Omnichannel Customer Journey:

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An omnichannel customer journey is an amalgamation of all the touchpoints used by the customer since discovery to post-purchase assistance. The interactions are not limited to any channel. It may start and stop anywhere, as per the user’s convenience, hence omnichannel customer journey.

In an omnichannel customer journey, all the channels are seamlessly integrated to offer a singular journey. For example, Mr. X interacts with the brand Uber through app, social media and telephony. His journey won’t be accounted as app-specific or social-media-specific. Instead, his engagement across the three channels will be seen cohesively to view the big picture. This allows a brand to understand a customer more intimately across their lifecycle. This way, a brand can approach to consumers with more personalized offers, assistance, and experience.

Many brands out there still offer a disjointed service where the channels are not integrated. This creates silos of customer information where the dots are not connected. In fact, the customer always has to repeat their histories such as past purchases, last ticket raised, or more. Even the agent struggles to accumulate all the data from different channels, which is a waste of the agent’s time and effort. In an omnichannel ecosystem, the experience is unified and linear because the channels together offer a singular experience.