advantages of video chat in contact center

9 Important Advantages Of Video Chat In Contact Centers


09 March 2023

Video interaction has become ubiquitous and its utilization had propelled during the pandemic. The use of video chat in contact centers has significantly increased in popularity in 2021 across all customer support channels. Voice calls have always been used for customer care calls, but an increasing number of brands now offer video calling in their contact support.

The answer is straightforward: it enhances and personalizes the customer experience while accelerating business growth.

An agent can interact with consumers face-to-face or address customer issues more successfully through video calling than through chat or a standard phone conversation thanks to this capability. When should you use video calls? What advantages can video call systems offer? 


1. A video contact center: what is it?

2. How are video calls conducted in contact centers?

3. When should video calls be used for customer service?

4. What is the advantage of video chat in the contact center?

5. Industries benefitting from the video contact center


A video contact center: what is it?

A video contact center is a system that enables clients to have video calls with customer service representatives. Agents working in video contact centers can have direct video chat conversations with customers in real-time. The key goals are to process incoming inquiries more quickly and communicate with each consumer more effectively.

Utilizing a contact center with video and concentrating on a digital customer engagement strategy helps faster issue resolution and increase contact center profitability. Customers can now contact businesses more easily for more information about their products and services. Your contact center agent can easily demonstrate the features of your services via video chat rather than attempting to explain them verbally. Customers won't have any trouble understanding and analyzing information because they can watch it in action.

Using video chat for customer care has several advantages, the main reason why businesses use it is that it offers clients a greater level of customized service. 

How are video calls conducted in contact centers?

Modern-day gadgets like phones, tablets & laptops are camera-equipped and can easily be used to make video calls.

Agents can initiate a video call by sending the customer an SMS link for a video call. The customer can click on the link and the video chat can be started. Alternatively, the customer can connect to the video contact center through the brand’s website or mobile app. Additionally, you may link the customer to your CRM system so that you can view all of their information and their request when the video call is established.

When should video calls be used for customer service?

First, communicating a complex issue or technical challenge via chat or email is not always simple. The same applies if you have to share sensitive information. Due to the visible and exact information they provide, video calls are particularly useful in these circumstances.

For expensive purchases or problems that call for a more hands-on approach from the customer, video is a great resource as well. In contexts like those in medicine or therapy, for instance, video sessions can be helpful. When consumers have complicated questions or when you want to give your most exclusive customers the fastest and most individualized service, video conversations are the ideal option.


What is the advantage of video chat in the contact center?

Organizations can benefit from streamlined corporate communication with the aid of smart omnichannel contact center solution. Interactions can be automatically synced, thanks to contact center automation solution. With the use of real-time video chat, agents can deliver even better experiences. It personalizes conversations, boosts customer satisfaction rates, and expedites the issue resolution process.

Here are some key metrics that are bound to improve with CZ video chat contact center solution can improve the client experience:

- Improve FCR
- Reduce customer service expenses
- Individualized client personal experiences
- Agent productivity & Training
- Better profit prospects
- Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)
- Humanize the contact center experience
- Co-browsing with video chat for contextual assistance
- Boost the productivity of call center reps

Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR) 

Interactions in contact centers have always been difficult due to the absence of visible contact. It can be particularly difficult for businesses in the healthcare, telecommunications, and banking sectors to provide exceptional customer assistance.

Customers frequently become agitated while trying to communicate issues they are having via voice. Your call center agents will be able to view equipment behavior or faulty device and reported problems in real-time by enabling video chat as a support option. CZ video chat gives your agents the option to convert a standard chat to a video call. You may have a video discussion using a web browser, a smartphone app, or even an SMS. With the aid of mobile apps, your customer can show the exact problem from the rearview camera and demonstrate the issue or defect and even receive assistance in diagnosing the issue. 

Customers can use video to demonstrate their problem to the agent via their camera, screen sharing, or co-browsing. The agent can capture screenshots and create tickets so the technical expert can easily understand the reported concern and will be able to quickly resolve. Face-to-face chat significantly boosts the effectiveness of your customer care, particularly one important KPI called First Contact Resolution (FCR). With video chat, the likelihood that the issue will be resolved on the first call (FCR) is very high. This will improve customer satisfaction. 

Faster issue resolution: Issues can be resolved more quickly due to the ability of contact center agents to diagnose problems precisely during video calls and provide customers with more efficient fixes.

Real-time information sharing: Video-based contact center solutions enable clients to share extra information about the problem, facilitating a quicker resolution. Unlike a voice call, during video chat customers and agents can share digital media files like docs, images, etc which may be beneficial during the interaction.

