Customer Service Through WhatsApp

Best 7 Tips To Provide Customer Service Through WhatsApp

Sweta Chakraborty

15 January 2024

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world today with over 1.5 billion users across 180 different countries. For a business, it proffers a channel to extend their customer services and support to a wider array of audiences. Most people already use WhatsApp, lifting a significant burden off the organization to train their agents to get accustomed to it while also providing a familiar platform to its customers making it convenient for both parties to communicate freely with each other.

WhatsApp supports more than 50 different languages while also providing multi-media support allowing you to send images, audio files, video files, documents, brochures, etc. along with text messages providing ease of communication and support for business expression; equipping businesses with effective means of articulation while also providing multiple facets of expression to ensure engaging dialogue with the customer.
 Its security and privacy policy ensure reliable end-to-end encryption of data providing a secure means of communication between you and your customer is one of the most sought-after features on a messaging platform. Its ease of use means all business communication could essentially be managed by using a single Whatsapp number.

In the arena of customer services and experiences, WhatsApp Business is one of the tools in this age of technology to create leveling grounds for businesses irrespective of their size, in the goals of increasing customer base while also retaining them. WhatsApp Business ensures that the size of a business need not necessarily be a limiting factor in its reach. 

Advantages of WhatsApp

Procuring a WhatsApp business API is an essential component for using WhatsApp for customer service however it need not necessarily be limited to that alone. There are several ways to make your system even more efficient!

1. Two-way Communication:

Taking charge and engaging customers on their most preferred messaging platform allows for a more convenient and personalized user-customer experience. The quicker the reply; the higher the chances of customer satisfaction. For incoming messages, you need to reply to the customer within 24 hours of their last message. However, with a pre-built out message Securing effective and efficient pathways of channels for communication between user and customer would ensure quicker and faster responses which would mean you get the job done for free while safeguarding customer satisfaction.

2. Faster Initialization:

Most sizeable companies prefer to initialize quickly when it comes to WhatsApp Business; integrating themselves with the app. This ensures that they quickly add an additional channel for communication to their existing customer support system and deliver a true omnichannel customer experience. WhatsApp Business makes it very easy for companies to hit the ground running.

3. Ticketing via WhatsApp:

Most companies prefer creating a ticketing system for their WhatsApp conversations. This allows the agent to view all the customer details, interaction history on a single screen to get a better overall view of the customer enabling them to have a more personalized conversation and suit the customer’s needs. The ticketing system provides effective use and access of the already stored data to provide a better customer experience.

4. Bot Assistant:

WhatsApp Business allows you to create your own Bot and integrate it with your existent WhatsApp customer support channel to automate your customer service process and serve more customers. This frees up your agents to focus on the more critical and complex customer queries at hand while also boosting the numbers of customers satisfied.

5. Bot + Agent integration:

High inbound traffic would require the efficient handling of data. Bot-Agent integration is one such solution. When inbound traffic is high the bot handles the customer’s queries for a quicker response. At any instance during which if the bot gets stuck or the customer asks to speak to an agent the chat can easily be transferred to a live customer service agent while providing him/her with complete chat history and context ensuring quicker processing of data while effectively dealing with the customer’s queries.

Integrate Whatsapp with Chat and Bot


6. Line of Support Analysis:

The effectiveness of each line of support can be easily viewed by the supervisor in detailed reports through real-time analysis and dashboards. They can also view the agent’s performance and any pending or open tickets to get a better overall picture of the operation. This data can prove in handy to the supervisor or manager, giving them insights and information to take suitable action to further streamline the system.

7. All in one place:

How many times do we try to find out the customer service number or contact and are not able to find that particular SMS or even email. With Whatsapp search functionality, we can reach out to the Whatsapp business number easily. And not only that, all conversations, previous notifications, and everything is available in the same place. On the other hand, with integration with Omnichannel Contact Center Solution, Service Representatives can have a contextual conversation when chatting on WhatsApp. You can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business with your present Customer Relationship Management as well, making it even more convenient for your agents and customers alike.


Whatsapp is one of the most popular channels of communication and customer service needs to use it. But like other communication channels, this has significant advantages from a customer service standpoint. Most of the new-age companies and B2C businesses are going to take this channel as a serious channel for customer service.


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