13 Ways For Agents To Increase Conversions

13 Ways For Contact Center Agents To Increase Conversions


29 December 2022

For many clients, contact center agents are the company's face. They are often the initial point of contact for a customer, and their interactions may significantly impact a consumer's view of a firm. As a result, contact center personnel must be informed about the goods and services supplied and be prepared to handle any client issues. They should also be polite and approachable to establish a relationship with clients. Furthermore, contact center agents should be instructed on how to complete a transaction and manage objections. Contact center agents may enhance conversion rates for firms by following these 13 tips mentioned below.

Sales conversion is an essential component of an outbound contact center for sales and marketing. Because it directly influences the bottom line, the conversion rate is undoubtedly the most crucial statistic for an outbound contact center. Every other statistic, such as customer happiness, call length, and response rate, is utilized to track progress toward the conversion rate.

Without reasonable conversion rates, your organization risks losing prospective clients and the associated income. Fortunately, various methods exist for improving performance and adopt a high-converting contact center solution. Read this guide on how contact center agents can improve conversion rates for businesses.


1. What Exactly is the Conversion Rate?

2. How can Contact Center Agents help firms enhance their Conversion Rates?


What Exactly is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion in marketing occurs when a visitor to your website completes your targeted objective. Depending on your organization, converting a visitor to a lead or client may take various shapes.

Inbound marketers often refer to the following conversions:

Regardless of how you look at it, you've converted someone when they go from being a passive visitor to an active, engaged prospect.

To improve conversion rates, every contact center must measure its performance. Metrics are helpful in this situation.

Contact center metrics are numerical statistics used to assess the effectiveness of a campaign or contact center. These are known as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

There are several metrics to evaluate depending on the nature of the campaign (inbound or outbound, sales or customer support).

How can Contact Center Agents help firms enhance their Conversion Rates?

1. Hire with a sales mindset

The first step in increasing your conversion rate is to recruit call center agents with that aim in mind. While product details and sales call etiquette may always be taught to new agents, soft skills such as empathy, passion, and reflective listening cannot be taught in an employee handbook. Look out for and recruit individuals with these interpersonal abilities. So, they can readily interact with your future consumers.

While it may be tempting to recruit extroverts solely, keep in mind that introverts have a fantastic ability to connect with individuals one-on-one, mainly if they believe in what they're selling. Instead of employing the most outgoing and gregarious individuals, seek out those who are natural problem solvers with a genuine desire to assist others.

2. Prepare your agents for success

Even if you have the most outstanding call center agents, they won't be able to convert prospective consumers without assistance. Thorough training will educate your employees to manage various scenarios and help them interact with clients. Your representatives should be trained in pitching, upselling, and dealing with unfavorable answers.

If the consumer does not answer the phone, your agents cannot put their training to use. With 94% of unknown calls going unanswered, your call center agents find connecting with prospects more challenging. Displaying customized caller IDs or mobile numbers may increase the likelihood that your consumers will answer your calls.

By properly training your call center agents, you are preparing them to address the demands of your clients, resulting in a high-converting contact center. Another crucial strategy to assure your agents' success is to ensure that they like going to work daily. Make the workplace engaging and inspiring so that agents may do their best.

3. Concentrate on problem-solving

To emphasize the previous point, your sales staff must concentrate on resolving the customer's challenges. Too frequently, organizations are in sales mode, pushing a product without considering the customer's specific pain issues.

Ensure that your team pays close attention to how consumers communicate their concerns. They are unlikely to utilize the correct words or comprehend the issue entirely. However, here is where your team comes in. Instead of being a salesman, act as an experienced advisor. This adjustment alters your approach to your potential customer's issue. Instead of selling, you listen to the prospect and guide them to the best option.

This method also builds trust since your potential consumers will not feel pushed for a solution that may not suit their requirements.

4. Establish consistent messaging

Every phone contact, your firm gets is a chance to connect to your client's needs and an opportunity to convert them. The first step is to convince your prospective consumer to remain on the line. The first line should be warm, polite, and informative, whether you're answering an incoming call or making an outbound effort. This establishes the tone for the remainder of the ring.

It's also critical that your call center agents have scripts to follow throughout their calls. It will instruct them on how to respond to any inquiries/objections and lead the client through the conversion process promptly and professionally. Your agents will have the tools to convert prospective consumers and contribute to your high-conversion contact center with the correct message.

5. Teach your employees to cross-sell

Upselling (convincing a consumer to buy a more expensive product or higher tier) receives a lot of attention, but don't overlook the advantages of cross-selling. You sell extra things when you cross-sell. Cross-selling may boost income more than upselling, especially if your staff is trained to address issues via active listening. Your call center agents will uncover more opportunities to promote extra items by listening to the prospect's pain points.

