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How C-Zentrix Helps In Addressing Various Remote Team Challenges

Sweta Chakraborty

11 January 2024

The global workforce has learned to adjust itself to the coronavirus pandemic. Within a year, businesses felt the need to opt for a more sustainable Omnichannel Contact Center Solution that will ensure business continuity without going to the office. Remote solutions have been quickly adopted by many, to overcome this disaster. We at C-Zentrix were happy to onboard many customers with our remote solutions, enabling them to discover newer possibilities with cloud solutions.

At C-Zentrix, our remote team solutions do not begin or end with the customer support fraction. We tend to optimize the entire end-to-end process of the product purchase to product delivery, which also means keeping in mind those executives who are delivering the product. This was done to acknowledge every industry's needs, including that of e-commerce.

In this blog, we will dissect popular remote team challenges to explain how we address different aspects of remote infrastructure. 

How To Deal With Remote Team Challenges With C-Zentrix?
Remote solutions have been around for several years, however, organizations were deeply embedded into the conventional office setup. Many businesses failed to acknowledge the benefits of a remote solution, whereas a few quickly shifted to a hybrid or complete cloud setup.

Businesses often fear certain challenges that they might face, which wouldn’t arise in a conventional office setup. This includes technological management, supervision, data security, and more. With so many liabilities in the picture, managers refuted remote team solutions until the recent need. Let’s dive into these remote team challenges and see how C-Zentrix can alleviate these pain points. 

1. Network/Bandwidth Concern:

Problem: Unlike office infrastructure, remote agents have to use their home internet where they are not responsible for any network failure. It creates uncertainty on whether the agent will be available all the time, or it might create friction in day-to-day work. This is one of the primary remote team challenges, that can reflect poorly on customer queues and customer satisfaction.

Device Flexibility as a Solution:
Remote Team Solution ensures device flexibility. This means agents can connect via laptop or desktop. In case they don’t have one, they can use our dedicated Mobile app on their smartphones and use mobile data in case their ISP fails. Moreover, if the agent also doesn’t have a smartphone or mobile data, their landline can be used where no internet connection is required. These calls can be hosted via the client’s on-premise telephony server or via C-Zentrix’s Cloud Server.

CZ Remote Team Solution is a device Flexibility Solution – that works on both laptops as well as desktop
In Case of ISP Failure, Agents can Access CZ Mobile App on their Mobile Phones and use mobile data.
Land phones can also be used when the agents have no mobile phones. Those calls can be hosted either client’s server or C-Zentrix’s cloud server.
Agents with Laptop/Desktop

Agents with Laptop/Desktop

Agents with Smartphone

Agents with no device but landline

No downloads or installation required.

Agents have to install CZ Mobile App apk. 

No downloads or installation required.    

Agents will login from their mapped hardphone number via SIP/ZAP protocol to premise hosted server. 

Agents will login via CZ-Cloud or via an existing Telephony server via SIP/ZAP protocol. 

Calls get routed via Client’s in-house Telephony sever or C-Zentrix cloud server.

All inbound/outbound calls will travel through PSTN.

All inbound/outbound calls will travel through PSTN.

DTMF inputs travels through PSTN. 


2. Supervision Issues:

Problem: Another popular remote team challenge is the supervision issue. With agents and other employees working from home, supervisors fear a lack of monitoring and guidance. Multiple compliances and escalations can lead to severe legal action. 

To avoid any faults, it is important to have supervision in place. However, it is easier done in-office than in remote situations.

Remote Monitoring Solution:
C-Zentrix has a dedicated Contact Center Software(CC) application that can be installed on mobile as well. It is for remote agent login and monitoring. The application will showcase a dashboard on the admin end with segmented agent reports, call center reports, and recordings. Managers can utilize this to observe and advise their employees as per need. It is also more efficient than putting in manual effort in a conventional office.

remote team challenges


Source: APM Trends

With CZ Screen logger and CZ Voice logger, all conversations and screen work is recorded for compliance and quality assistance.

