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Customer Experience, Should You Really Invest in It


12 April 2023

In our blog ‘How to drive actionable insights from the voice of customers’ we told you how important it is to listen and act on what your customers are saying about your business.

We further analyzed the reasons to invest in customer experience and how they are benefiting businesses.

Progress in Business
While Customer Experience is sometimes understood as customer satisfaction but it is beyond it. Customer experience is the experience that the brand is providing at every touch point and not only when the customer has requested a particular service from the brand.

The latest trend in the industry is to hire contact center strategists or agencies to design customer journeys and work on experience delivery at each stage. This helps businesses to derive the thoughts and experiences of their customers about the brand as well as services. It is through the interaction analysis of each customer that businesses get an idea about their services. The feedback of a customer and their experience further helps in a detailed analysis of metrics like the lifetime value of customers, prediction of repeat orders, etc, which in turn is beneficial for achieving consistent progress in the business.

Strengthens customer experience
No business organization would want to lose its customers. In order to exist in the market successfully, it is necessary to make your relationship strong with your customers. Personalization of services for each customer can make them feel the importance you give to them. This would help your customers stick to your brand for a longer period of time. The impact of good customer service can be seen in the fact that a customer who appreciate your services would not switch to another brand. It must be noted that Customer loyalty leads to profits. Increasing customer retention by just 5 percent boosts profits by 25 to 95 percent, according to the advisory firm Bain & Co. This is one of the highest potential reasons why companies must invest in building a good customer experience strategy backed by advanced customer experience management tools.

Ride high on word of mouth
If the customers like your services and products, then they will certainly promote your brand, which will play a vital role in making your business popular on a wider platform. Moreover, the interactions your customers have about your services using your call center software or the Contact Center Solutions providers can be analyzed and will help you know what your customers expect from you. Therefore, if you aim to satisfy the customers’ expectations and deliver them an awesome experience every time they contact you, your business is bound to grow by multiple folds.

Keep better track of agents
There may be times when the customer care executive does not communicate with your customer in the way they expect. The dissatisfaction from the customer care staff can diminish the interest of your customers towards your business. A study by Zendesk found that 39% of customers stay away from vendors after a bad experience for up to 2 years. The worse is that 79% of customers will share their bad experiences with a company in their network and on social channels. Therefore, you should make sure to get the experience with customer care executives rectified which is possible by investing in good monitoring and tracking tools as a part of your Contact Center Solution. The positive or negative feedback on the performance of a customer care executive can be tracked and corrected with ease when you have a good Omnichannel Contact Center Solution. This will also help improve the performance of the staff and eliminate the continued negative impact on the business by identifying the correct training needs of the agents. A proper QA module can help the quality manager to identify any interaction-related issues and use them for training purposes.

Customer Experience Solutions

Get a 360-degree view of business
While it is important to deliver a lasting experience for your customers every time they contact you, maintaining the cost of running a Contact Center Software is equally important for a business. Investing in a good contact center technology will provide a 360-degree view of the return on investments to a business along with giving a clearer view of the impacts of good customer service. It will not just inform businesses of the product/services doing well; it will also tell them of the optimum number of agents they need to run their contact center without escalating costs. A good contact center technology will also help businesses automate and even reduce the average call handling time (AHT) of their agents, optimizing their work hours.

A C-SAT that is not just C-SAT
Many customer experience solutions now also come with a C-SAT or customer satisfaction tool. These customer satisfaction tools are easy applications to measure the satisfaction level of customers. These can be used not just to measure satisfaction but also to collect product feedback or innovation suggestions, making them a unique and efficient tool to gather market intelligence on the preference of customers. Needless to say that C-SAT is positively co-related to customer experience and capturing customer satisfaction information and enhancing them goes a long way in enhancing customer experience.

These are just some of the many reasons why businesses must take customer experience seriously and think of investing in it. There are several players in the customer experience field, and knowing which company can offer you a solution customized to your needs is the most crucial step toward redefining your customer experience strategy. As seen above the impacts of good customer service go a long way in building customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

If you feel lost and do not know how to start planning for your customer experience, our team of experts can guide you with a plan built specifically for your business needs. You can reach us at c-zentrix


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