook. So, it's a blend of agent productivity and customer experience.

AI powered Call Centers

Choose our AI extension to give an edge to your contact center. With unique features like sentiment analysis, live call analysis, summarizer, agent assist etc allows agents to make query resolution lightning-fast and keep your customers smiling. Use the power of Generative AI to make your contact center not only future ready but best in the breed.

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