6 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

  • Sweta Chakraborty
  • 01 May 2021

customer feedback on instagram

We are currently in a highly competitive economy where customers’ verdict decides the fate and market value for any company. This means collecting customer feedback is essential now than it ever was. 

Feedbacks allow you to analyze your brand, your service or product. The insights help you dwell in much deeper concepts than what your customer likes about you. In other words, this feedback can help you in market predictions, preventive measures and customer loyalty. 

Customer feedbacks are extremely powerful. Once gathered, you can utilize that information to bring significant and profitable changes to your company. As your business grows, you will thrive on these feedbacks as it will make your life easier than those brands who depend blindly on their instinct. 

However, providing feedback shouldn't be an added burden to the customer. It should be done more seamlessly and efficiently. 

The ideal place to collect customer feedback right now is on social media. Instagram comes with a platter of polls and Q/As that eases the process of surveying. It is practical and efficient and doesn't even feel like a task. 

Here are 6 tips for gathering customer feedback via Instagram.

1. Keep an eye on your inbox:

Customers are connecting with their brands on social platforms. It is easier to find and message them with any complaints, compliment or suggestion. 

With more than 1 billion active users, the majority of people are already on Instagram. They are definitely messaging your brand account and are likely to get buried amongst other messages. Therefore, keep an eye and respond to every message if possible. Check your 'Other' folder for incoming messages from customers you don't follow back. 

People often send their positive or negative feedback through this channel. It is ideal for collecting insights on your brand.

2. Do A Question/Answer Session Via Stories:

Instagram allows you to interact with your audience through question stickers. When your followers view your story, they can type in their question or answer in the reply section of these stickers.

You can follow up with these answers or questions individually by recording your response and posting it back in the story. This is an ongoing practice for many brands and is extremely effective in collecting feedback or queries in real-time. Your customers are more likely to get a response back as well this way. 

However, when you are answering them back in your stories, be respectful. Be aware of your audience and do not make fun of their queries. 

Instagram Q/A

3. Creating A Poll:

Another creative Instagram story feature is the polling sticker. You can create polls based on your products, service or any particular thing. For example, you can ask if your new product is a hit or not, and your audience will let you know with a tap. You can do a series of polls on all your products and find out what's in demand. 

Instagram automatically shows you the percentage of the votes received in your poll. This way, you can gauge your product performance quickly. 

However, as Instagram is a creative platform, do not be mundane when creating these polls. 

  • Use a creative picture to depict your product.
  • Write the names of your product on the poll. Ensure your customers are familiar with these names.
  • If possible, incentivize the process by offering a random discount or a surprise goodie for participating in these polls. 

    Instagram Polls

4. Keep Checking Your Brand Mentions:

Instagram is still a very intimate platform where people love to showcase their advocacy. Many customers advocate their favourite brands on Instagram by posting a picture of their favourite product or sharing a caption review. These posts always mention the concerned brand. This gives a better insight into your brand's reputation. 

Tracking these mentions is essential as when people mention their experiences, other people tend to comment about theirs. There might be some bitter experiences discussed as well, which you can leverage to improve your product. You can reach out to these customers as well and offer them compensation for their poor experience, which benefits your brand image after all. 

5. Read Comments On Your Own Posts:

Whenever a brand posts something on their accounts, many people come to comment. Out of these hundreds of comments, some will be customer complaints or compliments. These people often fail to reach out to you and end up commenting on your posts. 

Ignoring important customer feedback in comments reflects poorly on your customer service. Instead, read each statement and filter them down. Record these feedbacks and take necessary steps.

However, trends have shown that people are more likely to leave negative feedback than positive ones. Even if it looks terrible on your profile, these are gold. You can learn and essentially improve your service based on this feedback. You can launch curated retention programs based on these feedbacks to not lose out on customers. The faster you react to these comments with a plan, the better it is for your brand. 

6. Do A Live Feedback Session:

Instagram lives are effortless to host. Elect a spokesperson for your company and ask them to do a live session. You can speak about your company and ethos and do a live QnA session with customers. 

During this live session, your audience will be commenting their questions in front of everyone, and you can answer and direct them towards your retention program. This is a bold step; however, extremely beneficial when you know what to do. 

Instagram Live Session

Source: TechCrunch


We can clearly admit that Instagram allows you to collect customer feedback interactively. Your customers will not find it to be a task to respond to you. Instead, they will love the attention you are paying to their needs. However, while collecting feedback, it is essential to respond to these customers to make them feel heard.

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Author Bio:  Sweta is a passionate technical writer with an experience in digital marketing. Outside work, she is a devoted Esports advocate.

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