Personalized experience: Personalized engagement with clients gives brands the chance to provide more individualized service and maintain professional standards in the dialogue.


Reduce customer service expenses

The ideal option to provide customers with faster and more efficient solutions is through video customer support. When the process of resolution is accelerated, customers are more satisfied with the service they receive. Every company wants to cut expenses. However, that does not imply that you should sacrifice your client service. Businesses can save travel expenses by using video chat because agents can connect with customers instantly without having to make a physical visit. Video meetings can feel even more engaging than in-person ones with the aid of extra visual tools like co-browsing.

Without leaving the (home) office or branch site they are working from; your agents can perform all the tasks they could perform in person. Travel time is also saved for the customer. You can guide them through the process step-by-step whether they want to fill out a new mortgage application or need assistance learning how to use an affiliate marketing solution.
When compared to alternative ways, contact centers with video capabilities typically save more than 50% on support expenses. Helping right away and drastically lowering the amount of support queries are both beneficial.

Here is how using video-based customer service may balance business expenses and shorten wait times.

- Scale back on the touchpoints: Video call center solutions aid in determining the precise problem and providing prompt fixes that cut down on touchpoints and increase the likelihood of first contact resolution.

- Reduce customer service costs: By handling client inquiries through a video-based contact center, there are fewer opportunities for follow-ups. It reduces the expense of the infrastructure needed to manage discussions and hire more agents.


Aids in creating individualized client experiences

You must first get to know your customers to provide a seamless client experience. Each person requires a different approach because no two people are alike, no two have the same experiences, and no two have the same needs. Delivering individualized customer experiences depends on having empathy for and an understanding of the demands of the customers. Nobody enjoys receiving rote, robotic responses from customer service agents when they call them with a problem. 
Conversations become more natural and visual with video chat. They facilitate the development of a close relationship between the consumer and the sales or service person. The customer can gauge the representative's level of assistance. Similarly, the agent is also better able to determine the customer's attitude and tone. This facilitates quicker answers and better customer experiences by forecasting the urgency of the customer. Additionally, these one-on-one interactions might contribute to the development of trust among your clientele. Even if the representative is unable to provide a prompt answer.


Agent productivity & Training

In several scenarios, video chat increases agent productivity in contact centers. They can quickly fix the customer's problem and move on to the next if they can see what the customer is about to address with validating points. Additionally, live video chats can be recorded, paused, and replayed for later viewing. This is great news for the managers in charge of customer service because it gives them more analytical freedom to ensure quality and provide agents with better training.


Better profit prospects

For providing in-person customer support, virtual contact centers are less expensive than physical office locations. When you provide exceptional customer service, you enhance the customer support experience and are more likely to retain the customer. With the help of video chats, your company can deliver first-rate customer care from any location. 

In addition to giving your contact center professionals the chance to witness problems firsthand in real time, adding video calls as a support option will significantly improve the efficiency of your customer care team by raising agent productivity and team revenue. 

Implementing video in your contact center can directly impact sales by empowering your agents to find novel upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Getting over the customer's initial issue during a typical incoming phone call might be difficult. Video, on the other hand, enables your agents to establish a strong connection, recognize context clues, and even showcase new products as a natural part of a conversation. 


Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Every client call has a potential opportunity that can benefit your contact center. You can much better grasp your customers' issues and needs if your call center has video capabilities. You can provide the greatest support and align your services with their expectations based on your understanding. The greatest satisfaction rate of any customer service channel was 73% for live video interactions.

Using video calls as a proactive support method enables:

- Contact center representatives who can pinpoint problems more quickly and offer sensible solutions.

- Deliver contextual solutions to greatly reduce the number of touchpoints.

- Conversations with customers can be tailored to them, increasing trust.

A video-first strategy for help yields greater NPS ratings. Higher NPS ratings indicate happier customers. Positive NPS scores from the video contact center help point to a strong relationship between NPS and new client recommendations. 


Humanize the contact center experience

The incorporation of a personalized touch is essential to building a long-lasting relationship with a customer. Call centers can now greatly simplify this process thanks to video. Automatic personalization is provided via the video call feature.

Customers may interact with your brand on new emotional and non-verbal levels when they can see your call center representatives in person via live video. Customers' desire for customization in their buying experiences is emerging as a source of differentiation in various industries, as demonstrated by a McKinsey study. To route clients to certain agents depending on the customer's individual communication preferences and the agent's particular skill set, contact center managers and executives can even employ video calling as a criterion.

