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7 Benefits of  Video Contact Centers

  • Sweta Chakraborty
  • 11 August 2021

video contact centers

Do you provide in-person customer service?

Do you sell products or services that need to build trust before the purchase?

Does your support team need to share screen or advisors need to view the customer or goods during the interaction?

If your answers are yes, then Video Contact Center is relevant for you.

The need for video enabled contact centers is now more than ever. The coronavirus pandemic has introduced us to a lot of change, however thanks to technology, the transition can be smooth. 

One such technology is video chat for contact centers. With video chat, you can eradicate all kinds of friction caused due to a lack of in-person communication or personalization. 



1. Offer Quick Resolution

2. Cost Reduction

3. Serve Differently Abled Customers Alike

4. Virtual Product Demonstrations

5. Personalized Customer Engagement

6. Record For Improvement

7. Enhanced Customer Service Metrics

8. Conclusion


Video chat is already a popularly used feature by the millennials. From family gatherings to office meetings, video chat has bridged the distance. This remote feature can be extremely beneficial in a contact center as well. Some business need it more than others, for example Insurance claim process, remote banking, law firms, jewellery and others. Let’s explore the potential of video chat in contact centers:


1. Offer Quick Resolution:

Customers often take up a lot of time explaining their problems to the support agent, especially if it is a technical issue. They fail to interpret the solution as well and eventually get frustrated with your product and service. In the meantime, the agent also loses essential time, trying to comprehend the customer and conveying a solution. 

This whole ordeal can be escaped if the customer and agent could interact face-to-face, with more transparency. Thanks to video call, this will be possible. Agents can offer to initiate a video call, and if the customer agrees, they can proceed. 

Video calling also comes with features like screen-sharing and annotation, which enables the agent to guide the customer better. All of this together ensures a quicker resolution and an improved First Call Resolution (FCR) score. 


2. Cost Reduction:

Gone are those days when agents had to visit customers for minor technical support (like a plumbing service), customer KYC (Know Your Customer) and more. With video contact center, you can assist your customers remotely. You can also complete customer onboarding via video KYC. Customers can utilize their phone cameras to share real-time photo with time stamp and location verification via geo-tagging. 

Video contact center can potentially replace most in-person interactions without any drawbacks. This is a huge win for resource management and cost-reduction in call centers. For a bathroom fitting company, the field service team reduced the customer visits by assisting their customer over a video contact center provided by C-Zentrix. With the rear camera, customers would be able to point out the issue and the service person can assist the customer to fix it remotely.


3. Serve Differently Abled Customers Alike:

One of the strongest reasons to advocate for video contact center is, it allows you to serve a wider range of customers. Digital channels are often hard for some people to use, especially the differently abled and the elderly. With video call, you can be more inclusive of these customers and serve them hassle-free. 

The CZ-Video Chat feature can be initiated with just one-tap, and is complimented with a live-chat option. CZ Video chat mobile SDK can snugly fit into your business app and provide a richer experience to the users. It is extremely simple to use, and can be utilized by anybody as per convenience. 


4. Virtual Product Demonstrations:

Videos are now a standard part of the e-commerce and marketing world. However, product videos don’t always clear all the doubts that a customer has. A customer will naturally prefer some live assistance to drive their purchasing decision. With video support integrated with live chat, customers can request for product demonstrations virtually. Such an extensive and personalized support will always enhance the customer’s experience and allow them to make the right purchasing decision. 


5. Personalized Customer Engagement: 

The key to forging lifelong customer relationships is with a personalized touch. By using video chat, the process of getting comfortable with your customer is made so much easier. A face-to-face virtual interaction without any extra hassle, enriches the customer’s experience. 

With omnichannel integration, you can follow your customer’s journey while speaking to them. Improvise your responses with all the information at hand, and personalize as you proceed. 


6. Record For Improvement:

Recording video calls are more beneficial than normal calls, when it comes to tracking and analysis. Video calls are more lucid than voice calls. With the customer face being visible, it is easy to analyse and predict different sentiments that can improve the customer service quality. 

It is important to pay close attention to the facial expressions, voice tones and other reactions in these recordings. This essential information can be used to train upcoming customer support agents, and prepare them to deal with difficult customers. One must remember that these calls should be recorded with the customer’s consent and not otherwise. 


7. Enhanced Customer Service Metrics: 

As we have realized so far that video call is more transparent, straight forward and engaging than normal calls. All these qualities enable the agent to perform better and improve the customer’s satisfaction levels. Video call by default improves your first call resolution, average handling time, customer satisfaction score, NPS and more. Overall, it improves your performance and allows you to retain more customers. 



Video contact center is certainly very powerful to increase the customer experience both from sales and service standpoint. However, it is very appropriate for high value goods and services where building trust is key like mortgage or wealth management services rather than mere transactional interactions. Even in physical store purchase, customer can interact with experts using the in-store video kiosks as experts are not available in all the stores. We have also observed benefits in cycle time and cost in insurance claim process. So, video contact center is emerging as the next best alternative to face to face interactions in improving customer experience and building trust.


Author Bio:  Sweta is a growing technical writer with an experience in digital marketing. Outside work, she is a devoted Esports advocate.

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