insights on cz cti & salesforce crm integration

Valuable Insights On The CTI & Salesforce CRM Integration


01 February 2024

CRMs have established themselves as essential to businesses. Companies all over the world have come to understand that, along with CRMs, integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) enables CRM users to easily interact (over the phone) with their customers.

Businesses with a high volume of incoming calls and whose sales teams make a lot of outbound calls experience a dramatic increase in efficiency with the addition of CTI integration with Salesforce CRM, which improves sales and revenues. Even though many companies have adopted omnichannel contact center solutions in recent years, voice or phone calls continue to be the most popular form of communication.

According to a study by North Ridge Group, 56% of respondents still find it easiest to contact customer service desks over the phone. Let's look at how Salesforce CRM integration can increase the efficiency of your contact center agents. The world of customer experience is evolving. Thus, for every company, it has become important to integrate CTI with CRM.



1. What is Cloud Telephony Integration (CTI)?

2. What is CRM?

3. What does C-Zentrix’s CTI integration mean?

4. How is CTI & CRM related?


What is Cloud Telephony Integration (CTI)?

CTI, or computer telephony integration, enables computers to communicate with telephones. When a call comes in, the Computer Telephony Integration function of contact center solution pops up with the customer's information, helping to enhance the customer experience. This not only provides outstanding comfort for the customer but also for the agents. CTI is frequently used to describe the call widget that sits on top of the CRM and is largely utilized in call centers.

You can record your conversations and tag them to the lead or customer by connecting a CTI to your CRM system. Your teams can be wasting a ton of time switching between tabs and making sure the right data is in the right place if your phone system and computer system aren't integrated. So, integration is the best solution for this.

CTI can perform a wide range of tasks. These include:

- When a call is received, the screen pops up with the caller's number and the customer information page (in the CRM).

- Click-to-call, progressive dialing, and other forms of automated calling

- The ability to answer, hang up, hold, and conference with others during the call

- Call transfer


What is CRM?

CRM combines business tactics, tools, and procedures to help organizations forge enduring connections with their clients.

CRM software enables businesses to automate operations about customers and make sure that all contacts with clients and prospects take place quickly and effectively throughout the full client journey. With CRM software, firms can simply collect and manage customer data from numerous channels to generate more detailed customer profiles, provide personalized customer engagements and assure optimal productivity of customer-facing employees,

CRM software enables:

- Businesses to raise closure rates

- Foster customer loyalty

- Improve revenue


What does C-Zentrix’s CTI integration mean?

C-Zentrix CTI is named as CZ Bar. It appears as a call bar over the CRM or a calls widget on the left or right side of the CRM. In this article, CZ Bar will be interchangeably used with CTI and vice versa.

1.  Features of a complete call center with a single touch

Not just any Click-to-Dial solution, CZ Bar gives agents access to all of the telephony features, including calling, conferencing, redialing, placing a call on hold, scheduling a callback, multi-level disposition, call transfer to another agent, call transfer to another campaign, check IVRS path or going out for a break.

2.  Improve Salesforce cloud CRM with C-Zentrix’s CTI assistance

Salesforce CRM and CZ Bar seamlessly integrate to give Salesforce CRM a telephony boost. Give your agents the freedom to quickly connect with customers and enter data into the CRM.

3. Easy to scale, quick to deploy

So that your agents don't have to switch between screens, get CZ Bar and your Salesforce CRM into the same window. The CZ Bar can be set up as a side panel or widget above the Salesforce CRM or at the top of the screen next to it.

4. No need to switch between multiple screens

CZ Bar offers flexibility. Whether your telephony system is cloud-based or on-premise, for a team of two or a team of hundreds, get easily deployed. CZ Bar is easily scalable to meet all of your needs.


How is CTI & CRM related?

Once a lead enters your sales funnel, the salesperson may prefer to call the lead directly. With click-to-dial integration, the call can be initiated from the CRM record. While speaking with the lead over the phone, salespersons would find it tremendously useful to be able to see all of their available information in the CRM. The storage of all the data in a single location and easy access to it provides a lot of convenience and efficiency. You need a CTI system that can sync up with your CRM to accomplish this goal. Post the call, the call recording, CDR can be pushed to the CRM record for future access.



Any firm that values its consumers will try to personalize the interaction. Setting up seamless connectivity that enables providing the right data to the agent is essentially the primary goal for any contact center.

Our CTI provides a variety of user-friendly capabilities to help customer support representatives utilize the information effectively. To make call management simple for contact center personnel fielding consumer calls, it offers seamless integration of telephony with the desktop.

Integrate CTI with CRM tools like Salesforce to deliver the next level of customer-focused services. With the integration of CTI and Salesforce, C-Zentrix makes everything easy to operate, from handling automated calls to producing customized reports and identifying the most crucial details so that businesses may achieve all their goals.


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