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How Can Live Call Analytics Enable Better Customer Service?


19 January 2024

Missed sales opportunity, high customer turnover, low customer satisfaction, lack of engagement - are these issues costing you your valued customers?

Did you get your recent customer calls verified by your QA? Too late to respond? Not all calls get screened

We understand the pain. Client retention is one of the primary issues businesses have to deal with. No matter how technologically advanced you are, if you can't promptly deliver the solution that your client requires, the entire business fails.


1. How is a contact center solution connected to this?

2. What is a ‘Hotword’ or Live call analytics?

3. How does the live call analytics work?

4. Role of Live call analytics in contact centers to resolve an issue

5. How does live call analytics help improve contact center performance?

6. How does live call analytics in contact centers help in erasing certain challenges?


How is a contact center solution connected to this?

Post-call analysis or providing training afterward to your contact center staff or agents will not be beneficial if you have already lost your one major client.  As a result, C-Zentrix is bringing you a fantastic feature that could instantly resolve all of your customer handling problems. Shall we dive deep in?

Introducing ‘HOTWORD’ also known as Live call analytics in a contact center


What is a ‘Hotword’ or Live call analytics?

Live call analytics refers to the real-time transcription of a call and the determination of the caller's intent based on the parameters of specific hot keywords. 

- This feature allows our algorithm to capture audio recordings, transcribe them in real time and use the information to create an in-depth understanding of the customer's issue.

- Hotwords can be configured for the campaign. These are words, similar meaning words or even call intents. These keywords or phrases are used to identify the conversations and determine the recommended course of action.

- As soon as such Hotwords are detected, the supervisor or floor manager can be notified and the call gets flagged in the live dashboard.


How does the live call analytics work?

Through a real-time spy channel, every transcription of the call will be analyzed by the hotword processor.

The live call analytics in the contact center deconstructs the audio input from the client and agent's interaction to provide a real-time flagging to the supervisor, whenever the hotword is pronounced.

As a result, this contact center solution immediately notifies the supervisor, when a problem arises by taking into account how frequently the hotword has been used. The main purpose is to alert the supervisor so they can precisely analyze the situation and work on resolving the client's issue right away.


Role of Live calls analytics in contact centers to resolve an issue:

1. Live call barge-in is facilitated by the supervisor's power to monitor what the client and customer are communicating. Either by taking over the conversation and informing the client of the severity of the issue or by using a call whisper, where only the agent can hear the supervisor's instructions.

2. With the help of Live Call Analytics in a contact center, the supervisor can review the real-time conversations between customers and agents. The supervisor has the advantage of using this tool to view the call in real-time and provide coaching to the contact center agents if required.

3. With Call Barge-in, this communication between the agent and customer can be interjected by the supervisor and the supervisor can assist the customer.

4. The supervisor can also stop by and assist the agent if the customer has queries that need further clarification.

5. Call barge-in guarantees that the customer receives prompt service from the contact center and that they are given top priority.

6. Whereas call whispering enables a manager to communicate and provide remarks to the agent without cutting off the customer's call.

7. Call whispering is a technique that allows supervisors to overhear what clients are asking and give an immediate response so the agent can address the issue at hand.

8. When the call whispering option is activated, the customer only hears the agent's voice but the agent will be able to hear the supervisor's voice as well. Thus, a personalized problem-solving experience is guaranteed through this contact center solution.

C-Zentrix Hotword enables the processing and transcription of multiple live audio calls. It is also the ideal way to give every supervisor an eagle’s eye perspective of the contact center team's productivity and workflow.


How does live call analytics help improve contact center performance?

With live call analytics, contact centers will operate more efficiently and offer better customer service. As long as you know when to act and how to resolve issues with the guidance of an expert.

By simultaneously collecting relevant metrics from the call, it expedites the troubleshooting process handled by the agent. Real-time analysis of these indicators enables the agent to quickly and accurately determine the nature of the call.

The supervisor talks to the agent giving pertinent information in real time which can save a situation. This provides a lot of potential for the supervisor to offer support during a live call or troubleshoot an issue. Thereby saving a case from several major escalations.  91% of large companies planned to increase investments in big data analytics and AI. Analytics could further help call centers improve their customer care.

This gives your call center employees an opportunity for live training and development. Their knowledge and skills may be improved as a result, which would result in better performance. Companies utilizing live call analytics reported an average increase of 25% in customer satisfaction scores.

As we have discussed prior, let's go through how live call analytics in call centers helps in erasing certain challenges.


How does live call analytics in contact centers helps in erasing certain challenges?

Using live call analytics to track each employee's performance can shield a contact center from facing several challenges. With increased business margins, companies are encountering a rise in sophisticated client issues as well.  Ensuring that your customers receive prompt, thorough answers to their questions is the key to obtaining high customer satisfaction rates.

For contact centers to succeed, agent involvement/engagement is essential. Giving coaching on live calls is one method to achieve this. Determine whether your agent is having trouble responding and give him the required resources or points to clarify. The relevance of AI is now more than ever. What better can it be if it can identify keywords or call intents and flag them in real time? Live call analytics can also provide a word cloud that helps in the visualization of the key concerns running in the contact center.


Isn’t this incredible?

Now you might be knowing that.

If your company hasn't started using the Live Call Analytics function, you're missing out on something that could be helpful.

This is your finest opportunity to provide your clients with a more personalized customer experience and improve the performance of your contact center. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you have this as a must-have feature in your contact center solution. Try today and witness the difference in growth and overall performance.


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