6 Best Trends to Ensure Customer Success in 2022

  • Sweta Chakraborty
  • 17 January 2022

6 Best Trends to Ensure Customer Success in 2022

A customer's experience is an essential asset for every company. With the start of 2022, one might wonder that what more can be done, in a competitive ecosystem, where everyone is exploring ways to enhance customer success. Above all, the global pandemic has had adverse effects on businesses and their customers alike. Customer goals have changed rapidly within the last few months, and as a brand, it's a responsibility to meet them where they are. The major differentiator will be to understand the fine line between customer support and customer success. While the former is naturally expected, the latter reflects the potential and dependability of a company and its product.

6 Trends to Ensure Customer Success in 2022

Keeping that in mind, we have shortlisted few game-changing tactics that will define the proactive nature of services that ensures a fulfilling customer success rate.

1. Segmenting Customers

2. Personalized Customer Engagement

3. Diversified Support

4. Smart Automation

5. Retention Centric Approach

6. Simplification

1. Segmenting Customers:

Customer success stories comes to fruition based on effective designs and not by fluke. To create such a coherent environment, one needs to segment their customers based on their user behaviour, needs and expectations. Accordingly, the customer success team can come forward and establish the relationship with the individual. An active symbiotic relationship with the customer will determine the brand’s calibre. 

Most of us, always focus on the big accounts, because they drive the revenue but it’s imperative now that we focus on the chunk of mid-size accounts that perpetually maintain the revenue scale. These accounts are in bulk and require less effort and are cost-efficient. Such accounts harness potential and can emit higher conversion rate.

2. Personalized Customer Engagement:

It is important now more than ever for brands to have customer-centric conversations than product-centric conversation to ensure customer success. In a digitized world a little mistake can go viral, costing the brand its reputation. Companies are now more focused on improving their customer success teams and investing in relevant solutions. Every customer is different thus, their needs vary as well. Considering all these nitty-gritties, a company should build a sound customer success team. The team needs to be connected to an active knowledge base of the product so they are well-equipped with solutions for every shortcoming.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Source: Tasil

3. Diversified Support:

In the advent of an almost digital world, customers come in from all platforms. Customers can touch base via phone, social media, email or SMS. Thus, the company needs to keep its senses, active. The support needs to be omnipresent and available, while being able to prioritise exceptional cases which need immediate assistance. Processes as such are time-consuming and require attentiveness and man-power. Thus, it is better to diversify your resources like placing your agents over omnichannel and rely on CRM services to help out in such important processes. Applications as such, are a responsible way to equip your teams to ensure customer success.

One can check out CZ Omnichannel which caters to such needs by creating a single hub for all channels, making navigation easy for our CS teams. Connect with our experts for an industry-focused product demo.

4. Smart Automation:

Companies have accepted different automated solutions to cater to a huge pool of customers. The intent is to be rightly placed to reach out and serve people. But can automation really replace human touch?

The answer is no. Automation can only complement the human interaction but never replace it. In a generation where automation is a key concept, human interaction can be the x-factor. The system needs to be smart enough to know when to bring in the human, making the experience smooth and dependable while the customer gets a flawless service. The interplay between automation and human interaction is very important here and needs to be appropriately strategized by the CS team, to ensure customer success.

CZ Bot is a quick learner and provides the most human like response based on the data used to train it. However, if it is unable to always serve appropriately, it enables a seamless handover from bot to live agent, encouraging a seamless interaction with the customer while enhancing the agent’s productivity.

Smart Automation

Source: Invespcro

5. Retention Centric Approach:

Most companies invest their time in training their sales team and motivating them with incentives. Everybody focuses on the first step of generating revenue and they are right. It is an important aspect. But does it play well in the long-run? Or is it an outdated tactic? If you are still reading this blog, you know the answer.

We need to train the customer success team to ensure a healthy relationship with the existing customers. Customer success team need to be proactive and predict the shortcomings and offer them solutions beforehand. The team needs to take initiative and go ahead, to help the customer reach their expected level of satisfaction. Companies needs to motivate their CS team with incentives and proper training so as they thrive on doing what they do and create an exciting and helpful atmosphere for everyone involved. Such small initiatives can ensure customer success in the long run.

6. Simplification:

Customers pay us to simplify their lives and not complicate it. I, myself as a customer of many services can play witness to this statement that often when seeking resolution, I had to go through enough hassles and form fillings and what not to get the desired help. In the end, I would get tired and move on to the next best thing.

Thus, it is essential that CS team and customer success managers stay in touch with customer’s experience throughout the sales cycle where somebody buys your product to the point where they stop using it. Once you are familiar with your customer’s user behaviour, their woes and wants become crystal clear and service systems can be curated to provide best results.


We are cruising along in 2022 and the opportunities are piling up. Let this be the year, we improve the customer’s value and focus the efforts around it. A grand interplay amongst all the resources is necessary. Now will be the best time to put in a cross team effort between sales, support, product and service by using the best of IT solutions. Create a module that is analytics focused and revenue driven, at the same time ensuring a lifetime product usage, refining the customer health and promising steady revenue generation. The ultimate goal is to convert every customer into a consistent revenue stream, building a symbiotic future for the customer and the company.

C-Zentrix takes great pride in providing solutions that allows a brand to be more flexible, adept and responsive. Our solutions aspire to create a safe and sound management system for companies who are driven by extraordinary results.


Author Bio:  Sweta is a growing technical writer with an experience in digital marketing. Outside work, she is a devoted Esports advocate.

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