ai enhance contact center revenue growth

How Can AI Enhance Contact Center Revenue Growth?


06 February 2024

The blog article discusses how AI is helping contact centers to accelerate revenue growth, and how it will affect customer service in the future. We also look at the potential that AI-powered chatbots and intelligent IVR Calling System might provide organizations, such as changing how consumers engage with them, boosting efficiency, improving productivity, and reducing resource waste.

Identifying growth prospects for profit-driven Contact Center Software is contingent on the capacity to transfer insights into revenue to drive expansion and boost conversion rates. This is how contact centers are shifting from being cost centers to income producers. Artificial intelligence is the primary motivator for this transition. It can assist leaders in marshaling data to teach teams, tailor consumer experiences, produce better business results, and uncover insights.


1. Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers

2. Why is Artificial Intelligence employed in Contact Centers?

3. How Can Artificial Intelligence Aid Sales Teams?

4. How AI is accelerating Revenue Growth?

5. AI's Advantages in Contact Centers


Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers:

Presently, there are two primary forms of AI in BPOs. The first can analyze massive amounts of data and deliver just-in-time insights to agents to help them perform better on calls. During a conversation, this AI gives pertinent information and guarantees that the agent or executive is on track with the necessary information when the caller requests it.

Conversational AI is the second form of AI used in customer service. Self-service bots, voice bots, and Chatbots are powered by this technology. Unlike IVR Solutions or Rule-based, this technology does intent extraction and provides human-like responses, and maintains the context of the discussion. A similar technique is also used to analyze both the executive's and the caller's voice to discern emotions and, ultimately, intent. Conversational AI is primarily used to estimate the effect of a discussion based on the caller's voice ticks, emotional state, and general involvement level. The sentiment analysis gives vital real-time input on the customer's and the agent's emotional states and intervention as needed.

Why is Artificial Intelligence employed in Contact Centers?

Ultimately, companies aim to provide their clients with a tailored, enjoyable experience. And we're all aware that when it comes to offering a positive experience, the rewards are continually assessed in revenue, while a negative experience might have long-term consequences. So, how does AI affect any of this?

Here's the solution:

Automation: AI automatically interacts with customers, collects data, connects to the appropriate agent based on the input and mood from the studied information, and generates a profile for future reference in the contact center and other business areas.

Contact Center Solution Examination: AI analyzes each conversation in detail, making it more straightforward for managers and quality control executives to make judgments. Each conversation is monitored and compared to performance criteria to offer a clear picture with actionable information on where the agent excels and where they fall short.

Support: AI is directly connected with Cloud Contact Center Solution support workstations for agents, giving them instant insight into the data being recorded, the likely result of the conversation, and much more. Consequently, response times are quicker, call resolution rates are more significant, and contact center agents are happier and more motivated since they are now equipped with tools to help them perform better.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Aid Sales Teams?

AI for sales aids in better evaluating transactions, identifying which ones you lost and won, and then merging all of the data pieces. It proposes effective ways for approaching leads more effectively and closing them quicker. Once the service is supplied, AI may provide strategies to keep your consumers. The global contact center AI market is anticipated to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 26.3% over the next decade.

After all, sales are about more than simply generating transactions; they are also about developing long-term connections. Customers pleased with your services are more likely to refer others to your company. This provides you with many possibilities to create and finally close them.

With AI in place, you can effortlessly conduct critical operations like data collection, lead selection, lead nurturing, and customer profile improvement.

You might picture what the future of AI holds for sales reps:

How AI is accelerating Revenue Growth?

While it is proven beyond doubt that AI is continuously aiding customers, agents, and Cloud Call Center Solution managers in a myriad of ways. But does that accelerate revenue growth?

Detecting the conversation intent and promoting a product or service is the most direct way that AI is aiding in upsell/cross-sell leading to revenue growth. Chatbots are deployed which can assist and detect the visitors’ interest in the product/service and enquire their needs leading to sales.

Cart abandonment is a big revenue leak for eCommerce businesses. Detecting abandoned cart and reminding the customer to come back is table stakes.  With AI, businesses can analyze the profile of customers, the likelihood of purchase and send out related offers to get the deal closed.

AI Contact Center Technology Demonstrations

AI is now available in many contact center solution systems for lead generation, pre-qualifying leads, quality and compliance monitoring, intelligent call routing, and other purposes. The following are some of the most well-known (and highest-performing) instances of AI and machine learning in today's contact centers. These will definitely increase the customer experience and thereby increase the revenue.

AI Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

AI in contact centers nowadays may seem quite lifelike. A good AI virtual agent employs machine learning, natural language programming, and robust voice recognition to conduct natural-sounding interactions. The most excellent IVA solutions provide consumers and prospects with authentic, human-like experiences. Also, it saves the precious time of customers charting through the numerous options in IVR Solutions. A well-designed virtual assistant can increase the call containment rate, reducing the number of calls that need to be connected to a live agent.

AI's Advantages in Contact Centers:

The future of growth-focused contact centers looks bright, and here are the top use cases to explore.

1. Call intelligent routing

Saving on human resource expenditures is one of AI's key benefits to contact center finances. AI-assisted call routing directs the appropriate client to the right agent, considering the call's purpose, lifetime value, and call complexity.

Many contact centers will utilize skills-based call routing algorithms to route to an agent. With the power of AI, the customer profile can be analyzed, the agent who provided the best resolution can be identified, and based on the availability the call can be routed. Adding AI to skills-based call routing guarantees that the consumer is sent to the best agent possible.

2. Improved caller feedback analysis

Traditional call monitoring cannot extract data in real time from many sources. For example, contact center executives' or agents' performance is presently measured by human observation. Calls are listened to and reviewed by a limited group of "human" supervisors, who may or may not have biases that influence judgments. The analysis may be erroneous, affecting the agent score directly.

Suppose you've ever contacted a customer service center for an e-commerce company or any other business. In that case, you're probably aware that they notify you before the problem that the conversation may be recorded for quality assurance reasons. It suggests that agents get feedback and help only after the phone rings and that there is likely no automation or real-time assistance to aid them. What makes it even more aggravating for the consumer is that they may have to chat with many agents or continue dialing numbers without obtaining any good results, resulting in unfavorable feedback from the agent.

AI helps to alleviate this scenario by performing critical services like monitoring, analysis, and assistance in real time. Machine learning performs a large portion of this role. ML services aid in the study of the mood and reaction of both the client and the person on the phone. When utilized as feedback, the data helps the agents to react more effectively, making them both happier than in the past.

3. Personality analysis

While most contact center’s primary goal has always been to improve customer happiness, BPOs have gradually realized that taking care of the agents is also necessary. Each agent interacts differently and targets a distinct consumer group. Some agents take negative feedback well, while others do not. To match agents with desirable consumers, firms must consider their personality profiles and other professional characteristics such as sales statistics and call handling time. But it would be too difficult. Therefore, they should probably employ someone to handle this work alone. AI can help in this situation.

Wrapping Up

Breakthroughs in AI and NLP continue to provide contact centers with reliable tools to assist agents, boost productivity, and reduce costs. And improve customer experiences, the convergence of human-operated activities and machine-led insights are poised to reshape the face of customer service.

The first step in moving away from customer assistance and toward customer success is investing in the right technology to enhance management decision-making and empower operators. C-Zentrix is dedicated to advancing the growth of AI and NLP technologies to champion client success via a quality-focused data platform that combines the best of contact center solution technology and AI.


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