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How Is Facebook Messenger Useful For Contact Centers?

Sweta Chakraborty

28 December 2023

Customer service channels are never limited. With a rapid rise in influencer culture, social media has become an essential customer support hub. The surge in social media users increased with the oncoming of Facebook. Chatting on the user-friendly Facebook Messenger was a big hit and eventually transformed into a channel for customer support as well.

There are currently 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger monthly users. 70% of Facebook users visit the site daily, and more than half visit it multiple times each day. Messenger much like other channels witnessed a spike in usage during the covid-19 pandemic making it a must-have channel for contact centers.

Facebook as a platform has evolved over the years to enable brands to cater to their customers. From offering product showcasing to paid sponsorships, Facebook has become a complete platform for customer service. Contact centers across the world have already adopted Facebook Messenger as a dedicated support channel, however, some are still debating on that decision.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Facebook Messenger in a contact center and why to integrate it with your Contact Center Solution.



1. Importance of Facebook Messenger For Customer Service

2. Facebook Marketplace

3. Solution Integrations With Facebook

4. More Possibilities on Facebook


Importance of Facebook Messenger For Customer Service

Facebook Messenger is a dependable channel for customer service, because of what Facebook as a platform has to offer. Over the years, Facebook has evolved from being just a socializing channel. There are different features to support influencers, content creators, and businesses of all sizes. Facebook is a buzzing marketplace and a lot of social commerce is cropping up on a regular basis. Keeping these points in mind, let’s find out how influential is Messenger for customer service.


Facebook Marketplace:

As every business has something to sell, a platform that offers a virtual bazaar seems to be ideal. Alongside socializing with your customers, you can showcase your product and advertise. The process of setting up your virtual shop is extremely simple and enables the customers to view the price tags and make a purchasing decision as well.

To top it off, the social media comment section proves to be a definite testimony for your brand. Engagement on all fronts can really influence your prospects in making the right buying decision. You need to be where your customers are!


Solution Integrations With Facebook

Shopping Experience With Live Support:

The online retail experience is less interactive as most websites don’t have immediate live chat support. At the most, you can submit your query and expect a response in a few hours or a day. However, on Messenger, you can broadcast your store to all your followers and notify them. If they want to browse and engage as well, they can.

For example, recently I was engaging with an online shopping brand and they kept forwarding their Autumn Collection with discounts. While browsing through it, I actually found something nice but wasn’t sure if it came in my size. Without much hassle, I responded in that chat popup enquiring about my requirement. An immediate response, influenced me to fetch my card and do the needful.


Chatbot Integration:

Facebook itself has high reach potential. In other words, it is a sea full of prospects and you can reach out to most of them at once. This also means a majority of people will be flooding your inbox with queries, complaints, and feedback. Adding an agent to each ticket is a waste of money and time. Instead equipping your Messenger channel with CZ-bot can save you resources.

CZ-bot is an AI-driven chatbot that can learn and respond to generic customer queries. It can smoothly hand over the conversation to an agent when human interference is necessary. Further, CZ-bot can enhance the customer’s experience in an Omnichannel ecosystem. With access to previous customer history and tickets, your agents can personalize every conversation for the best outcome.


Easy to Manage With An Omnichannel Platform:

An omnichannel doesn’t only integrate all your channels but also ensures that one agent can be active over several channels. This is the most efficient way to run a modern-day contact center. Facebook Messenger can be integrated as one of the channels on an Omnichannel platform. Any message that comes in can be handled by the bot and when escalated, it can be connected to the available agent. Also, some customers or prospects can put requests as a social post which can be handled by the agent and if required move him on a private conversation over Facebook Messenger.


Convenient To Use:

Lastly, Facebook Messenger is a popular conversational channel. There is not much rocket science involved in it. This means you do not have to train your agents in handling tickets on Messenger. They can automatically pick up the pace without much barging.

Let’s not forget that convenience works both ways. It is also easier for your customers using Facebook Messenger Mobile App or browser, to drop in a text and receive an immediate response or (at least within a few hours) to get their issue resolved.


More Possibilities On Facebook:

Keeping Messenger aside, your brand’s profile on Facebook should be helpful to customers as well. A strong social media team can keep your customers engaged but being helpful is another game. Here are few tips:


In conclusion, Facebook Messenger is a convenient form of conversing with your prospects and customers. While catering to them, social media will cost you fewer resources, it is more modern and appeals to the new-gen customers. Using an omnichannel to make the most out of your all social media channels including Messenger will enhance the customer’s experience. To explore such possibilities, talk to our experts.


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