Ensure that your staff knows your whole product catalog and provide each call center agent with the capacity to sell more than one sort of product. It is critical for the same agent to cross-sell since switching to a different department may endanger a transaction if your representative has formed a connection with the consumer.

6. Keep track of your progress

Tracking your success is the only way to determine whether your efforts affect your contact center. It may be accomplished by assessing your calls' quality and monitoring particular outbound contact center KPIs.

The quality of your calls may be manually checked for quality assurance. When you locate a call that performed well or poorly, you may listen to it, to identify any trends that affected the performance.

Answer rates, call attempts, and call durations are key metrics to consider if you want to become a high-conversion contact center. Examining these data and discussing call success with your agents can offer you examples of calls to duplicate as well as areas for development.

7. Call at the most convenient time

If your business hours are not in sync with your consumers' demands and lives, you may be contacted at the wrong time or holidays, diminishing conversions and increasing unhappiness.

You may cut labor expenses while increasing sales income by adjusting and testing your call times and operating hours. It is even better if you can chat with clients while they are more receptive!

8. Motivate your agents

When dealing with one "no, thank you" after another, it's easy for sales team members to burn out.

Look for methods to inspire and encourage your staff. Assure your team that they are doing a terrific job, and celebrate every victory as a team victory.

Consider developing a success-based incentive scheme. Set objectives for the day, week, month, quarter, or year, and reward your staff when they achieve them. Gift cards, paid time off, team celebrations, and other items may be awarded as prizes. Divide your sales staff into smaller groups and utilize a leaderboard to maintain scores, promote friendly rivalry, and organically encourage their teammates.

9. Make sure that your contact center responds promptly enough

Vital resource planning is required for a contact center to satisfy incredibly dynamic and rapid business needs. When you can't respond fast, you often lose sales.

One contact center that had previously held down a slow reaction to opportunities discovered a simple internal solution – set an SLA of 15 minutes to respond to inquiries. The results were striking; conversion rates increased and the additional income puts them past their year-to-date (YTD) expectations only three months later.

10. Make training a top priority

Training is not optional; it is required. While it is important to select individuals who are naturally gifted at selling, you also need to give continual training to prepare them for the job. Put another way. It shouldn't be a one-time event for new team members.

If you make updates to your goods or add new features, be sure to offer your sales staff a hands-on demo. Your employees will find it easier to promote a product that they have already utilized.

Role-play different sales situations with your team, addressing various objections and questions that are likely to arise so that your sales team is prepared for the curveballs that will undoubtedly be thrown their way.

11. Follow-up on emails

Do you send emails to potential customers? It's unusual for the initial outreach email to be opened. It might take 5, 6, 7, or more follow-ups before you schedule a call or make a sale, so perseverance is essential!

Fortunately, you can utilize features or UTM codes to get notifications when prospects read emails, click links, view documents, or watch a video. Your agent may monitor the prospect's activity and modify their answer appropriately. This tool also gives your team an active list of people to contact daily.

12. Plan your workforce to ensure success

The organization of a contact center's staff is critical to the effectiveness of direct marketing initiatives. Clear lines of responsibility and corporate transparency are required to fine-tune campaign design, execution, and reporting to get the most outstanding results.

The campaign manager's time was divided in a recent assessment of a top 20 financial services business between managing campaign implementation and organizing respectable, social activities for the organization. The corporation hosted fantastic social events, but its campaign outcomes were less than stellar.

With the addition of a dedicated campaign manager and a change in reporting structure, the outbound contact center operation is now reaching its full potential and achieving outstanding results.

13. Make up for lost sales

If you own a company that sells online, you must have a strategy to contact prospects who have abandoned their sign-up or checkout process. You only have about one hour to recoup the sale, so the sooner you get it, the better. If you don't respond within 10 minutes, most purchasers will have been sidetracked, lost interest in the goods, or begun the process of purchasing from someone else.

Great practice for every eCommerce store is to collect contact information early in the purchasing process before collecting payment information. This enables your staff to contact the buyer if the transaction fails due to problems with your website or customer hesitancy due to an unexpected fee.

Wrapping Up

Implement as many of the above suggestions as possible to sell efficiently over the phone. These techniques will not only increase your income but also promotes team confidence. This will guarantee that you create trust with all potential clients, thus increasing your sales contact center conversions. And, of course, those excellent performance bonuses!


Your conversion rates will skyrocket as you follow these recommendations for creating a high-conversion contact center. Working with a reliable voice platform like C-Zentrix, which delivers industry-leading performance insights, is one method to improve conversion rates, as well as the tracking of outbound contact center metrics and call recording. Dashboards that are easy to read make it straightforward to demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts to executives. Do you want to know what additional metrics you should use to improve conversion rates in your contact center? For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with C-Zentrix.



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