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Multichannel is a broad marketing term, used to describe the customer’s experience across multiple channels. When we say channels, we mean all the touch points like voice, social media, email, live chat, or even SMS. In a multichannel experience, both the online and offline channels work in sync to improve the brand’s chances of excelling in customer service.

Multi-channels are modern but brand-friendly. It isn’t typically the customer-first approach as the channels still remain disjointed. However, it has its own benefits that make it a common practice at many firms. Through a multichannel approach, you can reach out to a vast pool of customers available on each platform. In other words, you are expanding your brand presence.

Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

1. Multichannel, as the name suggests, enables you to connect with your clients on their favorite channels. If one customer is comfortable with WhatsApp, then support them on WhatsApp. Calling them or mailing them will be an absolute waste of time.

2. By expanding your brand across multiple channels and devices, you will engage more customers. Engaging more customers at a time automatically increases your chances for conversions. Enterprises who are experimenting and using video platforms or display platforms, see up to 500% improvement in their ROI.

3. Customer acquisition costs go down for you as digitally you can target your ideal customer profiles, instead of just shooting in the dark. When your content, product, and branding are aimed at your selected demography, your customer acquisition rate goes up at lesser costs.

4. It is easier to stay ahead in the game with a multichannel approach. Multichannel marketing is data-driven, targeted, and is realistic. In today’s economy, it is important to be available online and offline. Limiting your customer’s options means losing them to your competitors. Once you are available on all possible customer channels, you can learn trends, identify buying patterns and implement new strategies.