Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

CZ Chat offers comprehensive support for text, audio, and video. Its integration with various social media chat platforms like Twitter, Facebook messenger, and above all with Whatsapp, add the icing on the cake. Its versatility allows every brand to determine when to show the chat pop-up and customize the chat window theme as per your website's aesthetics. Integrating CZ Omnichannel will enable your agents to offer premium personalization with every conversation, as they will have access to past interactions and have better understanding of the context.

Best Live Chat Software

Our live chat software is available across all platforms. Its browser and app-centric design allow your customers to chat from mobile and laptop/desktop browsers. With our mobile SDK, you can provide live chat capability from your existing mobile app. Interestingly, you can also offer an on-demand live chat by sending out an SMS/Text message. Your customer can click on the SMS, and live chat can be connected with your customer representatives.

Best Live Chat Software
Web Live Chat Solution

Web Live Chat Solution

Enterprises need to provide On-demand support. CZ Chat assures that the customers' queries are heard irrespective of the day, date, or time. You can let your agents attend multiple concurrent chats and shorten the queue. However, if your agents are still busy, our live chat software will allow the visitors to know their queue position and possible wait time.

Live Chat Software

Get detailed insights from CZ Chat, like real-time active chats, duration of the previous chats, record of the chat history along with customer information, snapshots, and transcripts, average chat handling time, CSAT, and more. The live dashboard provides real time analytics of your complete live chat team in terms of active chats in progress, agents logged in, agent on break, chats in queue, answered chats, missed chats and much more. This offers an edge to your operational team to identify agent performance issues to customer satisfaction drawbacks and improve on them.

Live Chat Software
C-Zentrix Video Chat Software

Live Chat With WhatsApp Integration

Enjoy the advantage of Whatsapp Integrated CZ Chat. Connect with your customers on their most preferred messaging app. Enrich the experience with instant ticket management, complaint booking, product demonstration and more.

CZ Advantage

Trix Chat Call Trix Chat Call

Chat Monitoring

Get access to real-time insights into your live-chat process. Team managers can easily observe and determine the quality of a conversation and ensure mistakes are avoided. It can also aid you in training your new agents.

Trix Chat Monitor Trix Chat Monitor

Chat Conferencing

An agent can invite another agent or supervisor for initiating a chat conference and simultaneously chat with the customer. The chat can be more productive as the conference can bring the subject matter expert along with the agent.

Trix Chat Transfer Trix Chat Transfer

Chat Transfer

Swiftly transfer chats to different agents or departments from the chat window. Utilize this feature to move the customer to the right agent whenever they connect with the wrong department. This smoothens the customer experience, ensuring less hassle for the customer.

Instant File Transfer Instant File Transfer

Instant File Transfer

Instantly transfer files, documents or pictures to your customers or receive them from the customer within seconds. Sometimes a product brochure or a report quickly transferred enhances the overall customer experience.

Trix Chat Chatlog Trix Chat Chatlog

Canned Responses

Create a set of pre-written messages and use them to respond immediately to the customer's queries. These canned messages can save time for agents and equip them with appropriate response with easy shortkeys. New canned responses can always be created.

Trix Chat Notification Trix Chat Notification

Sound Notifications

Get instant sound notifications whenever a new customer chat pops-up in the portal. This will ensure you never miss a customer. It could be that the agent is on a different tab of the browser or maybe in a different window and a sound notification provides the necessary alert.

Integrations Integrations


Integrate with your web portals, service CRM, Whatsapp and Social chats. Easily integrate CZ chat and video with your Android and iOS mobile applications using our CZ Chat SDK. It can be also integrated with our bot!

Reports and Analytics Reports and Analytics

Reports to Analytics

Real time and historical reports help in analyzing customer issues, agent performance, average response time and customer satisfaction. All chat transcripts are available for analytics. Agents can reach out to missed chat contacts from the reports.

Trix Chat Canned Trix Chat Canned

Chat Logs

Let your customers receive chat transcripts via email and also view their previous chats. This feature is configurable. Many times the customer needs to review the response provided during live chat for reference. All Chat logs are also stored and can be accessed by the supervisor.

Chat Routing Chat Routing

Chat Routing

Customer requests can be directed to specific departments or agents. While one agent can handle multiple concurrent chats, the chats can be distributed by the admin's assigned rules.

Customistion Customistion


From the chat interface's look and feel to welcome messages, there are plenty of things that can be customized by the admin. You can set auto-responses for holidays and non-working hours. Support tickets can be automatically created after the chat is disposed.

Chat Queue Chat Queue

Chat Queue

Our live chat software supports chat queuing and lets users know about their queue position and wait time. The agents can attend multiple concurrent chats, and beyond the threshold value, the incoming chat is in the queue.

Chat Disposition Chat Disposition

Chat disposition

Post the live chat interaction, when the chat is disposed, the pre-defined disposition can be tagged to the chat. CZ live chat software provides multiple levels of disposition, which can be created from the admin panel.

Scat Survey Scat Survey

CSAT survey

The live chat software captures the users' experience and requests the user to provide feedback after completing the chat. The feedback can include a score as well as a text input. The CSAT score is available in the chat reports.

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Live chat software is an instant messenger that can be integrated to your website or mobile app and connects customers to live agents over a chat. Live chat is a primary feature of the modern customer support industry. It offers real-time support to every customer, answering their queries based on user behavior and guiding them to the desired solution.Live chat software is an instant messenger that can be integrated to your website or mobile app and connects customers to live agents over a chat. Live chat is a primary feature of the modern customer support industry. It offers real-time support to every customer, answering their queries based on user behavior and guiding them to the desired solution.

The live chat software widget is integrated with digital properties like website and mobile app. A live chat software has two interfaces: one for the agent and one for the customer. The live chat widget will be visible to the customers on your website. They will click on it, and will get connected to the live agents.

The agents who are logged into the agent dashboard will receive customer’s chat which will pop-up as soon as the live chat is connected. The chat will be routed based on the pre-defined skills or departments and availability of the agent.

There are various applicable benefits of live chat software, which is crucial for every business's growth. 

  • Unlike a phone call, live chat is a less expensive solution and can provide real time service.
  • The younger generation prefer a chat as its convenient and they are digitally connected.
  • Live chat software enables multiple integrations with various platforms like social media and mobile apps. 
  • Live chat software is available to every prospect that visits your website. It is a smart way to engage your leads and attempting to convert them.
  • One agent can handle multiple chats concurrently. This increases the agent utilization unlike voice channel.
  • Live chat software can be integrated with chatbot and videochat, which makes it more versatile.

56% of customers globally have chosen live-chat at least once. 39% of customers have claimed to use live chat more than once for their daily queries. They have stated the following reasons for the preference.

  • Convenient 
  • Provides record of chat
  • Can be used on the go
  • No queue time

Our live chat software uses a 256bit SSL encryption protocol to offer privacy to our agents and customers. It is one of the most robust encryption keys in our time and ensures privacy to sensitive data, be it user information, phone numbers, account details, and more.