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4 Important Reports That Contact Centers Need To Maintain


01 February 2024

Call center reports are an integral part of the contact center platform. Contact centers that were running on-premise and have moved to the cloud will not like to have any compromise with the call center reports.

C-Zentrix cloud contact center solutions produce over 70 reports. This was a significant benefit for companies moving from homegrown call center or legacy call center platforms to enterprise call center software. Reports allowed managers to keep track of and learn from each call that their support or sales departments made or received and their agents’ productivity and overall performance.1.

However, I still think contact center reports are a useful but still underutilized tool. What are the best ways to make the most of this powerful feature? This blog will introduce you to a variety of approaches for making the most of the reports your contact center solution generates. You will learn about several strategies for maximizing the reports that your contact center solution creates.


1. What is Call Center Reporting?

2. ACD Reports

3. Conference Reports

4. CRM Reports

5. IVR Reports


What is Call Center Reporting?

The process of turning unstructured data from your Dialer, ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and WFM (Workforce Management) systems into useful reports is known as call center reporting.

Typically, these reports are based on important call center indicators like:

1. First call resolution (FCR): Evaluates a customer service representative's capacity to resolve a query and dispose of it on the first call.

2. Adherence to schedule: Checks to see if agents are working the full amount of time allotted to them.

3. Average wait time: The typical amount of time a customer must wait in line or for a callback.

4. Customer satisfaction: Indicates how content customers are with a company's services and goods.

And many more KPIs that are relevant for the contact center. To evaluate the performance of your company over a given period, you can turn these reports into graphs or charts. Through call center reporting systems, this can be generated automatically or manually. While you may build fantastic reports using any reporting platform, it's crucial to make sure the reports add precise methods for calculating metrics to deliver more pertinent and trustworthy data. KPIs that are represented clearly will make it easier for managers to determine which metrics require more investigation. This enables managers to monitor precise performance measures and link contact center data to other data streams to establish KPIs that are customer-focused and used company-wide.


ACD Reports:

An Automatic Call Distributor generates both historical and real-time reports. The few among those that every contact center considers pivotal are Call Summary, Detail Call Report, Abandon Calls, Lead wise detailed Call Report, Agent break time Re, port, etc. ACD reports are filled with a wealth of useful data and can be visualized using graphs and charts to identify important trends in the contact center.

- Call Summary: This report will give the summary of the tons of campaigns and agents. The Call Summary report shows a summary of the interaction data for each agent over the chosen time frame.

- Detail call Report: It consists of the calling party, called party, caller ID, Department Name, Call date, Duration, Call type, call status, call disposition, recording file, Unique ID, Channel type, and Channel detail. A CDR offers metadata information on how a particular phone number or user is making use of the phone system. Typically, this metadata contains:

1) The date and time the call was made

2) Length of the conversation

3) Dialer and receiver details

4) How was the call made? (Inbound, outbound, toll-free)

- Abandon Calls: It will provide a summary of abandoned calls. The term "call abandonment" refers to when an incoming caller disconnects while waiting in the queue, without first speaking to a customer service agent. The length of time a client will wait in a queuing system depends several on variables. This might range from having very low wait times for sales to having lengthy waits for customer service or payment issues. The number and percentage of abandoned calls are crucial indicators of how well the call center or support line performs in handling customer inquiries properly and promptly. This KPI is very critical and needs to be measured.

- Time of day Report: It will show the report on an hourly basis.

- Daily call Summary: It consists of campaign-wise daily call summary, agent agent-wise hourly call summary.

- Time Summary: It shows the answered time Summary, and displays the count of call-in slots of the selected hour range.

- Line Summary: It will show the report based on the channel, line number, campaign name, total calls, total talk time, and average talk time.

- Abandon Calls: It will provide a summary of abandoned calls.

- AMD: Answering machine detection will give information about the calls that are detected as answering machines.

- Failure Calls: It will show a failed call summary.

- Agent Login Report: It will show the agent state detailed analysis.

- Agent Session Report: It will give the information about the detailed session of the agent.

- Agent Summary: This report will give information about the session of the agent, date-wise.

- Agent breaks count Report: This report will give a count of the breaks taken by agents.

- Agent breaks time Report: This report will give information about the breaks taken by agents.

- Lead-wise detailed Call Report: This report provides a detailed call report for each lead if multiple times the call was made to the lead and the outcome of the call.

- Hourly call Report: It provides a campaign call summary and an agent hourly call summary report.

- Idle Report: This report provides the duration when the agent is idle and waiting for the call.

- Hourly agent-wise Report: Hourly agents’ details.

- Daily wise agent Report: This report will give the agent repdailyasis

- Missed call Report: Number and detail of the missed calls, the customer has made on the toll-free No.

- Hourly call count Report: Call count on an hourly basis.


Conference Reports:

 Call conference is an important feature in contact center solutions. The various conference call detail reports are:

- Transfer Summary Report

- Transfer Detailed Report

- Time of day conference Report

- Conference detailed call Report


CRM Reports:

- Disposition Reports: This report will give information about the disposition of the calls, campaign-wise, customized disposition, List disposition, List-customized disposition, Agent-campaign wise disposition, agent List-wise disposition, agent-campaign wise disposition, Agent Campaign-Wise Customized Disposition Report, Agent List-Wise Category Report, Agent Campaign-Wise Category Report, etc. The outcome of your call is determined by the disposition.

- Customer Report: It will show a detailed custom report. Customer reports give a thorough overview of a customer by taking the raw data and turning it into statistics and critical performance measures. This report contains customer details (phone number, name), date and time of call, call duration, Call status, disposition, and agent remarks.

1) List call Summary: The list is uploaded to the dialer to make outbound calls. This report provides the List name, campaign name, total call offered, disposition set-not-set, abandon, failed, etc.

2) SMS Report: Reports of SMS sent, when, and to whom. As agents text with clients, an SMS reporting system automatically records the performance and actions of your team. The data will be gathered by an advanced SMS reporting system and presented in a simple, up-to-date report.


IVR Reports:

- IVR call Summary: This report will give a summary of the call based on IVR nodes. This summary can be date-wise or month-wise. Complete call detail information is provided in this IVR report, which is organized by the date and time the call was initiated by the caller. This report contains details leaf node (of the IVR), Total hits, Transferred to ACD, or Abandoned on IVR.

- IVR detail call Report: It shows IVR path, DID path, Customer Phone no, leaf Node, Transfer to, duration, channel, and skills.

- IVR ACD detail call Report: IVR Path, campaign name, agent name, ID, phone no, IVR Link time, queue time, call duration, etc.

- IVR ACD calls summary Report: IVR ACD monthly call summary and daily call summary for the calls that moved from IVR to ACD.

- IVR Node-wise calls Summary: Node-wise complete detail of IVR, mentioning the node name, total hits at the node, transferred to ACD, abandoned in IVR, answered on ACD, abandoned on ACD, average queue time.

There are other reports like Skills reports, IVR feedback reports, Penetration reports, and voice loggers.


Call center reporting entails gathering important metrics from contact center systems, such as the ACD system, CRM, and IVR, and seeking out important insights. These reports give you crucial data that you may use to improve your queuing strategy, scheduling strategies, and forecasting models. There are lots of reports that can provide information that you can analyze, benchmark, and evaluate to add genuine value to the contact center.

So including the reports discussed above, will enable you to reach a stage where you can devote more of your time and energy to enhancing the effectiveness of your contact center. C-Zentrix provides enterprise call center solutions with all possible reporting and dashboards.


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