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Best 7 Lead Generation Tactics For Instagram in 2022

Sweta Chakraborty

11 January 2024

Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms right now. With almost a billion users on the platform, it is exactly where everyone is.  From big brands to regular users, Instagram is an ideal place for all. Considering that, it has the potential to convert your followers into customers. 

An average user spends at least 58 minutes a day scrolling through their feed, watching stories or reels, and other media forms. Instagrams varied media options like stories, reels or simple videos make it a brilliant platform to advertise. Using these media outlets, brands can present themselves in a different light, building meaningful relationships with their prospects or followers.

One cannot deny that every one of us at least follows one major brand on Instagram. The reason behind it is, we get to observe the brand's inner-work, a glimpse into behind-the-scenes, bringing us to feel closer to the brand. However, the bottom line of every brand is to convert its viewers or followers into customers. 

7 Instagram Lead Generation Tactics in 2022

Let me take you through some useful tactics on how to renovate your Instagram business account and convert your followers into customers. You can apply all of this to your existing campaigns or choose the one that suits your business model and budget:

1. Adding A Website Link To Monitor Your Leads

2. Creating An Ideal Bio

3. Adding A Call-To-Action Button

4. Share Relevant Links On Your Stories

5. Use Instagram Ads

6. Capitalize On Your Hashtags

7. Invest In Influencer Marketing

1. Adding A Website Link To Monitor Your Leads:

The primary component to make your Instagram handle business-ready is to add a link to your website. You have to add the link in the profile bio. There are chances that many followers will find discover your business via your Instagram profile, and leading them to your website will give them a better idea of your business. 

Ensure that the landing page of your added link must have a lead-capturing medium like a form, or a business query or a sign-up. This way your marketing team can follow up in case these visitors do not choose to purchase immediately. 

                                                                             Adding A Website Link To Monitor Your Leads

2. Creating An Ideal Bio:

You know your business better than anybody else. So, describe what you do and offer in fewer words and capture your customer's attention. Instagram allows only 150 words to describe your business. Your probable customers will judge your company's credibility based on this. 

Instagram offers a wide range of categories that you can select based on the industry you are in. This allows interested clients to discover your business easily. 

You can also add popular hashtags or personal brand hashtags in your bio that will direct to your use cases. This helps them to trust your business and learn more about your service.

3. Adding A Call-To-Action Button:

A call-to-action (CTA) makes it easier for your clients to reach you. Whenever you visit a website or a profile, you would want the purchase or contact information upfront instead of wasting time finding it. Similarly, your prospects will want to close the deal easily when they are visiting your Instagram profile. 

You can add a button to allow food ordering, shopping, appointment booking, reservation and more. To do so, you will need third-party integrations like GoDaddy Social, TableRequest, Appointy, etc. 

In your Instagram profile, click on "Edit Profile," then select "Contact Options," and click on "Add an Action Button." Here you will find a list of third-party apps, that you can choose from to integrate. Add your call-to-action landing page link here and redirect your customers easily. 

Adding A Call-To-Action Button

Source: James Bachini

4. Share Relevant Links On Your Stories:

On Instagram, you can add a variety of elements to your stories. Stories are less effort content that can be generated all around the day when you do not want to spam your followers' feed. People love checking out stories and you can redirect them through your stories to your product page or lead capturing page. 

For instance, if you added a story of your product in use or a customer speaking about your product, you can also add a link to that particular story that will redirect them to that specific product page. 

Fashion brands or major e-commerce brands often share links to their products when showcasing them in their stories. Your users can just swipe up and will be redirected to these links. 

5. Use Instagram Ads:

To make the most out of your Instagram business account, you can start using ads. It is extremely simple and well-laid out in the application itself. 

You can set your target region and target audience. This way you do not waste money by showing ads to an irrelevant audience. To start your ads campaign, make sure you are using a business account on Instagram and not a personal one. 

After posting for a set amount of time, Instagram will share insights into how well your ads are performing and what can be done better. This allows you to improve your reach and propel your Instagram lead generation than organic methods. You can decide on a budget for your ads campaign and spend accordingly.

6. Capitalize On Your Hashtags:

Hashtags are an important part of Instagram, just like every other social media platform. If you are a small business with fewer followers, you can jump on an existing hashtag wagon and make the most of it. Very often big brands also share a common hashtag to join a social media trend and encourage their customers to share content around it. This improves profile visibility, resulting in more Instagram lead generation.

On the other hand, you can create your own branded hashtag and share it with your existing customers. You can ask them to post about your service or product using those hashtags. Whenever your prospects click on these hashtags, they can check out your customer cases and will learn to trust your brand.

7. Invest In Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a trending technique to attract the right audience. Find out the influencers of your industry and see whose persona aligns the most with your brand. These influencers must be educated about your brand or your industry and must have a lot of followers. Pitch them a mutually beneficial deal and get them on board.

Influencers can help promote your product regularly to a relevant crowd. You can host events or giveaways via your influencer's social presence and generate more leads. This will develop advocacy for your brand and will definitely bring in new customers. 

Invest In Influencer Marketing

Source: Profit Boss


Instagram is a visually gratifying platform. It was originally not intended to generate leads, as the posts do not allow you to share link. However, it is the best platform to attract customers without appearing too pushy.

Being a visually inclined platform, you can market your brand with IGTV videos, small generic videos, broadcasts, stories and even reels. Instagram allows you to add music, copyright data and much more to enhance the quality of what you are sharing. All of this can be curated to attract followers and convert them into customers. The abovementioned tips can help your business to get onboard with Instagram marketing and scale your business.

Instagram is also a great place to engage your existing customers and their respective queries. This process of customer service via Instagram can be streamlined with Omnichannel strategy in place. To learn more about omnichannel, contact us


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