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All You Need To Know Guide On Automatic Call Distribution


04 May 2023

Automatic Call Distribution is a telephony technology used by contact centers to route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on predetermined criteria.  Although ACDs appeared in the 1950s, one of the first large and separate ACDs was a modified 5XB switch used by the New York Telephone Company in the early 1970s to distribute calls among hundreds of 4-1-1 information operators.

This technology is designed to improve customer service and increase Contact Center Solution efficiency by reducing wait times and connecting customers with agents who are best suited to handle their inquiries. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how ACD works, its benefits, and some examples of how it's used in real-world applications.


1. How does ACD work?

2. Benefits of using CZ ACD

3. Examples of Automatic Call Distribution

4. Scenarios where CZ ACD can be useful

How does ACD work?
ACD Software uses a variety of criteria to determine how to route incoming calls. These criteria can include the number dialed by the customer, the time of day, the language of the customer, and the skills and availability of agents. When a call comes in, the ACD system assesses these criteria and determines which agent or department is best equipped to handle the call. The call is then automatically routed to the appropriate destination.

The C-Zentrix ACD (CZ ACD) serves as the central decision-making hub for the call routing and control system. It is highly resilient and effectively manages all calls, whether originating from a VoIP or TDM network. This call controller is exceptionally reliable and ensures that each call is properly managed. When a call comes in, CZ IVR Solutions offers various options to the caller to determine the reason for the call. Based on the answers provided by the caller, CZ ACD then routes the call to the most qualified agent available, ensuring that the customer is quickly connected to the right person.

Automatic Call Distribution Solution also includes features like call queuing, which allows customers to wait in line until an agent is available to assist them. Also, CZ ACD System provides real-time monitoring and reporting that enables managers to track call volume, wait times, and other metrics, so they can optimize staffing and resources to meet customer needs.

So, CZ ACD Software is a powerful solution that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their customer service operations, reduce call abandonment rates, and increase customer satisfaction. By leveraging the power of CZ ACD, organizations can deliver a superior customer experience that can help differentiate them from the competition.

Benefits of using CZ ACD:
1. Improved call management:  By automatically routing calls to the most appropriate agent or department, Automatic Call Distribution Solution reduces the time customers spend on hold, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction. CZ ACD efficiently distributes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Customizable call routing: CZ ACD Software allows users to configure call routing rules based on specific business needs. For example, calls can be routed to the most qualified agent based on their skill set, language, or customer priority. The agent can have multiple skills and weightage can be provided for each skill.

3. Call Controlling: CZ ACD offers various call control functionalities, including live call barge-in, call monitoring, call conferencing, and whisper coaching, to enable multi-call monitoring. These features aid in agent training and facilitate timely intervention by administrators.

4. Real-time monitoring and reporting: CZ ACD System provides real-time reporting and monitoring, giving supervisors the ability to track agent performance and identify areas for improvement. The CZ ACD system offers administrators comprehensive data on incoming calls, including a breakdown of call frequency by time and day, call duration based on call disposition, agent handling time, and a summary of Turn Around Time (TAT) for each agent. Moreover, all calls are automatically recorded, enabling administrators to review and utilize them for training and performance improvement purposes.

5. Queue prioritization and rules: C-Zentrix's Automatic Call Distributor provides enhanced flexibility for administrators to establish and modify queue policies. Administrators may assign queue rules such as First in First Out (FIFO) and Least Recent for call distribution, and determine the call queue's behavior according to business objectives, such as prioritizing high-priority customers. This capability facilitates queue prioritization and rule implementation.

6. Increased productivity: ACD Software allows contact centers to handle more calls in less time, which can lead to increased productivity and cost savings. CZ ACD automates many contact center processes, allowing agents to focus on resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently.

7. Improved customer satisfaction: By connecting customers with agents who are best equipped to handle their inquiries, ACD can improve the overall customer service experience. By reducing wait times and providing personalized service, CZ ACD can help improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Thus, CZ ACD Software offers a range of features that can help businesses optimize their contact center operations and provide excellent customer service. Read how OYO benefitted from using CZ ACD Solution.

Examples of Automatic Call Distribution:
ACD is used in a variety of industries and applications. Here are a few examples:

1. Healthcare: ACD System is commonly used in healthcare settings to route patient calls to the appropriate department, such as scheduling or billing.

2. Financial services: ACD is used in financial services to route calls related to specific products or services, such as loans or credit cards, to agents with the appropriate expertise.

3. Customer service: Automatic Call Distribution is used in customer service settings to route calls to agents with the appropriate language skills, product knowledge, or expertise.

Automatic Call Distribution Software is most useful in Cloud Contact Center Solution that has a high volume of incoming calls from customers, clients, or partners. This technology is particularly useful in industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

Scenarios where CZ ACD can be useful:
1. Inbound Call Routing: CZ Automatic Call Distribution System can be used to route incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on predefined rules. For example, calls can be routed to agents who have the right skills, language proficiency, or availability.

2. Overflow Handling: During peak hours, CZ ACD can be used to handle overflow calls and distribute them to less busy agents. This helps to avoid long wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Omni-Channel Solution Integration: CZ ACD System can be integrated with various communication channels such as email, chat, and social media. This enables agents to handle multiple channels from a single platform.

4. Real-Time Reporting: CZ ACD Software provides real-time reporting and analytics that help managers to monitor call volume, agent performance, and customer feedback. This helps to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.


In short, CZ ACD Software is most useful in contact centers that require a sophisticated call routing and handling system to manage high volume and complex inbound calls. It provides many benefits such as improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

ACD can help to optimize contact center operations, ensuring that staff is utilized effectively and that agents are not overwhelmed by a high volume of calls. When implementing an ACD System, there are several factors to consider. These include the number of agents and teams that will be involved, the call routing rules and criteria, and the reporting and analytics capabilities of the system.

One key consideration is the use of intelligent routing algorithms, which can help to ensure that calls are distributed in the most efficient way possible. These algorithms take into account a range of factors, including agent availability, workload, and skills, as well as customer priority and call urgency.

Another important consideration is the ability to monitor and analyze call data. Automatic Call Distribution System typically provides detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, which can help contact center managers identify trends and areas for improvement, as well as track agent performance and customer satisfaction levels. So, Automatic Call Distribution is a powerful technology that can help contact centers deliver a better customer experience, while also optimizing operations and improving agent productivity.


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