Ways to improve contact center performance

7 Proven Ways to Improve Contact Center Performance


30 January 2024

If I say Contact centers are now in need more than ever, there will be no chance of a disagreement, right?

Massive economic growth has been brought about by the digital transformation. Client communications and business interactions are now exclusively conducted online. Customers always have a variety of options thus it has become crucial for businesses trying to stand out from their competitors to provide exceptional customer service.

Realizing the same, businesses of all sizes and industries entrust professional contact center solutions to manage their client interactions today. Despite the convenience of 24/7 customer service online, calls are still considered the quickest way for customers to voice their concerns or ask questions regarding products or services. 

The effectiveness of call centers in measuring customer satisfaction has proved to be the most crucial.  Therefore, businesses are looking for the most vital strategies to improve the effectiveness of their contact centers.



1. Elements that impact a Call Center's effectiveness

2. 7 Prime factors to help every Contact Center secure a spot on the top list.


Elements that impact a Call Center's effectiveness

The performance of the majority of contact centers could be negatively impacted by a variety of circumstances. Here are some of the common reasons.

The ability of agents to work together is essential to their long-term success in addressing challenging consumer queries and issues, which we see is commonly lacking.

As cooperation and cohesion are impeded by a constant stream of new personnel, this can impair morale among your remaining employees. High turnover creates disruption to the operation and high load volume to the available staff.

Performance metrics, if they are inaccurate can wreak havoc on your team and sabotage improvement attempts. The right measurements can be tracked to improve business efficiency and performance.

Agents cannot show significant improvement over time with poor tools. 

Your call center performance metrics can be significantly improved by addressing the aforementioned variables alone.

Lack of training or I should say training efficacy leads to poor outcome. Both hard skills (like product or service knowledge) and soft skills (communication, empath etc) need to be a regularly done and the training should be for beginners to senior leaders. 


7 Prime factors to help every Contact Center secure a spot on the top list.

1. Contact center performance and Automation 

Automation of call center management is the best technique to boost call center performance. The automation can range from providing self-service tools to customers (like knowledge base to chatbots) to automatic call routing and connecting to the best available agents.  

There can be more sophisticated automation driven by AI and RPA tools which can boost the performance of the contact center and aid the agents in multiple ways. For example, an agent assistance system can quickly provide the most likely resolution by analysing numerous of similar concerns. Such automations save a lot of time for the contact center agents. 


2. Equip your employees with the best tools possible for effective contact center performance.

If they are given the most complex IT systems and procedures, even the most driven and effective agents will be less productive. Your agents won't be able to get into the flow they require for peak performance if the learning curve is too high or the technology is just too slow and lacks key capabilities.

The majority of call centers are required to employ different databases, such as sales software, CRM, or help desk applications. The process slows down your agents if each of these requires a new piece of software and opens in a different window. It's quite perplexing and distracting. So the solution is to change to a modern, cloud-based call center solution.

You can integrate user-friendly cloud-based call center solutions with all of your other business tools to improve information accessibility. 


3. Live Call Analytics to benefit contact center performance.

The phrase "live call analytics" refers to the transcription of a call in real-time and the assessment of the caller's intent using the criteria of certain hot keywords.

This function enables our system to record audio files, instantly translate them into text, and use the data to comprehend the customer's problem thoroughly.

It is possible to set up hotwords for the campaign. These are words, words with similar meanings, or even "intents." When such Hotwords are recognised, the supervisor or floor manager can be contacted and the call gets flagged in the live dashboard. These keywords or phrases are utilized to identify the callers intent and establish the suggested course of action.

So Live Call Analytics is one other factor that will save your contact center from some major challenges.


4. Better contact center performance with QA Analysis

Create a Strategic Call Center Quality Assurance Framework

Creating a successful call center QA, improving customer experience and fostering brand loyalty requires a framework. The key to contact center efficiency and success is accurately assessing agent performance and utilizing the data to enhance CX. You can analyze agent performance and training, communicate successfully, comprehend the customer experience, and improve operational efficiency with the aid of a proper QA framework. 


5. Keep a track on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for improved contact center performance.

How can I not discuss the KPIs? 

For many firms, the call center is crucial for providing customers with efficient service. Managers can keep on track and guarantee that the customer service objectives are reached with the support of the appropriate call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Average Handle Time (AHT) is the average length of a customer call transaction, including all hold times, transfers, and post-call activity, from the moment the consumer places the call until it is completed.

 If you are trying to convince advisers to speed up calls by focusing on this KPI, that can make them rush through calls. In addition to potentially harming call quality, this strategy will also have an adverse effect on your other objectives, such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and First Contact Resolution (FCR).

Therefore, taking the time to examine your metrics and reflect on their meaning can be a helpful activity to make clear your aim to enhance call center performance.


6. Enhancing contact center performance with omnichannel Strategies

Omnichannel support involves satisfying customers' needs at every point of contact, whether it is a live call, live chat, email, social or chatbot, in order to improve customer connection and experience. Omnichannel contact center solutions also provide a single interface for the agents to communicate with the clients without toggling to different screens – an all-in-one solution.

Strong client retention, a low abandonment rate, and eventually more income are the outcomes of an excellent overall customer experience.

Following are some recommendations for providing an enjoyable omnichannel customer experience:

In order to allow voice analytics, real-time call monitoring, and other engagement activities, use the proper call center technology.

Give your customer service staff the resources they require in order for them to be sincere and pertinent in all forms of communication. Soft skills like tone, empathy, and an openness to learning can be taught to people.


7. Using Artificial Intelligence to improve contact center performance

Although employing a large number of agents to undertake quality assurance manually is a sound business approach, it is not particularly effective. Your quality assurance specialists will work more effectively if artificial intelligence is used to collect, store, and associate deep consumer intelligence. 

Quality assurance specialists won't need to manually listen to calls anymore, and they'll be able to monitor more calls in less time thanks to speech analytics. Furthermore, it allows a live agent to swiftly attend to a customer when they become agitated thanks to the system's ability to recognise when this occurs. According to Narrative Science, 80% of executives believe AI increases employee performance and creates jobs.



By following the above mentioned points, every contact center staff will be empowered to collaborate and support one another, which will significantly increase the businesses revenue. You may be already applying few of the strategies mentioned above – I am sure the rest of them will boost your contact center performance.

Setting goals for customer service, developing a strategy, and involving your team in the process will foster the collaborative spirit that is essential for success.  Your company demands the best performance, regardless of the method you select, the KPIs you monitor, or the strategies you adapt to engage your team. 

With C-Zentrix’s Contact center solutions, you can always be prepared to deal with those challenges and guarantee that your customers are served well.


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