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Voice Analytics: The Secret to Enhancing Agent Performance

Sweta Chakraborty

10 January 2024

Agents have a tough job dealing with customers every day. They keep up with customer emotions all day long, keeping aside their own. They try their best to maintain quality and represent the brand to their finest. And in the end, they would want to be recognized for their efforts.

It is kind of impossible to go through all customer calls and analyse every agent. You can hire a team for it but it’s still very primitive to do it manually. Imagine if you had a solution that will generate reports, trigger actions or even nudge the agent based on what’s being conversed over a call. This is what voice analytics does.


1. What is voice analytics?

2. What is the importance of voice analytics in a call center?

3. How to improve agent performance through voice analytics?

4. Conclusion


What is Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics is a call center solution that allows you to record and analyse every customer conversation. It can recognise varying customer emotions through their speech and deduce how the agent has been performing.

Voice analytics is ideal for running compliance checks on previous calls, or script mistakes. They can also recognise repeated fog horns whenever an agent was speaking. All these red flags can be identified and then be addressed by managers. This will allow you to send some of your agents through training or product learning to ensure better performance.

The voice analytics software was initially built to translate speech to text. But now it can analyse audio patterns to identify whatever emotion the customer is feeling. Voice analytics have been in the commercial customer support industry for years, and it can be leveraged to improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.


What is the importance of Voice Analytics in a call center?

Voice analytics solution is an essential component of a Contact Center Solution. Analysing heaps of customer conversation data is not an easy task. Voice analytics can automate this process and generate customer intent reports, key triggers and other relevant insights. Hence, it can potentially enhance your agent’s performance and lead to higher customer satisfaction. Here are its benefits:


How to improve agent performance through voice analytics?

There are certain best practices of voice analytics that can do wonderful changes to your existing regime. Keeping your company goals in mind, leverage this tool for the best outcome. Let’s discuss some of the best practices of voice analytics:

Empower your agents to self-monitor

It is one thing to receive feedback, but it is another task to identify your own mistakes and improving on them without any external push. Empower your agents with voice analytics reports by default. Once they go through their daily reports, they can automatically understand what’s not working out for them. Such initiatives will offer clarity and motivate your agents to self-rectify. This eradicates the need for micro-management and encourages a positive work culture. Also there are situations where on the prompt of some keywords, with voice analytics capability, the system can nudge some information to the agents that may help them in their conversation with the customers.

Agents can meet their KPIs

As we all know, there are different key performance indicators that an agent must meet to ensure their success in the company. Agents can easily meet their targets through voice analytics enablement. Through Call Recordings, agents can identify their common mistakes such as rebuttals, unwanted pauses, lengthy greetings and other issues. By learning from these errors, they can eventually meet their KPIs like Average Call Handling Time, Customer Satisfaction Score, First Call Resolution, et cetera.

Improved agent productivity

Voice insights will reveal why your customers are not interested in your product or service. By identifying this issue, your agents can pursue the customers with a different USP. Instead of using a failing marketing strategy for endless failure, agents can improvise and connect with customers differently.

Smart training process for agents

Voice analytics software will educate your team on relevant customer reactions in different situations. When you are hosting a role-based agent training session, use the valuable insights from voice analytics to mimic customer reactions. Based on these, train your agents to handle these circumstances. Once your agents simulate the worst possible scenarios, they will become more confident. It will allow them to deliver better customer experiences in bitter scenarios.


Compliance check will keep agents out of trouble

Voice analytics allow your agents to comply with Contact Center Solutions rules and regulations. The insights from the tool will identify words or phrases which lead to compliance issues. Having a robust tool that uses NLP, you can extract essential information from call recordings to identify any fraudulent activity, suspicious requests of the customers or even any other violation. With the proper trigger set, it can send alert on the supervisor dashboard any time a non-compliance is encountered. So, it will help the compliance to be kept under check and sorted out almost near real-time.



Voice analytics is here to stay and grow. Its multiple implementations make it a key solution for contact centers and several other industries. From improving agent performance to alerting on any non-compliance, voice analytics is a beneficial solution.


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