Benefits of Integrating CRM with Contact Center Software

Important Benefits Of Integrating CRM With Contact Center Software

Reshu Ojha

02 May 2023

When you start a business, you want it to see thriving. You take many decisions that impact the growth of your business. And, also your future decisions. Integrating Helpdesk CRM with contact center solutions is one of them. 

Most of companies have been integrating CRMs into their contact center software. But, why so many companies are integrating CRMs with their Contact Center Software? The reason is clear. This is becoming crucial for the business.


What is CRM?
CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a versatile software and broadly categorized into:

Sales CRM also used as Lead Management System
Service CRM also used as Ticketing CRM or Helpdesk CRM
Sales CRM as it stands for is used by sales and inside sales teams from lead generation to deal closure. On the other hand, Service CRM is used for post sell process and used by the customer service team.
These CRM have the lead/customer data, account information, and issue or complaint raised by customers (in the case of service CRM). It helps businesses to keep a record of customers’ interactions with their call agents. Contact center employees access this data to assist customers during the calls. Such software helps Contact Center Solution to improve customer relationships and satisfaction. By placing a CRM system in your contact center, your customer representatives can access the previous issue reported, open tickets, etc. Besides, they can track emails sent, phone calls, and any escalations. 

What is CRM Integration with Contact Center Software?
Integrating CRM with Omnichannel Contact Center Solution can drive your contact center to ultimate customer experience success. Such integration connects every application with your CRM. It allows a smooth flow of data between the applications. Your employees use these data to perform better. In simple words, your contact center software should integrate with any CRM. And, if it does not, find the suitable one that integrates with your contact center software. 

Why You Should Integrate CRM with Contact Center Software?
Integration of Helpdesk CRM Software with your contact center software uses the data to route the customers to the most skilled agent. It routes the call to the agent who can best resolve your customers’ issues. Such integration gives the agent relevant customer information. They need this to handle the queries. Customer relationship executives don’t need to navigate several screens. Without such integration, it would be daunting to manage the vast amount of customer data. Also, these details may get lost or forgotten.

So, the primary reasons behind this integration include

Enhancing analytics.
Offering personalized customer experience.
A seamless flow of customer data through many channels. 
Benefits of Integrating CRM with Contact Center Software
Integrating CRM with contact center software brings many benefits to your business. The integration extends the value of your customer relationship management. Apart from this, it improves your relationship with the customers. Also, drives up sales, profit, and revenue.

Some other Significant Benefits of Integrating CRM with Contact Center Software Include:

1. Enhance Your Call Agents’ Productivity:
Your call agents should involve in driving conversations. They must target the leads. Ticketing CRM integration helps you use your human resources in the best possible way. It provides a seamless flow of data. Thus, your agents spend more time on calls. For customer service reps it means to address the customer concerns with the immediate view of last issues or tickets without trying to fish it out. So it is all action and customers do not have to wait longer.

2. Boosts Cross-selling & Up-selling:
Helpdesk CRM integration with contact center software helps agents understand the current customers’ demand. They understand the future requirements and cross-selling/upselling opportunities. So, agents can make their outbound callings more effective by using the data. They can give customers a personalized experience.

3. Lead to Customer Satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction is important to drive growth in your organization. You can achieve huge growth by identifying customers’ needs and preferences. CRM Helpdesk integrations show you everything that is customer-oriented. Your call agents can access the customers’ history on a unified screen and serve them in the best way.

CZ Bar – A Great Example
Integrating CRM with contact center software brings seamless communication. It is beneficial for everyone whether it is a contact center, call agents, or customers. CZ Bar is the CTI widget for CRM. It provides all the telephony functions like call connect/disconnect, call transfer to agent or campaign, call conference, call reschedule, etc. You can integrate CZ Bar with any CRM Helpdesk. For example, you can integrate it with Zoho CRM, Freshdesk, Lead Square, Sugar CRM, and Salesforce. Some other CRMs include Happy Fox, Impel, Talisma, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP CRM, CRM Next, Oracle, etc. are also among these. It gives a hassle-free & easy to use user interface with a single sign-on.

Once you integrate CZ Bar into your CRM, it offers you:

A login window for entering agents’ login credentials.
Progressive and preview dialing modes
Put on hold and transfer to agent feature.
Next call time, join the conference and hold the feature.
Transfer to an agent, break, and disposition feature.
Some other significant benefits that you get include centralized data & screen pop-ups. And, you get a single screen for your call agents. Plus, you can access the call recordings with the CRM!

Integrate the CRM with your Contact Center Software
The market is flooded with various Ticketing CRM. Find the one that can suit and fulfill your contact center needs. CRM is going to be the inevitable part of the future which is digital. Your informed decision about integrating CRM with Contact Center software will help you enhance your agents’ productivity. It will improve customer experience, customer satisfaction, and sales. CZ Helpdesk CRM comes with pre-built integration with CZ Bar (the contact center software). So, you can have an integrated CRM and you can start off from day one!


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