How Can Autodialers Enhance Agent Productivity

5 Easy Ways Autodialers Can Enhance Agent Productivity

Sweta Chakraborty

20 September 2022

Do you know how many attempts it takes before an agent can get through a client?

On average, it takes 8 attempts.

With every attempt, your agents will lose motivation, productivity, and efficiency. Losing these elements will also impact them once they get through the customer on call. There is absolutely no reason to put so much at stake while putting your agents through this manual endeavor. Instead, using autodialers will eradicate these problems and improve your contact center’s performance. Autodialers are automatic outbound calling systems, ideal for cold calling, follow-ups, and more. It can automatically dial from a list of phone numbers that are uploaded to the dialer and will only route it to an agent as soon as the prospect responds to the call.


  • Autodialers Reduce Contact Center Agent Fatigue While Boosting Efficiency
  • Autodialers Lessens A Contact Center Agent's Idle Time
  • Autodialers Improve Contact Center Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Autodialers Enable Faster Detection of Dead Leads
  • Autodialers Help In Real-time Agent Monitoring


There are already different types of autodialers existing to compliment your business type and needs. Based on the call volume and the size of your workforce you can decide what is right for you. There are obviously other minor factors that you must also consider. 


How Do Autodialers Make Your Contact Center Agents More Productive?

Inconvenience to your agents will always reflect on your success rate. Making their lives easier with dependable contact center solutions is the way to go. Eradicating the toll of manual dialing and hearing the prospect’s answering machine tone, over and over again is maddening. Therefore, autodialers have been widely accepted by industry experts. It is a robust and efficient contact center solution with no hidden tricks to it.

Autodialers are a must-have contact center solution. Let’s discuss how autodialers can improve your agent productivity and work efficiency.

1. Autodialers Reduce Contact Center Agent Fatigue While Boosting Efficiency:

The manual task of dialing each number is tiring and inefficient. An autodialer relieves the agent from that painful ordeal. But it also, ensures that there is no room for error like early hanging up, misdialing and misdirection.

Agents also get weary from no responses, hearing the same voicemails over and over again. As autodialers will only route when a prospect responds, the process is more fruitful and dynamic. The dialer is also aware of busy tones or unserviceable numbers and will ensure that no time is wasted on these. All of this together boosts the agent’s efficiency and ensures a higher call connect ratio. With more connections happening, the agent is always productive and thriving for success.

2. Autodialers Lessens A Contact Center Agent's Idle Time:

Agents happen to also lose a lot of time while waiting for calls to get connected. Every attempt to dial out a number manually, the time lost in doing so could be productively used to speak with a customer or prospect. It’s not only the unanswered calls that waste time but also when they have to wait to listen to the ringing or busy tones or answering machines. Having an auto dialer can increase talk times of agents by as much as 200–300%.

The autodialer can detect any of these events and will not bother the agent. It is capable enough to route the agent in, the moment a client responds. This ensures that the agents only pick up the telephone to answer or speak to a client. Therefore, agents can attend to more calls every day than they could when they were manually dialing. A higher rate of conversation will always lead to a better conversion rate.

3. Autodialers Improve Contact Center Lead Generation and Conversion:

As the autodialer steadily reduces dialing time for agents, they can generate more potential customers through the conversations that happen. Every time an agent speaks with the clients, there is a chance of turning them into meaningful prospects and pushing them down the sales funnel.

The concept here is as simple as it gets. With agents spending more time talking to clients, the fate of these leads is revealed sooner. Obviously, not every connection will generate a potential buyer. But less time is wasted on finding them out. Eventually, more leads are generated following more conversions. The autodialer will also redial the list of numbers based on the parameters set by the admin. You can leverage this feature to re-churn your leads and make the most of it.

4. Autodialers Enable Faster Detection of Dead Leads:

The autodialer is a smart piece of technology that is built to make your contact center efficient and your agents productive. The best way to make this happen is to separate the dead leads from the responsive ones.

The dialer will automatically dial out the numbers from the list in the campaign and recognize which numbers are not existing, are always busy, or are on the answering machine. The dialer will mark the cause code in the CDR report. If your dialer is paired to a CRM Helpdesk, then it will label these numbers as unresponsive and you can eventually remove them from your list. Overall, you save more time and manpower that could have been wasted on such mindless yet important tasks.

5. Autodialers Help In Real-time Agent Monitoring:

Lastly, nothing is ever smart if it can’t analyze and help you grow. Same with these autodialers. They are well-capable of also generating real-time dashboards and performance reports for your active agents. The C-Zentrix Dialer comes with a robust, user-friendly dashboard for all administrative purposes, including numerous customization options. It empowers you with 50 different kinds of reports with editing options as per your business needs.



There is no argument as to why anybody will still prefer manual dialing, typically in a sales process. Auto dialing has always been a beneficial contact center solution for agents and businesses alike. As put together, it saves your agent’s time and makes them more capable at their jobs. In a way, it ensures a big cost saving as your resources are well-managed for the best possible outcome. However, to avoid unsolicited calling, the Do Not Call list is marked and scrubbed from the DNC registry. This restricts calling out to prospects who otherwise do not intend to receive the calls. Also, the brand can opt for a TrueCaller badge. With TrueCaller Badge associated with the outbound caller id, the call pick-up rate improves. The prospect is well informed of who the caller is and the purpose of the call. If the prospect still takes up the call, the call conversion rate improves further.


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