How Video based Kiosk can help in-store business

How Video based Kiosk can help In-Store Business?

Sweta Chakraborty

12 May 2022

Companies use kiosks for various purposes but most of the time they are used by retailers. The new age of Video kiosks have replaced traditional, static information boards and have introduced an interactive interface in which customers can browse through product catalogs or explore interactive content while they wait in line. In many cases, companies also offer product information at a promotional price that is only available on the retail kiosk system. The kiosks are outfitted with a touchscreen for the customer to navigate. These kiosks provide convenience for customers in public spaces such as airports, train stations, malls, or other public areas. It brings great engagement to customers at crowded forums like banks, hospitals, or travel stations. 


1. What are Video Kiosks?

2. Benefits of Video Kiosk

3. Benefits of Kiosks at Retail Stores

4. Benefits of Kiosks at Hospitals

5. Benefits of Kiosks at Banks

6. Conclusion

What are Video Kiosks?

Video kiosks or video-based kiosks provide an interface for 2-way video interaction with the customer and service desk. These kiosks extend beyond providing a product or service-related information and double up for live in-person interaction. Kiosks with video chat and customer support are becoming a common sight in retail outlets, healthcare centers, banks, and airports. According to the research, they are efficient in improving both the quality of care and patient satisfaction, reducing wait time for travelers, and also bringing convenience to bank customers and shoppers.

How Video based Kiosk can help in-store business?

The modern kiosks at a hospital provide patients with an opportunity to book appointments, refill their medications or ask doctors questions, which eliminates time spent waiting for a doctor’s attention. Similarly, at a bank, they are able to apply for loans, pay their debts or even open an account without waiting in a queue to meet the manager. At airports, we are already familiar with self-service kiosks which can assist to book meals, hotels at the destination, cab service, and even reschedule flights due to an emergency. However, there is still a need to interact with a service person and share your concerns. A video-based interaction fulfills the purpose. With directional speakers in the video kiosks, the privacy and surrounding noise level is also controlled.
Video Chat Software has become pervasive and, customers do not even need to travel from their homes to stores because they can just talk to a store manager on their computers and get answers to their questions instead of going anywhere near the physical location of the store. Now imagine, you are at a store or a mall and there is a huge crowd due to a festival or holiday, how handy will the kiosk be? Kiosks with video chat can bring ultra-personalization to your customers when your business runners are busy. 

Benefits of Video Kiosk:

For a generation of customers who are tech-savvy, self-servicing options are the way to go. When we think about self-service, we think about remote self-service from the comfort of our homes. But when these customers are getting frustrated at your brick-and-mortar store due to long queues and busy receptionists, are they going to come back? Mostly, no. To retain such customers at your physical store or bank or hospital, self-service kiosks are a brilliant choice. There are many upsides to hosting self-service kiosks. Some of them are:

These benefits are not just customer-centric, but also bring fluency to your operations. During peak times, having an extra pair of kiosks at your bay is a brilliant idea. You allow your employees to work at their pace while customers are also getting their required assistance. You end up improving efficiency without sacrificing service quality. 

Benefits of Kiosks at Retail Stores:

Around 73% of customers are willing to use self-service kiosks at retail stores to view products, speak to any associate, check out discounts or even get refunds. This is a rising demand because honestly, nobody likes to stand in waiting lines. It not only frustrates your customers but you lose a lot of revenue. With automated kiosks, you can interact with the brands without any human interference.

Benefits of Kiosks at Hospitals:

Digital kiosks with video integration can do wonders in the healthcare industry. We are aware of how wait time can be critical when it is a matter of health. Every minute matters in such situations. We cannot deny the fact that even during emergencies, hospitals have to maintain certain protocols to secure patient information. In such cases, self-service kiosks can ensure you get to the process immediately.  It can help with the following:

There are many other small processes that can be performed via the self-service kiosks. This is absolutely important in fast-paced hyper environments like hospitals where waiting is never ideal. 

Benefits of Kiosks at Banks:

Banking is another busy industry that deals with a high volume of requests every day. It is an integral part of our everyday life and we require these services almost without delay. While we have ATMs that are capable of many services, a kiosk with a video call or content sharing facility can help more. In fact, a kiosk can do a lot more and help people in communities where banks are out of reach. Some benefits are:

In fact, video kiosks can bring the branch manager in front of the customer. This can transform how banks engage with their customers especially when the need arises.


Video kiosks are technologically advanced self-servicing facilities that is going to take over the interactive in-person customer service. Customers especially millennials expect self-service at every stop. Including kiosks at your shop, hospital or even banks can have a huge impact on the experience. Not only it is convenient and quick, but it will also take off load from your staff. It is economical and customer-friendly. To know more about video chat and live chat for kiosk integrations, contact our experts. 


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