Managers can observe their employees by using C-zentrix’s application which has various reports like segmented agent reports, call center reports and recordings.
These reports can give insights to the managers if any employees needed any advice to perform better.

3. Operational Issue For Delivery Agents :

Problem: Businesses who deliver their products themselves and have the Cash On Delivery (COD) option enabled for these purchases, need to assist their delivery agents with their remote setup. However, due to lack of accommodation for such agents, the remote solution becomes exclusive to contact center support agents.

Call Masking as a Solution:
Keeping e-commerce businesses in mind, you have dedicated logins for delivery executives so they can verify the customer’s availability before making a trip to their doorstep. However, customer information cannot be shared. To ensure the privacy of customers’ details like phone numbers, CZ Magic Call will mask it. It masks the numbers of both parties, the delivery agent and the customers to maintain discretion. 

Call masking options for the E-commerce business ensure total customer privacy. It masks the customer's phone number even for the delivery agent without compromising the customer's number.

4. Customer Onboarding Issues:

Problem: When your sales and service agents are working remotely, product demonstration and customer KYC becomes are tedious responsibility. On an average day, you can ask your field agents to travel to the doorstep of your client. However, it will add up to your travel expenses. And now with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unviable.

CZ Video Solution:
CZ Video Chat eradicates most of your communication-related baggage. With one-click activation, schedule a call with your customers at any time and do the needful. You can easily showcase your product or use the camera to verify and record customer detail for KYC purposes. All of this can be done remotely without any technological hassle. CZ Video Chat is functional with cross-platform support. It also has auto-mute to maintain the customer’s privacy, so that the customer’s video feed do not go out without her consent.

Users who have no technical background can easily record the customer’s detail like KYC from their device’s rear-end camera and can connect at any time.
The advantage of cross-platform capability provides flexibility to the user of what kind of device they are carrying with them as it works on tablets, mobile phones (iPhone/Android), desktops or laptops. 
Feature like “Auto Mute” maintains customer privacy and customers’ video feed is enabled only with their consent.

remote team challenges


Source: Frslabs

5. Managing Contact Center Operations Remotely: 

Problem: People often feel overwhelmed with the idea of managing hundreds of agents remotely. They worry about the technological sustainability to orchestrate all that they could do on-promise. This includes multiple facilities like lead management, dialer benefits, assigning agents and more. It sounds tedious to do all of this, without having all the people under one roof.

CZ Mobile App for Support & Sales:

CZ Mobile App is your one-stop solution. This wonder-child of ours has a simple interface with the dial list. This dial list comprises of the leads assigned by the supervisor, all via the app. Agents can mark their login timings, set reminders, schedule call backs, set activity statuses for taking breaks and most importantly access to interaction history with customers.
Supervisors are also granted with a dashboard with daily call statistics and agent-wise performance sheet.

This application can individually help support and sales team. 

For support team, it is integrated with CRM to manage tickets. Tickets are auto-assigned to the available agent, best for the task. Agent can view it on their app and conduct the needful. Once the call is disposed, the recording of the call and the disposition gets synced with the CRM, which can be accessed by the manager for checking off.

CZ Mobile app helps the managers to maintain quality assurance. As the managers can listen to the call recording from the CRM software where the calls were synced to.

For sales team, the lead gets synced with the lead management system. Then the supervisor assigns the leads to the agents. Agents can access the necessary information through their CZ Mobile App, and make the calls from their respective devices. The recording of the call and the disposition gets synced with the server for the admin to access later.

CZ Mobile App has also acted as a lead capture platform for your sales team. The managers can easily assign the lead to their sales team from this lead management platform. 

Businesses have been working from office setup from the beginning of corporate world. Shifting a major aspect of your business completely remote can be overwhelming, however it is doable under the right circumstances. Remote team challenges exist and we are here to ensure that you face zero-to-none issues when onboarding with our solutions. We as a business can always empathize with our fellow business owners and managers, as we are also depending on our remote team solutions! To learn more on our remote solutions, contact us.


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