Guide On Building Your First Voicebot

Important Guide On Building Your First Voicebot


10 October 2022

16 years after Turing had left an open question to the world of computer scientists to ponder upon, Joseph Weizenbaum created a chatbot - ELIZA. In 1966, although she fooled people into thinking that they were interacting with a human, she actually failed Turing Test. But, inspite of that, the methodologies used in the development of ELIZA set a foundation for the development of chatbots structure, like keywords, particular phrases, and pre-programmed responses.

What started in 1950 crossed several decades of innovation to arrive at today. Today when ELIZA has taken up many different names - SIRI, Alexa, etc. and is staring at a time when it is now a prime part of the business world. Modern day businesses, across industries, have made chatbots a primal part of their customer value strategy. And in return, the AI backed real-time interaction tool is giving them increased customer LTV and greater lead conversion opportunities. This give and take equation that businesses and voice bots are presently functioning inside have given birth to a variety of use cases that the former have found for the latter.

Statista shows a whopping 154% jump in the voice AI market share from 2020 to 2026.

But even at the time when the future of voice bots is clearly seen to be on a growth spike, there are a number of companies that are yet to integrate voice bots into their customer service domain. This gap between voice bots' need and lack of their rightful adoption in the market is delving in deeper because of the lack of understanding that businesses have about chatbots' incorporation.

Preventing you from keeping away from the innumerable benefits that voicebots have to offer, simply on the premise of lack of understanding, let us walk you through the process of integrating voice bots inside your contact center solution


1) Types of Chatbots

2) The Essential Components of Voicebot Development

Types of Chatbots:

There are two types of bots that can make up for your voice based contact centers –

A. Bots implemented inside a contact center solution

B. Bots which are a part of a messenger service like chatbot

Bots implemented inside a customer service system

These voicebots operate inside a customer experience centric contact center that performs the function of automating the interactions which happen among users and the system. Speech Based IVR is a good example of voice bots that when connected with a CRM provide important self service to customers.

Bots which are integrated inside a messenger

These bots, best suited for businesses which center around social media and website are added as a part of messenger part of the application like a voice based chatbot.

Now irrespective of the voicebot type you opt to integrate in your contact center, the composition that would go into its development is same.

The Essential Components of Voicebot Development

A carefully planned voicebot development and its integration in the customer center requires working around a strategically brought along technology stack, divided into six core components.


Your voicebot would require a backend to manage the messages that come in from multiple channels and then process them with the NLP offerings such as CZ Bot"s.

It is the backend which holds your business logic and integrates it with your present system, aiding in the development of conversational intelligence which sets the basis of how a conversation would happen with your end users.


Once your backend gets set up, the next step will be to create an endpoint for all the integrations inside every individual channel.Now, while all the individual channel integrations are different, they all mainly follow the same process of endpoint set-up in backend for sending and receiving messages that depend on access token authorization.

In addition to this, you would also have to implement channel-specific user interface elements in places, such as visual cards, quick reply etc that guides the users during a conversation.


Everytime you receive a message from users in your contact center, you will have to use the different NLP services such as, Luis, Google’s natural language processing software used by CZ Bot for extraction of intents and entities from inside the users' message.

Even though the setup of the NLP services and message processing is fairly direct with the support of an SDK, the training of NLP entities and the entities that should be present in the external system is not one of the most easiest processes. It will be necessary at this stage that you have an understanding of the entities that map out to individual objects that exist in systems such as Contacts, Products, or Employees database. Also, you'll have to work on the implementation of the business logic validation on your extracted data that can range from a simple validation to customized.

Conversational Intelligence

This is one of the most complex elements of the complete voicebot development process and stages. Here, you would have to design strings of intelligent conversations that happen on the basis of NLP intents and entities - something that can turn out to be a very complex task. To get to a point where you develop an intelligent voicebot, you would have to write algorithms for every individual navigation and conversation so that your users are able to start from scratch.

For this, you would have to use slot based algorithms, decision trees, state workflows, and a range of multiple deep learning processes for keeping a control on the conversation.


Since the primary purpose of your voicebot will be to work around a string of processes such as booking appointments, ordering items, getting in touch with the right point of contact, you would have to integrate the bot in an existing system. The process of integration at this stage will consist of factors such as validations and business logic rules.


With the technical side of the primary components now attended to, it is time to attend to the one component that binds it all together - a Voicebot Development Company like C-Zentrix.

At C-Zentrix, our team holds a cumulative experience of 80+ years focused on making customer experience smoother and profitable for businesses using innovative technologies like voice and text powered bots. It's time for you to bring together all the elements and integrate the power of voicebots in your customer service offering. 


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