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Top 10 Reasons to Integrate Social Media With Contact Center

Sweta Chakraborty

15 January 2024

Consumers are now engaging with businesses via social media more than ever to answer Omnichannel Customer Service complaints or share their experience. If the company in question is not using social media to engage with its clients, it is missing a huge opportunity to get on the boat. 

For example, people like you and I check our phones and scroll through social media frequently. That's where the demography is. It will be absurd for a brand not to exist on social media and roll itself backward. 

Social networking can help brands achieve a significant competitive edge and boost the company's credibility as a whole. On the contrary, the company is poised to incur massive losses in revenue, reputation, and otherwise if they are unwilling to adapt. Today's marketplace is highly competitive and very fast-faced. Under such circumstances, a company's chances of surviving and, in fact, thriving depends on a host of factors. 

Why Social Media Integration is Imperative to all Contact Centers?

For a business to sustain itself in this market, a discussion on social media needs to occur. Here's are a few points of why social media integration is imperative to all contact centers.

1 Speedy Recognition of Support Requests

2 Live Responses

3 Adapting to Mobile Platforms

4 Brand Identity and Awareness

5 Utilizing Community Forums and Groups

6 Retaining Customer Loyalty

7 Financial Efficiency

8 Increasing Customer Satisfaction Levels

9 Having a Pervasive Reach

10 Little to No Training Necessary

1 Speedy Recognition of Support Requests: 

Missing customer mentions is equivalent to missing inbound calls at the Call Center Software. All available social networking sites should be audited before introducing a social media strategy or customer service plan. Agents should be trained on how to gauge these mentions and respond to huge volumes of requests made online.

2 Live Responses: 

Within a reasonable time, a dedicated team of agents will track and respond to customers. The forum for social media then becomes as powerful as the conventional Call Center Solution57% of users choose to use the internet to address their issues instead of communicating with customer service, according to a new survey by TNS. Instant responses to the customers via social media can be a huge winning factor for the brand. Customers will feel significant and heard, unlike how they have to wait on traditional channels like an IVR or an email. 

3 Adapting to Mobile Platforms: 

Smartphones and tablets are the targeted gadgets used for daily interactions. 50% of all replies to social media questions from users are conducted on mobile devices, according to The Centre of Media Studies. This goes to show the sheer pervasiveness of mobile, handheld technology in our society at this point. To not invest time and resources to ensure mobile adaptation of the company's online platforms just showcases the lack of desire the business in question has of competing.


call center social media integration

Source: Online Marketing Institute

4 Brand Identity and Awareness:

Social networking may be used by contact centers to reach out to their clients better. Constructive experiences draw prospective clients. Firms may monitor input from the use of hashtags and then respond to and address consumer problems. According to a survey, up to 47% of social media consumers who use the platforms for their service requests also use them to exchange customer service experiences with others. 

A key piece to the puzzle of navigating the world of social media is to remember what the brand stands for, what values it aims to uphold, and finally creating a model for customer service on that foundation. Thus, it becomes essential for a brand to ensure contact center social media integration to ensure customers' smooth experience.

5 Utilizing Community Forums and Groups: 

Social networking offers clients a forum and an ability to connect with firms as members of a wider audience. This also helps all customers access the latest information available publicly without bias. Your existing customers will interact with your prospects, and it can go either way based on how well you maintain your digital presence. Digital forums have led to brand-based debates and discussions, enabling the end-user to gather information from experienced customers. Over time, such platforms serve to open up even broader discussions – effectively giving the company much-needed information to improve their goods and services to remain competitive.

6 Retaining Customer Loyalty: 

Retaining clients is universally observed and accepted to be more cost-effective than obtaining new ones. A company can ensure customer loyalty through digital giveaways, sharing relevant knowledge, creating a dependable brand presence. It thus becomes essential to stay connected to customers as much and as closely as possible, and thus the importance of contact center social media integration becomes evident by itself. 

7 Financial Efficiency: 

It has been regularly observed that a simple 1% hike in first call response results in a yearly saving of around $276,000 for a business, according to Social Media Today. It has now been revealed by studies conducted in this field that social media integration for a business improves first-call responses by far more than a mere one percent. This ends up helping the company save substantial operating costs.


call center social media integration

Source: Online Marketing Institute

8 Increasing Customer Satisfaction Levels: 

Shorter response times and personal social media engagement with clients result in increased customer loyalty. To demonstrate with a case, Domino's leveraged social media in 2009 to resolve its personnel and merchandise complaints. Then, it reacted with far-reaching and dramatic improvements. Sales went up by 14% in the following year. To be fair, the strategy is universal and can be used for its benefit.

9 Having a Pervasive Reach:

To provide context, Twitter and Facebook combined clock an estimated 1.5 billion users. Add to that, LinkedIn, and more people than ever before, are utilizing social media for many purposes and are doing so more frequently. In a survey conducted by Nielsen, 74% of respondents indicated that they wanted to do business with a company based on interactions and experiences they read on social media. This highlights the gravitas social media carries in the context of marketing today.

10 Little to No Training Necessary:

Contact Center Software operators don't have to be thoroughly qualified on any specific product or tech to manage social media accounts. That is because it is now common to most individuals. Within minimum advice and protocol training, agents can be easily onboarded on social media. This not only makes call center social media integration a financially viable option for companies; it is also hardly labor-intensive.



While there are more reasons to integrate social media to the customer service and Contact Center Solution team, it is important that it is not a one-off solution but seamlessly integrates with all other touchpoints. C-Zentrix Omnichannel Contact Center Solution seamlessly integrates the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and others with all other touchpoints like voice and non-voice channels. Another aspect to take into account is to easily move a social media post/mention to direct message (DM) so that the brand can directly resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.



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