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Call Disposition: How does it Benefit your Business in 2022?

Sweta Chakraborty

10 January 2024

Call disposition is defined as the label or tag associated to the outcome of a call. Different prospects respond differently to a sales call. Some request a demo; some stay indecisive, whereas others remain not-interested. The call dispositions are valuable data that needs to be recorded irrespective of whether the sale has happened.   

Agents after a sales call are required to record the outcome of these calls into their dialer CRMs. A well-integrated Helpdesk CRM will trigger relevant reminders and processes to carry-forward the relationship between the business and the customer. For example, a customer agrees to purchase or requests a demo, and the agent marks them 'interested' in the CRM. It will trigger some automated processes like upgrading the customer from the cold-call list to prospect, sending demo invite, follow-up thank you mail, and more. In case a customer mentions that they are 'not interested,' the CRM will upgrade the customer to a DND list for a respectable amount of time until it is appropriate enough to approach the customer again. 

Agents spend most of their official time on calls, shifting from one customer to another. The repetitive nature of the task makes it mentally taxing, which affects their work efficiency. Automating tasks wherever possible encourage agents to work better, save time, and keep the operations running smoothly. Call disposition is vital within the dialer. Usually, for call agents, after call works (ACW) is the time utilized to update the disposition. The next call gets connected once the agent fills up the disposition and gets ready for the next call. The agent should properly update the disposition which then can follow the defined workflow. 

The call disposition feature is often paired with codes to prompt the system about the call outcomes. The process is distinguished between inbound and outbound telemarketing to maintain order. Call disposition codes offer updates on matters like follow-up emails, transaction completion, customer tickets, customer's number disconnection, and more. Most of the times, there are sub disposition associated with a disposition type. This helps to narrow down the call outcome. In C-Zentrix call center solution, the various dispositions and sub-dispositions can be customised easily as per the business need.

It is essential to train and educate your agents and managers on which code to be used for specific outcomes. The codes can be tailored to the business needs specific to the industry to make the process more agile. This enables managers to have a constant overview of agent performance and how soon the KPIs are being met. However, the list of codes should not be extended vigorously but must be smartly assigned. Remember, the idea is to increase efficiency and be resourceful. A long list of codes might confuse agents and will complicate monitoring for the managers.


How Does Call Disposition Benefit Your Business?

Call disposition has a substantial impact on your operations. It can significantly improve your customer support and ensure constant revenue streams. 

Here's why call disposition is essential for your business?

Applicable Data:

Call disposition will educate your operations team about the status of every phone call. This data will help your team understand everything going right and wrong with your telemarketing approach. If your sales team experiences a particular result time and over, then call-disposition driven data will lead to the root cause. 

Call dispositions will show the following kinds of data:

This information is crucial as it can recognize the trends of your telemarketing approach. Team managers can use this actionable data to determine what needs to be different or identify profitable opportunities. Most Call Center Software reports includes call disposition reports and average time by disposition code to give a clear understanding of average time each call type takes.

Saving Agent Time: 

Agents have to keep updating the call logs mindlessly. The task is repetitive and consumes essential time. Smartly tagging the call with appropriate call disposition and prompted follow-up procedures due to call disposition will make your agents more resourceful. This saves valuable agent time, improves their working pace, and unburdens them of mundane work.


Data Accuracy and Compliant:

Information is the building block of every business. If data gets hampered or manipulated, it can create a domino effect of problems. Preferably, when the entire operation gets automated, there is no room for human error. The information is now logically generated and is more standardized. Your agents and managers can blindly trust this data without needing to cross-check everything. 

Call disposition codes enable agents to label failed calls as – disconnected, inactive number, busy signal, do not contact, incorrect number, etc. Such numbers can be easily identified by the disposition type and such numbers can be purged from the campaign lists. This will enable higher efficiency when the list is churned and remain DNC complaint easily.


Improved Customer Engagement:

Once the data keeps coming accurately, your quality team can analyze and learn different customer behaviours. Your team automatically gains better insight into customer goals. Gaining a better understanding enables your team to shape an effective engagement model that will adhere to the customer's needs. You can remodel your call campaigns as often as required and can meet your KPIs. 

Increased ROI:

Every lead is a potential revenue stream. Having a sales process that maximizes the probability of higher conversion from each lead is essential. Call disposition helps you pursue every sales interaction automatically. It ensures that your valuable leads are being engaged to its full capacity until a decision is met. 


Call disposition is an integral feature of the contact center systems. Not only does it spare your agents from rigorous note-taking, but it also analyses every input to showcase patterns or mistakes. Call disposition is a valuable addition to your sales investment plan and will ensure sufficient progress in your sales operations. 

We have found various organizations use call dispositions in multiple innovative ways. One of our clients used to incentivize the agents incase they do an upsell or cross sell during the call. This was easily marked by the call disposition and the agents along with the calls were identified easily. 

The future of Contact Center Solution will be driven by analytics. Call disposition is a critical input to help in forecasting the hot leads right from the call disposition trends.


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