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Important Merits Of Using Interaction Analytics In Contact Centers

Reshu Ojha

19 June 2023

Getting a complete picture of customer interactions is essential for a thriving business. Interactive analytics provides you with customer interaction details. And, it helps you analyze it. Contact Center Software uses several communication channels to interact with customers. But only communication with customers is not important. Evaluation of these interactions that happened between call agents and customers gives you invaluable information about your customers. It tells you what your customers think about your business. Analyzing this interaction further helps you make informed decisions about your business.


1. What is Interaction Analytics?

2. Use Cases of Interaction Analytics in the Contact Center

3. Useful Interaction Analytics Tools

4. Benefits of Interaction Analytics for Contact Centers


What Is Interaction Analytics?

Interaction analytics can be defined as the overall process of collecting customer interactions from various communication channels. It uses AI-based software solutions to gather data from customer service experiences, customer journeys, call recordings, chat transcripts, and social media interactions. Later, these collected data are transformed into a structured form. Industry experts filter, archive, and search this customer interaction data. Later, they analyze it to get invaluable insights into customers’ lives. Experts find out what customers expect from your brand, products, and services.

How Does Interaction Analytics Work?

Interaction analytics accumulate all the conversations. It includes metadata and the details of the call agent who handled the interaction. Also, it gathers the date and time of the interaction and customers’ names. The interaction analytics software runs sentiment and text analysis to analyze voice-based interactions, to analyze the signs of aggression, agitation, frustration, and periods of silence in the voices of customers & agents. The software uses natural language processing to sort out the transcripts of text-based conversations.


Use Cases of Interaction Analytics in Contact Center

Interaction analytics use artificial intelligence to transform and analyze data. It makes predictions. And, recommend automation and future actions based on the analyzed data. On top of this, interaction analytics can improve the performance of your contact center. Using it, you can unlock various hidden efficiencies of your contact center. We have given some examples to make you understand how you can use interaction analytics in your contact center.

1) Interaction analytics can play a big role in ensuring quality standards.

2) It checks whether the customers’ interactions are in adherence to the script and your organizational standards.

3) Interaction analytics show you the cases where your customer has got poor or outstanding experiences. Using that, you can train your agents.

4) It highlights the situations where real-time intervention is required during the conversation.

5) Interaction analytics can be used to monitor your agents' performance. It can score agents and evaluate them.

 6) It automatically qualifies leads in outbound call centers. Also, it makes entries in your CRM automatically. So, your agents don’t need to do it manually.


Useful Interaction Analytics Tools

Interaction analytics opens various doors to make your contact center beneficial. But, you need to know about some interaction analytics tools. These tools can help you reap all the benefits of interaction tools. Some of these interaction analytics tools are -

1. Speech-to-Text Analytics:

It analyses voice-based interactions and gives you the complete transcript of every conversation. The tool is ideal for Multichannel Contact Centers and provides a deeper insight into customers’ preferences or issues.

2. Customer Journey Analysis:

Customer Journey is not as easy as you think. It does not start with point A and reach point B straight. Instead, it includes various phases. For example, your customer may have reached you after watching an ad on his/her social media account. Then, he/she may have browsed your website. After purchasing the product, the customer may have been contacted through email or social media. So, it covers many interaction points. Customer journey analysis gathers data from all touchpoints to ensure more customer engagement. It helps understand the customer buying process, and the different challenges faced so that the business can reduce customer effort in sorting out their issues. Bluegreen Vacations was able to leverage interaction analytics to improve CSAT by 26%.

3. Desktop or Screen Analytics:

Desktop or screen monitoring tools record your agents’ activities on the desktop. These recordings can help you to evaluate your agents’ performance. You can know whether your agent is following the organizational guidelines or not.

4. Voice of the Customer Analysis:

Voice of the customer analysis tools is useful to improve customer loyalty and agents’ productivity. You can use it to enhance omnichannel operations. The tool captures specific surveys and keywords. And, it provides useful insight into customers’ complaints, preferences, and interactions.

5. Text and Sentiment Analytics:

Contact centers use text-based channels to interact with their customers. It includes emails, chatbots, customer surveys, message boards, and social media apps. Text analytics tool collects these unstructured data and gives you valuable insight by evaluating it. Sentiment analytics provides better insights into the interactions and customer happiness levels.


Benefits of Interaction Analytics for Contact Centers:

Interaction analytics can bring unexpected efficiency to your contact and call centers. Some key benefits are:

- First and foremost, you get to know about your customers’ preferences and issues. This is the key that can help you in making informed decisions about your contact center.

- C-Zentrix Hotword solution can provide the supervisors the insights into the ongoing calls and raises alerts if there is any Hotword detected.

- Provides real-time intervention to avoid customer attrition or an upsell opportunity.

- Keep track of sentiments surrounding your brand on social media.

- The marketing team can weave and tweak their strategies based on customer information.

- Interaction analytics tools give important hints about your customers’ expectations.

- Find out how long your customer has to wait on various communication touchpoints.

- Enables understanding of how far the overall customer satisfaction scores have improved

- Keep an eye on the younger generation audience in social media channels

- Train agents to reduce the average handle time, and enhance customer retention based on the interaction analytics data.


Interaction analytics can increase productivity in your contact center and call centers. It can optimize workflows and automate the routine process. It helps you to identify emerging customer trends, offer enhanced customer service, and earn more profits.


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