How to make agents work from home

How to make agents work from home

Sweta Chakraborty

18 January 2024

Cloud-based software has a unique advantage that they can be accessed from anywhere. So, doing a remote login or working from home becomes trivial. However, various customers prefer to remain on-premise. We know there are some business advantages associated with having your contact center running out of your premises. 

But, in times of epidemic or any untoward incidents, organizations cannot afford to shut themselves down and distance themselves from their customers. Instead, they should turn towards the boon of technology and adapt solutions that do not limit them to geographic locations. Remote Agent Login is an efficient solution for allowing the agents to provide support remotely or on-the-go.

In C-Zentrix telephony, we offer remote agent login capability.

  1. The on-premise server is connected to the internet, which becomes remotely accessible to the agents.

  2. Agents will have their mobile numbers mapped against their agent accounts, using which they log in to the server.

  3. Remote agent login enables the agents to handle inbound and outbound calls directly from their mobile phone—the call gets routed via the on-premise server.

Irrespective of issues, now the agents can be well equipped and can provide their services from anywhere. And the best part is this leads to business continuity.  

Remote agent setups don’t require heavy hardware or large spaces. Instead, remote agents can survive on fewer devices, like just a smartphone and a laptop. The use of LAN or WAN ensures crystal voice quality, guaranteeing hassle-free customer service.

The mobility that comes with the remote agent login setup not only keeps the customer service open 24x7 but also promotes a healthy employee-centric environment. Agents who have certain liabilities or health issues can choose to work remotely from their homes without worrying about loss of pay. If we are looking at the bigger picture, it is an eco-friendly practice, as well. It eliminates the need for the commute, saving up on travel costs, time as well as reducing carbon footprints. Hence, remote agent login is the future of call-center setups. It is a viable option that every scalable organization should consider.


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