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4 Important Reasons For EdTech Investments In Contact Center Solution

Sweta Chakraborty

13 October 2023

Education is no longer confined to classrooms. In the last few years, distance learning and online classes experienced a great boom. The pandemic also enabled the progress that EdTech companies had in recent times. With more and more people choosing to upskill and learn new things, EdTech companies need to recognize the value of customer experience.

EdTechs are growing at the speed of business. American EdTechs have collected $3.5B in funding in 2021. On the other hand, Indian EdTechs raised around $1.4B in the first half of 2021. Some of the popular names in the industry are BYJU’s from India, Yaunfudao from China, 2U from the United States, and more. The reason behind their success lies in a robust customer management strategy. These companies, do not leverage technology just for education, but also for retaining these customers. With new players joining this industry, investing in a contact center solution is very important.

EdTechs need to constantly offer support to their students and their parents. To make this process friction-free, a contact center solution comes in real handy in the education industry. Not only does it allow you to offer personalized customer service, but also enables a smarter sales and marketing process.


Contact Center Solutions For EdTech Companies:

EdTech companies already use technology to support and monitor multiple processes. From managing multiple student enrolments to managing virtual course content, contact center tools can help throughout. For example, a Helpdesk CRM can assist in lodging student concerns along with their data and enrolment details., An Omnichannel platform can ensure seamless communication across channels and follow up with the issues registered in the CRM. And now with automation in the picture, newer ways of engaging the students are being explored, making it an interesting time for this flourishing industry.

Contact center solutions also eradicated the barriers that parents or students faced during offline schooling. Earlier, parents had to schedule an appointment to get a review of their children. Now, parents can receive digital reports and personalized analytical assessments which will allow their children to excel. Core contact center tools also reformed the communication systems which were usually clogged in the offline setting. Now, customer support tools can be leveraged to ease communications and engagement between the tutors and the students. That being said, there are many other benefits of investing in a call center solution. 80% of school ed tech leaders report using the cloud to increase efficiencies. Let’s find out:

1. Easier Student Acquisition:

Student acquisition is getting harder every day. With multiple EdTech companies in the market, it has become a super competitive industry. It is better to drive sales on all your channels. Let’s not just rely on traditional channels like telephony or emails. Capture leads from your digital or in-app footprints, and ask your sales team to follow up. Automating this process with a contact center solution will minimize any room for error, and enable maximum ROI.

For traditional channels like telephony, you can make minor changes like using a predictive dialer. The CZ-Dialer comes with a Truecaller business identification facility, allowing your customer to recognize your business and receive the call.

2. Automation for Student/Parent Support:

The entire EdTech industry is heavily customer-focused. It has been due to the nature of the business. This means the business can ignore its customers despite the volume of incoming queries. To save up on resources, it is best to deploy AI-driven solutions.

Customer service chatbots can help reduce redundancy and also save agents time. They can learn about every customer and personalize the conversation on the go. Modern chatbots are well capable and can assist your students with several complicated issues as well. In case, the bot is not able to resolve, the chat will automatically be handed over to an agent.

However, the consumer profile of the EdTech industry is very unique. Sometimes the person on the other side of the screen is either an underage child or a teenager. Thus, it is wiser to keep a call-back option available which will probably lead you to the decision-maker that is their parents.

3. CRM for Operational Finesse:

When you are responsible for a career of a large number of people, it is advisable to have some amount of operational finesse. As an EdTech firm, your team will deal with heaves of information that shouldn’t end up being a burden. Instead, CRM software will easily remove this burden. It will manage student inquiries, register customer support tickets, ensure easy student enrollment, and will also create student journeys. It is essential to create student journeys the same as customer journeys, so you can guide them with relevant course materials, tutorial help, and reports.

4. Virtual Call Center Solutions For Parent Assistance:

As I mentioned earlier, the call center support for EdTech will have to create a versatile consumer profile. Apart from the students, the parents will also need to be engaged. While parents might get lost in the hullabaloo of technology, a simple video call will make things easier. Video-based interaction will establish transparency, and create the necessary trust that is much required for online systems.

CRM Helpdesk


EdTechs are here to stay. They will be used to support students at all levels. Students and young adults are constantly looking to upskill. With so much demand generation, it is very important to create a support strategy. It will be unwise to lose customers in this competitive market. Hence, reevaluate your business needs and invest in a versatile contact center solution.


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