Predictive Dialers: That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Predictive Dialers: That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Sweta Chakraborty

13 February 2024

We are all familiar with the fact that automatic dialers are an essential part of contact centers. Automatic dialers have made life easier behind the telephones and increased productivity. The auto-dialers are preview dialer, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer. Out of all the kinds of dialers out there, the predictive dialer is the most intelligent one. It is a profitable solution for any contact center that runs outbound campaigns. But it seems most people don’t have much clarity on what and how’s of the predictive dialer. Hence, let’s discuss how does a predictive dialer work and what advantages can you get from it.

According to Grand View Research "The Global Predictive Dialer Software market size was valued at USD 1.03 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.0% from 2021 to 2028."


  • What is a Predictive Dialer?
  • How Does A Predictive Dialer Work?
  • Benefits of a Predictive Dialer
  • Limitations of Predictive Dialers
  • Conclusion

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A Predictive Dialer is an automatic telephony system that improves your outbound campaigns. It increases the rate of calling by simply eliminating the need for manual dialing. The predictive dialer can assess the ratio of the number of agents available and the list of prospects. Upon this assessment, it will pace all the calls, so a prospect can be connected to a live agent if needed.

Predictive dialers do not come with any predefined rules. The algorithms can be set and personalized as per every contact center’s needs. It will calibrate the best pacing ratio considering all the factors and minimize agent wait time altogether. In a small amount of time, you can reach out to a larger number of prospects and increase your talk time.

How Does A Predictive Dialer Work?

A popular industry question is how does this autodialer work. Well, the predictive dialers run at a  preset rate, which is called the pacing ratio. Basically pacing ratio of no. of agents to the no. of calls the dialer will dial out. For example, a pacing ratio of 1:1 means the dialer dials out 1 contact for 1 agent. This pacing ratio is based on certain information like agent availability, average handling time, or abandon rate. The CZ-Dialer upon dialing the numbers will wait and for a response. When the response comes from a live person, the call is immediately transferred to an available agent.

The predictive dialer leverages its listening capacity to find out numbers with a busy tone, voicemails, fax machines, and more. The predictive dialer adjusts its pacing ratio over time. With time it learns newer information like, call success rate, answering time, agent schedule, and generates a precise pace for calling. The pacing algorithm needs data to work effectively which requires a good number of agents to be available. The more agents you have available, the better the predictive dialer works.

The dialer will dial multiple numbers at once, which increases the probability of connecting with a prospect. Personalized adjustments can be made by the admin based on call drop rate and abandonment rate.

Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers have a lot of impact on your contact center operations. There are multiple benefits on the grass-root level that affect your campaigns. They are as the following:

1 Increased Call Volume:

Contact centers usually push their agents to dial 100-200 numbers every day, which is usually a waste of time due to many reasons. Instead, the predictive dialer can call many people in quick succession to avoid any wastage of time. It will bypass all the dead numbers and immediately move to the next one, increasing the number of calls in less amount of time. Plus, the eradication of manual effort makes it completely automated, error-free, and quick-paced.

2 Enhance Agent Productivity:

One of the most important contributions of predictive dialers is to enhance agent productivity. It is stressful and time-consuming for agents to keep hitting busy tones or voicemails while dialing numbers back-to-back. With a daily target, they become stressed and end up messing up the calls that actually do connect.

The predictive dialer can detect a live person when the call is connected and only then will it transfer the call to the agent. This ensures that the agent is active only when there is a prospective client on call. The agents no longer have to bother themselves with wrong numbers, voicemails, or busy tones. With more time in hand, they can spend more time over calls and thereby increasing productivity.

3 Call Disposition:

Predictive dialers offer agents the option to note down the customer’s reaction or the outcome of the call. They can insert the relevant code, for future analysis. These metrics help the managers to keep an eye on agent performance, and customer acquisition rate.

4 Compliance Friendly:

The predictive dialer is smart enough to remember which numbers to never call again. A lot of clients issue a DND request and it is important to keep a note of that. The dialer will automatically segment these numbers out and remove them from the dialing database. By constantly, updating the dialing list, the predictive dialer keeps your outbound campaigns compliance-friendly.

5 Real-Time Analytics:

A robust predictive dialer solution will always allow you to acknowledge and assess your leads. It might not be possible on outdated versions. A dependable solution such as the CZ-Dialer will allow your team to make executive decisions based on the performance of the leads. These automatic reports, reduce the hard work manually deducing outcomes and allow you to move smoothly.

6 Multiple Integration:

Predictive dialers can be easily integrated with third-party solutions to improve your sales process. It can be a CRM, lead tracker, LMS, or a sales enablement platform. You can explore multiple possibilities and campaigns with so many solutions at your bay. One thing to remember is that all the solutions must perform cohesively to bring your team the best results.

Limitations of Predictive Dialers

While predictive dialer helps you to quickly cover the list of contact it has two drawbacks.

1 Keeping the Customer Wait

The predictive dialer connects with the customer and then connects with the agent. There is a brief pause and the customer would find it annoying as he/she expects an immediate response when the agent has called, right?

2 No Wait Time for Agent

The predictive dialer continuously keeps the sales agent busy and the agent has no time to understand the prospect and then make the calls. So, the call lacks personalization, and for high-value sales call it is essential to have time to understand the lead before connecting with the lead.


Predictive dialers are no longer just a part of the calling regime. It is so much more. It brings life to your entire sales stack. To ensure a seamless sales tracking and acquisition process, it is important to choose the right dialer. In a modern contact center, no solution runs in isolation. Choosing the right dialer that will integrate well with popular CRMs and more, will give the best chance. If you are looking for a dialer, you are always welcome to check out our CZ-Dialer and request a demo.


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