Call Recording:

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As the name suggests, call recording is the process of converting any call into a permanent audio format file. The calls can be hosted either on PSTN or VoIP. Businesses have to record calls to keep a track of their compliance with government and SLA rules. It also helps teams to train their agents through performance simulation. In fact, call recording is an important part of the process in call centers.

Benefit of Call Recording

There are several benefits of recording calls. It starts with tracking compliance proof to saving them for performance analysis. Let’s discuss them:

1. Compliance Proof:

Every contact center is bound to deal with huge amount of sensitive data. It is important for them to be compliant with the government and the company policies, whom them represent. This is why, recording helps in creating an alibi for their compliance which can be handy in matters of conflict.

2. Agent Training:

Recordings are often used as an example to train agents. New employees always need to understand how to deal with customers in different scenarios. Hence, the calls are often recorded to also assist in training.

3. Performance Analysis:

Call recordings also reveal if your agents are performing rightly or not. It shows how they are achieving their KPIs.

4. Track Details:

Customers also share important intentions and details over these calls. They might share details such as address, id details or whatnot. If the agent fails to write them down, he or she can go back to the recording for more details.