Video-based contact centers create a customized shopping experience:

1. One-on-one video discussions improve trust: Face-to-face interactions between contact center representatives and customers allow for more cordial dialogues that foster greater customer loyalty and confidence.
2. Respond personally to client inquiries: Your call center representatives can provide your consumers with the focused attention they require with just one click.

To better understand your customer's demands and offer better solutions, encourage face-to-face virtual chats.


Co-browsing / screen sharing for contextual assistance

Customers frequently become agitated while trying to communicate issues they are having, and agents waste time trying to comprehend the problem. Co-browsing with consumers via video chat allows agents to communicate with them in real-time. Better even, if the screen can be shared.  With screen sharing during video calls, agents can engage clients more personally and provide an in-person experience, virtually.

Customer interactions become much more efficient and productive when using visual engagement tools. It boosts team productivity by enabling the support staff to start helping consumers right away without using chat or phone assistance. This illustrates why using video chat for commercial purposes is necessary to increase client engagement. How can this be done?

- Work together in real-time with clients on the precise page where they are having issues and give quick fixes.
- Point clients in the right way while completing forms, making purchases, or resolving problems.
- Reduce touchpoints and offer quicker solutions based on the customer's exact need and location.
- Deliver a great experience while meeting the immediate assistance needs of your customers.


Boost the productivity of call center reps

Only seasoned call center employees are aware of what it takes to provide excellent customer service. And for them to provide value to customers, the appropriate tools must be available.

Agents are given more freedom to communicate directly with clients in video-based contact centers, engaging them in real-time. To ensure that client interactions are as successful as possible, it improves response and highlights consumer engagement. By concentrating on the digital customer interaction model and utilizing a call center supported by video, you may increase agent usage and contact center profitability.

Direct video conversations allow the contact center representatives directly assist consumers in the following ways:

a. Quicker problem identification and effective customer-focused solutions
b. Lessen the number of customer-facing touchpoints.

By using video call center solutions, call center agents can be better trained from the video call recordings which will affect call center revenue.

Industries benefitting from the video contact center:

Some industries have had a greater influence from video chats than others. The brand’s products or services require high touch points or online troubleshooting can benefit the brand; as a result, they require cutting-edge communication strategies to remain competitive. These sectors range from banking to legal businesses to healthcare to education to retail.

Here are some important sectors where video-based contact centers are leading the way:


Many banks struggle to provide face-to-face customer service to all their clients. Banks are now utilizing video-enabled call centers to improve the user experience and provide better customer service. It offers the human touch of a neighborhood bank anytime, wherever. Also, insurance firms can leverage the video contact center for quick resolution, video inspection, and speed up the claim process.


For patient consultations, patient portals, and/or providing photos for diagnosis, remote monitoring of vital signs, and nursing call centers, healthcare telemedicine uses video call center systems. It helps to reduce travel time and expenses while bringing medical specialists to isolated locations. This had become a default method during covid times. 


Visitors to automotive websites wishing to purchase a car have the option to start a dialogue with the dealer in their chosen mode and then quickly switch to any other mode they or they desire. A video-based call center makes it easier to strike up a conversation with the customer and swiftly demonstrate your expertise while establishing rapport and putting them in the mood to buy, all in real-time.

Law Firms

In-person consultations are sometimes expensive, time-consuming, and even impossible for many law offices. However, video call centers enable law firms to instantly meet face-to-face with customers and build up the rapport that is so much needed in a high touch point business.


Retailers currently offer customer support through several channels, including the phone, live chat, email, and knowledge bases. The ideal option, however, is a video-based call center for customers with complex or extremely specific concerns. You may simplify your customer service procedures thanks to it, which will increase consumer happiness and loyalty. Video kiosks in retail stores can help customers access product experts or advisors over video calls. The experts can be centrally located and assist the visitors walking down to the different stores. 


Furniture Stores are leveraging the advantages of video customer service by using the platform to provide one-on-one consultations with consumers who have questions about purchasing a mattress or another important piece of furniture. Since customers can connect with a real person while still taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping, this personalized service enhances customer happiness and loyalty.



One of the most important components of a successful business is providing an excellent client experience. Contact centers using video technology have the potential to revolutionize customer service. Video chats are predicted to be used in many facets of business because of their adaptability and efficacy. So, if you are planning to implement the same for your business, the C-Zentrix Video contact center solution can be the right choice. Deploying video customer service will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.


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