Customer experience strategies for a mobile first generation

Customer experience strategies for a mobile first generation


09 March 2022

 It is therefore important to discuss a few customer experience strategies or tools that are better suited for the mobile first generation today. It is true that an overall success of customer care in the recent times greatly depends on how well a business integrates the latest communication technologies with their service operations. In this blog we will discuss about six important customer experience strategies for engaging mobile customers. We will talk about developments in the field of voice based contact center tools and visit the visual offerings of the modern day contact centre software.

Moving Ahead With Voice

The need to engage customers with the help of traditional phone interactions cannot be completely overruled but with the advancement in technology, the same can be effectively done with the help of voice based IVR. In fact automating the regular or repeated queries and taking away the burden of repeating the basic information in most of the calls has only proven to improve agent productivity and provide quicker call resolutions for customers. You may want to know how IVR, a tool traditionally used only for queue management, can engage with customers in a more transactional interaction. Well, modern IVRs integrated with CRM can fetch a caller's information as the call connects and can give basic information like delivery details or account balance details, without involving an agent. What's better, voice recognition based IVRs can take voice inputs and can switch to DTMF in case of disturbance.

Boosting Up the Social Media Profile of the Business

How many times have we written to a brand on their Facebook profile for redressal of an issue or given them feedback on our experience with their service, more than once right. Social channels have become the first choice of majority of customers today for engaging with a brand. A simple presence of a brand on social media is not enough. Real engagement with the customers means a consistent maintenance of the social media profiles in such a way that it not only engages the customers but also satisfies all of their expectations when it comes to online interaction with a business. The experience can be further improved by integrating social media channels with a bot. The 24 by 7 availability that a bot brings along with the functionality of fetching information from an integrated knowledge base or CRM to deliver personalised information, as well as its integration with social media is the need of the hour for Mobile first businesses.

Getting Visual is Essential

Businesses need to keep in mind that visual engagement works much better in terms of customer engagement than any other way. For Smartphone users the mobile display is more impactful and if designed well can simplify complex business processes and information delivery. This is one reason why getting visual is essential and is definitely one of the most important customer experience strategies to be explored. To give a better understanding of visual implementation of customer experience let's talk a bit about visual IVRs.

The visual IVR is a graphically designed web page that presents the IVR flow in a visually attractive and easy to navigate format. The most important benefit of a Visual IVR is that it is link based and can be shared easily over chat or SMS and the representation is such that a user can easily come back to the main menu or shift between options. The user can access the link at their convenience and don't need to wait in call queues to get connected to agents.

Mobile Based Chat

While voice is the best option for customer to reach to business but the trend with younger generation is to get in to real time chat. This chat should initiate from their mobile apps. Integrating the customer support chat within the app is key to engage such mobile first customer. Also, the chat or bot can be integrated through popular messaging platform like Whatsapp or Messenger makes it very engaging for Mobile customers.

Video for Mobile First Generation

There is a growing trend with mobile users to get connected over video conversations. While this is expensive to spend dedicated face time with a support agent but in various use cases it saves a lot of follow up time. For example a customer having problem with her TV settings can call on the customer support for assistance. The customer support sends out a SMS link to initiate a video chat and request the customer to turn the rear camera and point on to the TV screen and explains the settings in no time. This gives a quick resolution, saves future time of a customer support person visit and provides customer delight.

Making Use of the Remote Call Centre Agents

Making use of the remote call centre agents to engage with the customers as and when required is one of the growing trends with customer experience personnel in designing customer experience strategies. Mobile based call center software play a major role in facilitating remote customer service delivery. Yes, the new gen support agents can provide support over their mobile phones. With mobile-based call centre software, agents can manage customers effectively from anywhere. This drastically reduces the infrastructure cost for companies. With remote call center agents a company can provide 24 x 7 availability and can also deliver support during off hours or holidays. The remote call center can easily scale and expand to different geographies.


With the above mentioned customer experience strategies, business can address the mobile first customers and improve the age old techniques of customer service. Needless to say, technology is an enabler (though very powerful) but has to be driven by a customer centric team to create the secret sauce of superior customer experience. With this growing demography of Mobile first customers it is time for business to evolve the current strategy and align with the changes to provide better customer experience.




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