Call Analytics: 4 Important features of it

Call Analytics: 4 Important features of it

Sweta Chakraborty

19 June 2023

We all know the value of voice calls in Contact Center Solution Most business conversations happen over the phone. In fact, conversions happen faster over calls than on any other channel. A voice-to-voice communication builds a different level of trust than an interaction with a screen. This is why voice calls are a gold mine on which many call centers are sitting. 
Each call reveals a lot of information and reality about your service, your product, your agents, and your customers. And the one way to retrieve this information is via call analytics.


1. What is Call Analytics?

2. What are the key features of Call Analytics?

3. Conclusion

What is Call Analytics?

“Analytics” is a term for analyzing and tracking any process and deriving insights from it. Call analytics are used to track and monitor calls to learn and analyze different data and metrics. These insights can be used to identify customer churn, recognize sales opportunities and generate performance metrics. You can also leverage this information to place your marketing or sales campaigns to bring optimum results. 

Through call analytics, you can do a lot more than analyze. Some primary things are:

It is even more necessary now to tap into your call analytics data as the rate of incoming calls has taken a hike. In fact, since the pandemic, digital purchasing or call conversations have gone up rapidly. Verizon published a survey stating that inbound calls have increased by 20% as people are trying to communicate more, remotely. 

Phone calls are not just conversations. It can be dissected to reveal which source intrigued the customer to call your business. Call analytics can track it down to the advertising campaign, social media post, or even a paid ad that led to the lead generation. Identifying these things, help your decision-makers learn what is yielding results for your company. Hence, tracking calls is extremely important in today’s data-driven world. 

What are the key features of Call Analytics?

Call Center Software analytics act as heatmaps to reveal what’s triggering your calls and how often they are getting answered. It will reveal things like busiest days with a high volume of inbound calls and allow you to get prepared for it. These little details can have a larger impact in the long run. Analytics will also reveal how your IVR is performing, what is the containment rate on telephony and even offer real-time transcriptions for sentiment analysis. Let’s discuss these features and their benefits in more detail. 

1. Real-time Transcriptions:

Getting real-time transcriptions can help your team to learn more about the customer. Managers can’t always sit and listen to recordings. It becomes tedious and it is easy to lose track. A visual script of the conversation will be easier to go through. It will reveal the customer sentiment, intent, and problems. You will learn about frequently asked questions through the analysis and preemptively update your knowledge base. 

You can also learn about how your agents are handling these calls. If an agent is taking a wrong approach or someone is going against predefined clauses. It helps your team to stick to quality conversations and not deviate from SLA regulations. 

For offshore contact centers, handling foreign accents is always a challenge. With live transcription and display over the agent, the screen helps the agent to reconfirm what she heard.

2. Identify Prospect Journey:

A company has multiple campaigns running at the same time. There are sales calls, social media marketing, organic marketing, and paid ads. While most ad campaigns will reveal reports but only for actions taken from those ads themselves. Call analytics will track all the incoming calls and find out which source has triggered the calling action. Whether it was from your website or an agent interaction, call analytics will identify the journey taken by your customer to call your business. This information will help you make better decisions and invest in campaigns that are working out for you. Call analytics tools can be integrated with your paid ads tools like Google Ads or with your CRM system as well to make more informed decisions and get actionable insights. 

3. Live Call Analytics:

This is the best part of Call Analytics. Most of the things happen during the call – be it a customer churn or a cross-sell, upsell opportunity missed. Live call analytics can detect such instances in almost real-time and trigger suggestions to the agents. The agent can get live assistance with the best suggestions so that they can make the best outcome in the call and save the day for an upset client or a not so willing prospect. The supervisor can monitor the call and if required coach the agent in the live call or even barge in and speak to the prospect or client. Isn’t that amazing! 

4. AI-Analysis for Retention:

Call analytics can now run speech recognition in real-time and identify sentiment-revealing keywords. For example, if phrases like “payment failure”, “frustrating experience”, and “delivery not received” are detected, that means the customer is having a poor experience. You can even analyze using more industry-relevant keywords and see if the damage is repairable. Upon such identification, it can notify the supervisor so that they can monitor the call. With the C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution, the supervisor can coach the agent or even do a live barge-in and speak to the client. Either way call intent-based analysis will help you to pinpoint customer issues and retain them immediately before they are lost to your competitors. 

You can also leverage keyword identification to see what most customers are thinking or seeking about your product. Based on that, you can optimize your website content or social media marketing campaigns to generate more targeted leads. 


Call analytics can offer sophisticated counsel to your marketing and sales team. It has the capability to discover where your strengths lie, product-wise or experience-wise. Hence, call analytics are a necessity for any contact center in the world. It is better to gain specific information and insights into your targeted audience and make more informed decisions. All-in-all Contact Center Software analytics can help you find your exceptional quality and set you apart from your competitors. AI is creating tremendous value for contact centers and Call analytics is leading the pack. To learn more about call analytics and its integrations, contact our experts. 


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