benefits of robo calls in a contact center

5 Important Benefits Of Robo Calls In A Contact Center


15 January 2024

With over 47.8 billion robo calls made in 2018 in the USA alone, the automated contact center technology is on a rise. And even amidst the many controversies surrounding its misuse, when done the right way, Robo calling services can not only help the end-users to a great extent but even smoothen the business processes. The newer response collection functionality in robo calls make it even more attractive to businesses for executing the customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.

But before we go deeper into the business and contact center agents’ benefits that Robo call provides, let us first answer a pestering question that every conscious business has - Are Robo calls Even Effective?

Globally, a number of industries ranging from telecom to education and pharmacy to Fintech and on-demand companies have been using Robo calls to update their customers about their service offerings or the status of their service or alerts during any emergency. And it is not only that updating the customer is made easy but also the feedback collection process, which ultimately helps businesses in improving their services. Swiggy, a food delivery business, is one such company that makes use of Robo calls to inform restaurants when an order is placed. It helps the restaurants stay on top of their orders and deliver them in an expedited manner.  As per Robokiller228 million robocalls were made per day in 2021.

Now that we have seen how Robo call software benefits the customers, let us find out the advantages that a business' contact center receives by using Robo call.

How Do Contact Center Agents Benefit From Robo call Services?

1. Enhanced Team Productivity

With the inclusion of Robo calls, agents can be reallocated to attend to the core business functions, as this technology saves significant time of the sizeable manpower resources otherwise making the call outs. In addition to this, Robo call software reaches out to a large number of customers, concurrently. In our experience we have noticed that contact center agents dialling out to customers to sell products or services becomes very repetitive and frustrating (as most of the time they hear rejection). Smart robocall deployment bolted with AI based speech recognition along with live agent integration makes a superb combination. While the robocall keeps filtering the interested prospect based on their voice input, the live agent gets connected as soon as the prospect has some willingness to purchase. All these combined together, helps in making the most of the current resources and boost team’s productivity.

2. Cost savings

Robo call doesn’t require contact center agents to call out and obviously reduces agent cost and built on cloud services saves further on infrastructure cost. While this is elementary, it brings huge savings giving that such robocalls are dialled out in tens and thousands of calls concurrently, depending upon the customer install base.

3. Easy Integration

The robocall services can be easily integrated with Lead Management Systems (LMS), CRMs or even existing databases. With Restful API integration, in no time one can setup automatic calls reaching out to prospects or customers as designed in the work flow.

4. Easy scalability

One of the main benefits that Robo call software comes with is their scalability feature. Since most of them are hosted on the cloud, there is no need to worry about additional hardware and telephony lines. Your service provider can dynamically add SIP channels as per the need of concurrent robo calls. This becomes specially beneficial to businesses which are trying to achieve productivity without compromising on scale.

5. Higher response rate

If there is one established fact about outbound marketing, it is the fact that telemarketing calls are a lot more beneficial than SMS. They are a lot more personal and engaging, and people are more likely to interact with a call as compared to a text message, which has higher chances of coming across as spam. They help understand the pulse of customers better while getting businesses timely feedback and guaranteeing a high response rates from leads.


While Robocall has been abused or misused by agencies and have made it a synonym to spurious and unwanted calls but the potential of Robocall is tremendous. If put in use in the right way with proper Caller ID and integrating with AI based Speech Recognition technology, it becomes an inexpensive tool to reach out to customers or citizens. Eventually, It turns out to be a profitable business investment choice for brands looking to offer a quick and non-intrusive customer experience. To make the most of it, you should connect to robo call solution providers who would understand your requirements and suggest the rightful implementation.

C-Zentrix offers a range of robo call services that are aimed at making the telemarketing or customer service process smoother for a variety of business across industries. We know how to mix the power of AI in robocall software so as to gain meaningful insights from the users, while making the business non-intrusive.

So what are you waiting for? Avail the best that Robocall has to offer. Get in touch with our team of Robocall strategists today. Check on Contact Us to find the nearest office or mail at


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