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Automated callblast for customer feedback


17 April 2024

In the case of a contact center where all interactions are led by live agents, delivery of every communication or message becomes a major cost center for businesses. This is where the automated voice calls come to the rescue of businesses. With their great functionality as well as usefulness, automated voice calls also sometimes referred as robo calls, callblasts or even Press-1 campaign, play a pivotal role for businesses in their customer experience delivery. These calls come in handy and are cheaper alternative to involving agents for broadcasting of messages and calls to a huge number of existing as well as potential customers without any kind of delay. The best part about these calls is that they are not just for mass broadcast, they can also be personalised and can be used for two-way communication.  

Why Automated Callblast?

An automated callblast relays a message that is pre-recorded. The interesting thing here is that the automated voice calls can also collect feedback through DTMF inputs, making the engagement a two-way communication. Pre recorded IVR calls can simply be made to any number of customers almost concurrently. This is certainly a great benefit since the efficiency of the overall process, is largely increased. It can also be personalised to give individual account based information like – appointment reminder, order out for delivery notification etc. The most common automated voice call that most of us must have heard is the reminder for bill payment by telecom or utilities companies.

Automated Callblast and Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is quite essential for each and every business. The feedback from the customers help the business to know exactly what their customers are thinking about the product or services  offered to them along with their likes as well as dislikes about the same. The feedback from the customers help the business know exactly the changes required to provide complete satisfaction to the customers. Since collecting that input from each customer by dialling them out individually is a waste of agent time and cost, the DTMF enabled callblast can easily take over this process. It will dial out several numbers at once, play the recorded C-SAT questions with the answer options and collect DTMF input from the customer for their answer choice.

Automated Callblast and Customer Feedback

How the Automated Calls Can Help?

With the ability to connect to a number of customers at the same time, the automated voice call can take away the challenge of investing on agents for a repetitive task. It reduces the overall time needed to collect feedback or to impart information to customers. In addition to this, the automated voice calls or a robo call can also be integrated with other tools like a CRM to send out event triggered calls, example – to confirm purchase, to remind of an appointment or to collect feedback few days after a delivery has been made.

Benefits of automated voice calls

When automated calls are used to collect feedback, it necessarily helps in the elimination of all sorts of quality issues and inconsistency that is associated with manual calls. The automated voice calls have a fixed set of questions and an extremely simple input options for response, making it quite convenient for the customers. Moreover, at the time of collection of feedback, the customers can be provided the option of responding by voice or by choosing an interactive keypad option. The feedback collected is a structured data and based on that certain decisions can be taken by the brand.

A callblast is highly flexible in nature which allows the creation of customised feedback calls for the customers of different ages as well as demographics, yet the benefits of consistency and automation can be enjoyed to the fullest. The automated calls can also be set up for large groups of customers with similar characteristics or simply developing some specific contents for small groups of customers. This system can be scaled with ease which makes the process of feedback collection from a huge volume of customers a simple task.

A quick follow up after a service visit, complaint, inquiry, or a sale plays a vital role in the improvement of customer satisfaction as well as loyalty. Hence, the use of an automated voice call readily helps in this regard since the follow up is rapid and necessarily increases the opportunity of getting feedback from the customers. Additionally, these automated voice calls provide the businesses with valuable insight to the perceptions of the customers about the service so offered.

The automated calls help in getting the results of customer feedback in real time which is highly beneficial. The Voice blast or Call Blast solution offers a dashboard that helps in providing a detailed data in real time for a proper and effective analysis with actionable insights. After the analysis of the results, the businesses can take the necessary action almost immediately.

Thus, it can be clearly understood as to how the automated voice calls help the businesses in taking feedback from the customers along with the benefits that can be enjoyed. So, if you have still not incorporated automated voice calls for your business, it is the perfect time to get in touch with us.


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