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The Ultimate Guide to Implementing AI in Your Social Media Strategy

Sweta Chakraborty

12 February 2024

Social media is booming right now. It’s hard to believe how far we have come since the birth of Orkut. Now, not only do we meet and greet people, but it’s an exciting place to learn about products, find a new brand or support your favorite creator. 

As social media keeps on growing, numerous new platforms are also coming into play. Gone are the days, when we only had Facebook and Twitter. Now, we are juggling with TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Clubhouse, LinkedIn and more. Many businesses rely on these channels to drive their brand messaging, customer support, engagement, and many other micro-services. 


Amongst all these, Where do we envision the AI to fit in?


Amongst all these, Where do we envision the AI to fit in? 

Well, the assistance of artificial intelligence in social media marketing goes beyond simple automation. It can actually be leveraged to create an experience, using sentiment analysis, experience-driven chatbots, and more. While automation does help your team to focus on the strategies, these other solutions enable your team to reach their goals. 

Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce operational costs while improving your performance and revenue. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, AI can improve business efficiency by up to 40% and reduce operational costs by up to 30%. Needless to say, all our social media is already embedded in some sort of AI solution to enhance our experiences. As a business, you can do the same to get ahead of your competition. 

AI-driven software like Later, Sprinklr, or even Agorapulse will leverage historic data and produce relevant copy and content for your social media. It can offer content prompts and leads to personalization at scale. On the other hand, chatbots like CZ-Bot can be used to create an exclusive experience. Now, without further ado, let us discuss how AI can be implemented in your social media strategy.

1. Chatbots can Change your Social Media Game:

A good social media presence is a mixture of a lot of things. Your social media account should assert your brand identity through messaging, funny or brand-appropriate content, engagement, value-driven campaigns, and more. Amidst all this, do not forget that your account should also be a one-stop for offering customer service. A good chatbot solution can tick all these boxes. 
Chatbots are AI-driven conversational bots that can enable interactive messaging which can be customized to match the vibe of your brand.

For example, Hello Fresh is an American meal-kit-providing company, who is winning at their social media game with a chatbot. Despite having a good presence, they have gone above and beyond to personify their chatbot. 

First of all, being a green venture, they make their bot say things like “beep boop”, bringing in humorous brand identity. At the bottom of their chat, they run lots of chat prompts to elevate user convenience. And upon typing “Give me a discount”, the bot shares all the available discounts that you can avail. They have successfully created an interactive, personalized experience on their Facebook Messenger, thanks to AI-bots.

C-Zentrix chatbot, powered by conversational AI can be very interactive and can hand off to live agent seamlessly so that the customer conversation goes uninterrupted.

2. AI can review Historical Data and Suggest Content:

Maintaining a dynamic social media account is a full-time job, however, limited by the time that the team can spend. So, how do you fit in so much work in so little time? You don’t! You rather allow AI-driven platforms like Lately to analyze your historical data and captions to understand what works for you. It will prompt you posts, caption ideas, keywords, and more to engage with your team effectively. It comes with an in-built form, where you can add your preferred content idea or campaign idea and it will generate the relevant post ideas or tweet ideas for you. Your content marketing team and social media team can utilize these ideas and create better engagement that works for you. 

3. Sentiment Analysis will help you Improve your Service:

Answering numerous customer messages every day is tedious. Analyzing each message to personalize the service is even more work. This creates a delayed response and lethargic performance from many social media support teams. It reflects poorly upon the brand. To prevent this from happening, use AI programs that drive Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generating (NLG) engines. 

One fine example will be Sprout Social. This popular social media marketing tool will allow you to generate an appropriate response based on previous interactions. It reduces the buffer time that your customer support team takes in creating a response. It will allow your team to make necessary edits if needed. 

This kind of automation also improves your team’s productivity and allows them to focus on more complex tasks.

4. Use AI-driven analytics to make better decisions:

When your business has multiple social media fronts, then it becomes a bit chaotic to maintain the growth of each channel. Using a tool to look after and tend to these channels is ideal. This is an absolute need for omnichannel businesses. Many popular tools will enable what is known as “social listening”. 

It is actually analyzing your competitors, finding relevant industry leaders or influencers, and finding what is trending in your niche. These tools can scout the entire internet to find out what’s trending and will put you ahead on that map. 

These tools can also be used to segment your audience. Social media platforms already come with their own segmenting features, but AI-driven tools can go above and beyond. Based on that you can target certain promotions to only select demography and more.

One more application of AI that needs to be harnessed by brands is text analytics. With the various capabilities of data mining and utilizing features like bag-of-words and creating classification models. While these can easily create word clouds and find out what is trending for the brand in social media, the AI models can do the sentiment analysis and find out the areas of concern indicated by different customers. 



AI-driven tools are becoming a talisman to digital marketing. Leveraging it right can yield excellent growth and revenue. Imagining your social media strategy without AI is like working with mediocre data. It is high time that we understand the value of data in contact centers and use it right to serve our customers. 

There are hundreds of examples available on the internet on how AI is changing the user experience. Learn from them and inspire your team to take a stand. One of the winning solutions amongst them all is chatbots. Chatbots can not only take customer requests but also actively listen and generate reports. Integrating it with the right system can bring better results. To learn more about chatbots, contact us


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