Key insights from CCW Dubai 2017

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  • 08 October 2020

Key insights from CCW Dubai 2017

CCW, Dubai hosted by IQPC was a confluence of leaders from various countries and sectors and there were great interactions where people shared their experiences and expectations.

While the two days were packed with various speakers and roundtable discussions, there were a lot of interesting exchanges outside the hall, as well. The broad insights from the discussions are:

  • UAE is rapidly advancing and embracing technology to spearhead the transformation.

  • Governments in the emirates are quite proactive and willing to adapt to new technologies and solutions. Some of them are in advanced stages of deploying AI, Blockchain and IOT. While the government is aligned with UAE Vision 2021 - each of the seven emirates operate quite independently and progressively. Happiness index - UAE government is strongly pushing this concept and has a target to make Dubai, the Happiest City.

  • Customer Experience is becoming the key differentiator for businesses to outperform. Culture and employee centricity has a direct bearing on customer experience. Round-table discussion ignited interest in omnichannel. While some companies have deployed omnichannel, most of them are exploring the possibilities of omnichannel deployment. There was excitement and apprehension about omnichannel and the visible benefits.

Omnichannel: Transforming Customer Experience

We heard from companies that have deployed omnichannel and are able to notice visible benefits. We discussed with companies who had some concerns and the discussions helped them demystify the concerns and reinforce the benefits. Let us take a look at the features of C-Zentrix omnichannel and we can relate the subsequent benefits

 Interaction History: With C-Zentrix Omnichannel, you can get complete interaction history from all the channels – Voice, Chat, Chatbot, Email, Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and self-service. Every time customer makes an interaction with your organisation, your agents are aware of all the previous interactions.

  • Single sign-on: Same agent can be mapped to the preferred communication channels. The agent need to login once and will be automatically signed in to all the assigned channels

  • Single queue: The admin no more has to create different queues for different channels. Now the same queue can cater to all the requests from different contact channels be it voice, chat, email etc.

  • Single dashboard: With multiple contact channels, supervisor had to pull out different reports for different channels. With C-Zentrix Omnichannel, the supervisor just needs to pull out single report which will have reports for all the channels.

  • Detailed agent wise report: Get a detailed report on your agent’s productivity, the same report can now give you agent’s productivity for all the channels.

  • Integration with CRM: The omnichannel platform can be integrated with external CRM tools so that it becomes extremely convenient from operation standpoint.

 During the various discussions the benefits were outlined. With the salient features mentioned above, it is not difficult to see the benefits.

  • Superior customer experience – This is without doubt the key objective and key benefit of omnichannel. Better First Contact Resolution (FCR) is one of the key drivers for superior CX. This is made possible by knowing the context and customer journey. Also the consistency of agents response across channels, no matter which channel the customer is interacting, is critical for CX

  • Agent productivity – Needless to mention that better FCR will increase the agent productivity. Also the agent can manage multiple channels so that agent time is highly utilised

  • Agent empowerment – With better customer insights, agents are more empowered and motivated to deliver better outcomes during their interaction. Research indicates that empowered employees lead to higher customer delight.

  • Lower attrition - In line with the above point, another benefit of omnichannel is that the agents are more in control of the situation and will have less stress per interaction. This could potentially help decrease attrition.

 We heard in various discussions what should be the readiness of organisation and what needs to be done by the organisation to adopt omnichannel. To be honest the answer is not limited to technology. It transcends over human capital, financial incentives, culture and transformation. While there are some basic questionnaire but we would like to get involved for a detailed consultation and partner you in your transformation.

By providing customers a seamless interaction at all touch points in their journey, contact centers transform from cost centers to revenue drivers, gaining impressive top-line growth and customer loyalty in the process. This is the long term gain with omnichannel customer service.


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